A quest location is placed on the map called "City Ruins".

You discover the ruins of some ancient city submerged in murky, dark water.

  • Go in deeper to explore.
    • Flavor text with one option: "Right, take a boat and row to the island"
      • Ehm, no thanks, we're just exploring really.
        •  ???
      • You think you can intimidate us with frogs! Come out and speak like a warrior!
        • Deal, we will solve your riddle! [3-skull Intellect]
          • Win vs 7 Intellect cards:
            • Large quantity of gems, stones, hide, and an artifact (37 ruby, 54 obsidian, 40 granite, 30 scaled leather, Watchful Raven)
            • 12 XP, 3 Research
        • No deal, You are welcome to try froggies! Come and get us! [5-skull Fight]
  • Nah, leave.

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