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At the end of the cosmic quest, you have three choices. Each of the choices will lead to an invitation to one of three towns. Here is an incomplete list of what each town offers:


800 food for ~20 obsidian, ~10 ruby

600 wood for ~20 dragon bones, ~10 dragon leather

500 food for training that gives the following (this training can only be done up to 5 times):

+6 dex blessing for 30 turns on 6 party members

AND one of the following (the first two options are not always available):

5/4/3 stealth/traps/ perception for 1 party member, for 2 moonstone


3/2/2 tactics/dex/perception for 3 party members


+2 perception for 2 party members


  • for 800 food: ~20 ancient wood, ~10 dryad wood
  • for 500 food
    • 4 Skull Hex challenge
      • 30-turn +3 magic for 4 people (random) AND one of the following:
        • Pay two moonstones for the Mistress to take one of you as her apprentice!
          • +5 magic +3 folk +3 will for 1 person (random)
        • Ask the Elven lady to teach you more of their old ways
          • +3 folk +2 will +4 kinship for 4 people (???)
        •  ???
  • There are very few elves left in Thea, so children will help rebuild the city. You can leave 15 of your children here, and some of the elves may choose to join you in exchange
    •  ???
  • for 400 bones: ~20 moonstone, ~10 topaz
  • Trade 4 random members of your party and receive 1 Wood Elf Druid (~ Level 5, decent stats)
  • Join the Elves in Meditation
    • Random (?) blessing for most (?) members of your expedition
  •  ???
  •  ???

Scholar's town:

for 800 food: ~20 mithril, ~10 steel

for 600 wood: ~20 diamond, ~10 steel

for 500 food:

+5 int for 30 turns for 6 people

AND one of the following:

+5 med for 1, +5 herbalism for 30 turns for 2 diamond


option that usually does nothing, but sometimes gives for 3/4/3 int/herb/will for 3 people

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