Quest Begins

Theodor introduces the quest - go visit dead elf with note. A map marker appears

  • Read the scroll
    • 2 Cosmos Tree locations are marked on the map
    • +3XP 1RP
  • Throw it away (I think the cosmic tree quest becomes unfinishable)

Visit Mad Leshy Edit

You finally find what must have been the grove from the map...[snip]

NOTE: if you fight and defeat him skip point 3 and go directly to 4

  • Hi there. We're searching for an Elf...[snip]
    • After a series of conversation options, the Leshy reveals the Elf (buried alive beneath the Leshy)
      • OK, let's do this
        • +4XP 1RP
      • Fight [5 skull]
      • Leave for now
        • Ends encounter. When you come back next time you must either agree to do his dirty work or fight him.
  • Fight [5 skull]
  • Hello - ends encounter, nothing happens.
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Visit Human Sage in Tower Edit

NOTE: This is optional, and should be available to do anytime before choosing who you side with at the end. You arrive at a tall, stone built tower. An arched doorway stands ajar, and old man waves at you to come in.

  • Go in
    • [snip] ... I am Professor Antoni Hufka, formerly of the Grand University, these days, well, on research leave I suppose.
    • You can ask a range of questions which provides more information and background.
    • Questions you ask and things say here can result in some options being closed off later in the Cosmos Tree Quest (eg, no longer able to side with the Humans)
    • +5XP 1RP
  • Actually, come back later.
  •  ???
  •  ???

Visit Friendly Leshy Edit

Once more you witness a green grove, thriving despite any logic... [snip]

NOTE: you will either kill him or agree to trick the mad Leshy.

  • Hello
    • After a series of conversation options, you either decide to attack him (same as 3 Skull fight below) or trick the mad Leshy.
      • +30 Ancient Wood, 3 Cosmic Tree Shard
      • 3 villagers get 20 turn Bless of Srength and 20 turn Bless of Speech
      • 2 villagers +3 Attractiveness +2 Speech
      • +4XP 1RP
  • Attack [3 skull fight]
  •  ???

Back to Mad Leshy Edit

Regardless of your choice, once you have dealt with the mad Leshy you have an event where you talk to the Elf who gives you directions to the Cosmic Shards.

NOTE: 2 and 4 are the same place. If you forget to bring the Cosmic Tree Shards your only option will be to leave and come back later.)

  • Right, we're back with the bodies... Lie (Lose 3 cosmos tree shards - required for this option)
    • [4 skull social]
      • Success - Take the Elf and try to wake him
        • You get the opportunity to chat with the Elf and ask a lot of questions. Eventually you get the next map marker
        • +5XP 1RP
  •  ???
  •  ???

Acquire the Cosmic Tree Shards Edit

NOTE: The Cosmos Shards are guarded by a Dragon. All conversation choices lead to one of three options - sneaking in, socializing with the Dragon (leads to a Hex challenge) or killing it:

  • [4 skull Sneak]
    • Success.
      • Living Abyss Guard armour, Destiny shield, +50 Mithril, ~22 Diamond, 5 Cosmic Tree Shards
      • 2 villagers gain +4 Dexterity +4 Perception
      • +6XP 2RP
  • [5 Skull Fight]
    • Success
      • Loot: Weapons, armour, trinkets, 50 Mithril, a big stack of Rubies, some other random mid and top tier resources
      • +5 Cosmos Tree Shards
      • +8XP 2RP
  • Stay within the tunnel, to keep safe, and speak to it.
    • After a series of conversation choices, there is an opportunity to attempt a 4 skull Hex challenge to free the Dragon
      • Success
        • 5 Cosmic Tree Shards, Living Abyss Guard armour, 40 Obsidian
        • 1 villager +3 Magic +5 Will
        • Entire expedition gets 25 turn Bless of Magic
        • +8XP 2RP
    • Maybe not
  • Perhaps another time
  •  ???

After completing this step, a moving map marker appears (see 5b below)

Visit Orc Leader Edit

This map marker is optional to encounter and gives you an opportunity to discuss the state of affairs with the Orcs (or kill them). If you don't encounter them, they disappear after you complete the Cosmic Tree Quest (?)

  • Go in closer
    • After a series of conversation decisions, you get an opportunity to fight them (4 skull fight) or just talk. If you talk, you can agree or disagree. +4XP 1RP
    • [4 skull fight]
      • weapons, armour, trinkets, food, some basic resources
      • +6XP 1RP
      • NOTE: If you attack these Orcs, the option to side with the Orcs at the end of this quest will be unavailable
  •  ???

Visit the Elf Again Edit

Go back to the elf and choose to side with the Elves, Orcs or Humans. Some options may not be available based on your deity. Also whether you visited the human sage and/or orc leader, and decisions made at those encounters.

NOTE: There might be only one chance to side with the Elves - maybe if you don't say "Okay, let's go" you might not get the chance to side with the Elves after final battle

Once you have finished chatting with the Elf, you'll get directions to the cosmic tree stump guarded by Zmey (another Cosmos Tree map marker appears).

If you chat with the Elf extensively and ask questions, you should get some bonuses at the end:

  • Entire expedition gains 15 turn Bless of Speech and 15 turn Bless of Attractiveness
  • 2 villagers +2 Speech
  • +4XP 1RP

Some gods (like Morena and Zorya) give special options.

  • I need to ask you about a Sage tower we found out there.
  • We met some creatures of the night who had a proposal for us
  • I am sorry to do this, but we won't follow your path. You see, we had much time to think this over, and we decided that change is the only way forward. We must not look back to the past, we mustn't try to recreate what was there. That would be unnatural. The wheel of fate has must turn, as Morena teaches us. We will embrace the future now, and not the past! [requires Morena as deity] - (not sure which town you get from this decision)
    • 4 villagers get 15 turn Bless of Speech and 15 turn Bless of Attractiveness
    • Next map marker appears
    • +4XP 1RP
  • As the Champions of Zorya, the many faced Goddess and guardian of the beast, we cannot permit for the rebirth of the Cosmic Tree. Such a fate would enslave our Lady to the chains of the beast and the control of her elders once more, but if we choose another path, she too will be free! [requires Zorya as deity]
    • 4 members of the expedition gain 15 Bless of Attractiveness and 15 turn Bless of Speech.
    • +4XP 1RP
  •  ???

Final Battle Edit

All conversation choices lead to 3 challenge options:

  • [5 skull Social]
    • Success
      • No loot
      • 15 turn Bless of Speech for entire expedition
      • 3 members of expedition gain +6 Will +4 Folklore +6 Speech +6 Attractiveness
      • Go to Final Decision below
  • There is little more to talk about Zmey... [5 skull Fight]
    • Victory.
      • Gain some coal, scaled leather, top tier weapon
      • 20 turn Bless of Strength for entire expedition
      • 3 members of expedition gain +5 Dexterity +2 Strength +6 Folklore +3 Magic
      • Go to Final Decision below
  • Words are futile here. You are a creature of Chaos... [5 skull Fight]
    • Success
      • Loot - Obsidian, scaled leather, good weapon
      • 20 turn Bless of Strength for entire expedition
      • 3 members of expedition gain +5 Dexterity +2 Strength +6 Folklore +3 Magic
      • Go to Final Decision below

Note if you lose either social or fight you lose two or three of your people in your expedition permanently.

Final Decision: Edit

Once victory has been achieved over Zmey, up to three choices appear (depending on decisions made previously, eg If you met with and killed the Orc leader at 5.2 above, the option to side with the Orcs will be unavailable)

  • Place the seed on the stump and bring back the light! (side with Elves)
    • Gain a L7 Forest Elf Druid or a L13 Elven Mage if the Leshy doesn't poison her
    • Gain a weapon, food, herbs, some basic resources
    • +20XP 5RP
  • Start a fire and burn the seed, may the Age of Reason begin! (side with Humans)
    • Gain a L12 Scholar
    • Gain random resources, food, weapon
    • +20XP 5RP
  • Keep the seed and take it to the Orc leader, may your peoples unit and create a new Thea! (side with Orcs)
    • Gain L9 Orc Matriarch
    • Top tier weapon, armour, shield
    • A few random resources and equipment
    • +20XP 5RP

After the Cosmic Tree Quest has been completed, one of three towns will become available (depending on the final decision made):

Cosmic Tree Quest Towns

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