Thea: The Awakening uses a unique tactical card minigame to resolve challenges, which include both combat and non-combat contests.

Thea The Awakening How To Card Minigame06:20

Thea The Awakening How To Card Minigame

Rounds and Phases Edit

Whenever a challenge occurs it will be handled by tactical mini card game, where each opponent and villager are counted as one card. Each challenge uses the same rules:

  • Player is battling in rounds
  • Each round is divided into preparation phase and two combat phases
  • At the beginning of each round cards are shuffled into two groups, offensive and tactical
  • During preparation phase cards are put into play alternately by player and opponent
  • During two combat phases cards attack each other from left to right
  • If all cards from one side are destroyed, then fight ends. Otherwise another round begins.

Tactical Abilities Edit

In any kind of challenge, the player has tactical cards. Those cards have tactical abilities, and as name suggests, they are based on character attributes. Different groups of monsters require different approaches, and while items provide plenty of abilities it is hard to show one best working. Nevertheless there are some well working tactics.

Played tactical card will work if strength of the chosen tactical ability is equal or higher than target card level. In some situations player doesn’t know if card will have any effect (counter offense/tactic), because levels of cards in hand are hidden.

List of tactical abilities:

  • Confuse: makes target lose first combat phase that round
  • Counter Tactic: removes card from opponent tactical card deck
  • Counter Offense: removes card from opponent offensive card deck
  • Shield Ally: target ally card gets bonus hit points
  • Support Ally: target ally card gets bonus damage
  • First Action: moves target card to left on initiative line
  • Get Closer: move card into play (will be Confused during first fight phase)

Challenge Types Edit

See the full list of challenge types for more information.

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