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1. Theodor introduces quest - visit dead elf with note (btw: if you throw away the note I think the cosmic tree quest becomes unfinishable)

2. visit mad leshy, note if you fight and defeat him you don't do number 3

2. b) optional: visit human sage in tower, can do any time before choosing who you will side with at the end.

3., visit friendly leshy (which you either kill or agree to trick the mad leshy)

4. back to mad leshy (2 and 4 are same place) who you either trick (successful social challenge) or the mad leshy gets killed as a backup plan (failed social challenge) or give the remains if you killed the friendly leshy instead of getting fake remains,

when you either fight and kill mad leshy, give fake (or real) remains of friendly leshy or trick or he dies, at the mad leshy location you get an event where you talk to elf who gives you directions to cosmic shards

5. get the cosmic shards by sneaking in, socializing the dragon or killing the dragon,

  • 4 skull Sneak
    • Success.
    • Top tier armour and shield, +50 Mithril, 22 Diamond, 5 Cosmic Tree Shards
    • 2 villagers gain +4 Dexterity +4 Perception
    • +6XP 2RP
  • 5 Skull Fight
  • Perhaps another time
  • Stay within the tunnel, to keep safe, and speak to it.
  •  ???

5. b) optional, visit orc leader who you see after getting cosmic shards and before you complete quest

  • Go in closer
    • After a series of conversation decisions, you get an opportunity to fight them (4 skull fight) or just talk. If you talk, you can agree or disagree. +4XP 1RP
  •  ???

6. go back to the elf and choose to side with elves (only one chance I think - maybe if you don't say "Okay, let's go" you might not get the chance to side with the elves after final battle) or choose orcs or humans (some may not be available based on current god or perhaps whether you visited human sage and/or orc leaader) and get directions to the cosmic tree stump guarded by Zmey;

7. Cosmic tree final battle. All conversation choices lead to 3 challenge options:

  • 5 skull Social
  • There is little more to talk about Zmey... [5 skull Fight]
    • Victory.
      • Gain some coal, scaled leather, top tier weapon
      • 20 turn Bless of Strength for entire expedition
      • 3 members of expedition gain +5 Dexterity +2 Strength +6 Folklore +3 Magic
      • See choices below
  • Words are futile here. You are a creature of Chaos... [5 skull Fight]

Note if you lose either social or fight you lose two or three of your people in your expedition permanently.

Once victory has been achieved over Zmey, up to three choices appear (depending on choices made previously)

  • Place the seed on the stump and bring back the light! (side with Elves)
  • Start a fire and burn the seed, may the Age of Reason begin! (side with Humans)
    • Gain a L12 Scholar
    • Gain random resources, food, weapon
    • +20XP 5RP
  • Keep the seed and take it to the Orc leader, may your peoples unit and create a new Thea! (side with Orcs)After the Cosmic Tree Quest has been completed, one of three towns will become available (depending on the final decision made):

Cosmic Tree Quest Towns

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