At the end of the cosmic quest, you have three choices. Each of the choices will eventually lead to an invitation to one of three towns. Here is an incomplete list of what each town offers:

Dusktown (Orcs): Edit

Dusktown is a place beaming with life and new hope, with Orcs, Goblins, Humans, and even Dwarves and some Demons all working together.

  • 800 food for ~20 obsidian, ~10 ruby
  • 600 wood for ~20-30 dragon bones, ~4-10 dragon leather
  • 500 food for stealth training (this training can be done up to 5 times only) :
    • [4 skull Stealth Challenge]
      • Success!
        • 30 turn Bless of Dexterity for 6 party members
        • AND one of the following (the first two options are not always available):
        • 1 villager +5 Stealth +4 Traps +3 Perception
        • lose 2 Obsidian or Moonstone
        • OR
        • 3/2/2 tactics/dex/perception for 3 party members
        • OR
        • +2 perception for 2 party members
  • Leave 15 children in exchange for the town's help
  • Seasoned survivors are always needed. If 4 of your people remain here, one experienced Dusktowner will come with you.
    • Lose 4 random party members but keep their equipment (HINT: use a new Expedition and put just animals and weak ghosts/demons in it)
    • Gain a L9 Orc Witch with pretty decent stats.
    • Gain misc equipment, food and resources
  • You see a Goblin trying to attract your attention. Speak to him. (Random chance the option appears, or doesn't appear until 2nd/3rd visit)
    • I'll give you this map - Place of Interest marker added to map.
    •  ???
  • Join the youngsters in an obstacle course to train your stamina (blue option, not always available). Result is random:
    • {Var1} 20 turn Blessing of Health for 5-6 party members.
    • {Var2} One of you fail to complete the course. 1 party member -1 Health
  • Nice but nothing to do right now (ends encounter)

Silveroak (Elves): Edit

There are not many Elves here yet but you see small groups arriving all the time.

You can trade supplies or train your people.

  • Trade for 800 food and receive ~18-20 ancient wood and 10-15 dryad wood
  • Trade 500 food to be trained in the ways of Magic (available 5 times)
    • [4 Skull Hex]
      • Success: 30-turn Bless of Magic for 4 villagers
        • Pay two moonstones for the Mistress to take one of you as her apprentice! (Requires 2 Moonstones)
          • Lose 2 Moonstones
          • 1 villager +5 Magic +3 Folklore +3 Will
        • Ask the Elven lady to teach you more of their old ways
          • +3 Folklore +2 Will +4 Animal Kinship for 3 villagers
        • Ask the Elven lady to teach you more of their old ways
          • 4 villagers gain +3 Animal Kinship
      • Failure: 2 villagers gain ~24 wounds each. You learn nothing. No refunds.
  • There are very few elves left in Thea, so children will help rebuild the city. You can leave 15 of your children here, and some of the elves may choose to join you in exchange
    •  ???
  • Trade 400 bones and receive ~11-27 moonstone, ~5-14 topaz
  • Trade 4 random members of your party and receive either 1 Wood Elf Druid (~ Level 5, decent stats) or 1 Elf Mage (~Level 9, high stats) at random (available 3 times)
  • Join the Elves in Meditation (one of two things occur)
    • 20 turn Bless of Attractiveness for 5 members of your expedition.
    • One expedition member loses 1 Will (seems to be a small chance only)
  • You see an Elf beckoning you. Go speak to him.
    • You who have aided our cause, take this map so it may guide you to better yourselves.
  •  ???

Scholar's Village (Humans): Edit

  • for 800 food: ~20 mithril, ~10 steel
  • for 600 wood: ~20 diamond, ~10 steel
  • Thjere are many teachers here and they offer you private lessons for a fee [500 food]
    • [4 skull Intellect]
      • Success:
        • 6 villagers gain 30 turn Bless of Intelligence
          • Improve your general knowledge - nothing. To unlock the options below you need 2 Diamonds
            • You learn some basic herbalism (nothing gained).
          •  ???
          •  ???
      • Failure
        • You fail to learn anything
  • Go listen to some lectures (appears randomly)
    • Entire expedition gains 20 turn Bless of Will
    •  ???
  • +5 Medic for 1, +5 herbalism for 30 turns for 2 diamond
  • option that usually does nothing, but sometimes gives for 3/4/3 int/herb/will for 3 people
  • Trade 15 children for a scholar to teach the village
    • Nah
    •  ???
    •  ???
  • The town is always in need of able-bodied people (not magical people mind you). If 4 of your people leave, an elder scholar will join you.
    • Gain L8-10 named inventor or unnamed scholar with random equipment, resources, food
    • You can do this a total of 4 times (2 of each class)
  • Leave

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