Dusktown is one of three towns that may appear after completing the God's Main Quest, belonging to the Orc faction of Thea. The town will spawn after choosing to safeguard the seed to the cosmic tree (following defeat of Zmey) instead of planting it (siding with the Elves) or destoying it (siding with the Humans).

Entering the town provides the options below

Dusktown You find a small yet growing settlement, hidden away from prying eyes by a dark mist.

Dusktown is a place beaming with life and new hope, with Orcs, Goblins, Humans and even Dwarves and some Demons all working together.

The growing township needs food supplies. Trade 800 food for obsidian.

  • -800 food, +medium amount obsidian, +medium amount ruby

As the future stronghold grows, wood is a precious resource. Trade 600 wood for dragon trophies.

  • -600 wood, +medium amount dragon bone, +medium amount dragon hide

Dusktown is known for its stealth and mastery of the shadows. Learn from the best, but not for free! (500 food)

  • -500 food, leads to sneak challenge (****)
    • success blessing of dexterity (30 turns) all, +2 perception for 2 members
    • fail (?)

The settlement needs young ones to build its future. Leave 15 children in exchange for the town's help.

  • -15 children, +1 bandit / goblin warrior / goblin warrior + goblin shaman

Seasoned survivors are always needed. If four of your people remain here, one experienced Dusktowner will come with you.

  • -4 members of the group, +1 orc witch or orc matriarch

Join the youngsters in an obstacle course to train your stamina.

  • physical challenge (***)
    • success blessing of health (20 turns) all

You see a Goblin trying to attract your attention. Speak to him. (this option seems to appear only occasionally)

  • Hey, you're the one who saved us all, here's a map for you, go find things! (+location on map 'place of interest')

(1 additional option unavailable/unknown)

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