These are events that are triggered either by the movement of an expedition onto new hexes (one check for each new hex walked on) or end of turn events for expeditions. I'm pretty sure these pull from the same list of events but am not completely sure. Indicate which if you feel inclined. Don't include random battle events that have no quest text and are just battles.

Foggy marshes Edit

As you enter the foggy marshes the air around you thickens, and despite it being daytime, it feels like it is always dusk. [snip]

  • Follow the lights
    • Flank the old hag and attack [CHL 2-skullFight Fight]
      • Success: Minor Loot and Resources (1 meat, 1 sword, 1 armor, 29 herbs, 11 bones, 6 fruit, 12 scaled leather)
      • 5XP + 1Research Points
    • Sneak up on the old witch and kill her [3-skull]
      • 19~ Bones, 17~ Herbs, 7~ Meat, 13~ Skins
      • +5 XP +1Research Points
    • Leave this place you don't need another fight
  • Stay on the path
    • Ends event
  •  ???
  •  ???

Trapped Wounded Goblin Edit

During your travels you come accross a Goblin lying near dead in some trap

  • Mokosh favours life, we shall rescue the Goblin! (2 skull physical, requires Mokosh)
    • You set the Goblin free. 2 members gain 1 Health each.
      • It was Mokosh's will, friend. Farewell to you! (3XP 1 RP)
      • ??? (gain a goblin, may need a goblin in party?)
  • Kill and rob the goblin
    • Bad choice!  You get no loot.  3 party members get Heavily Sick for 8 turns. +2XP 1RP
  • Just leave him not your concern
    • ??? (Probably just ends the encounter)
  • Try to help the guy out of the trap (3 Skull Pysical)
    • Success:
      • Nothing happens (13 wood) (If Mokosh, goblin joins your party) (3XP 1Research Points
      • come stay with us?(blue)(may need a goblin on party)
        • gain a goblin warrior
      • ???
    • Fail. Damn, Goblin dies.  Gain some random food. +3XP 1RP
  • ???
  • ???

Goblin encampment Edit

You come across a Goblin encampment and you spot that they are holding some humans, including children, hostage and..... [snip]

  • Fight [2-skull]
    • Good, Welcome those who want to stay and leave together
      • Some loot weapons, resources.
      • Chance of 1 villager +1 Str, 1 villager +1 Dex.
      • Random chance of 1 villager and/or 1 child. 
      • +2XP 1RP. 
      • 15 blessing of health on party (if Perun is diety ???)
    •  ??
    •  ??
    •  ??
  • Sneak [3-skull]
    • Success - same options and rewards and Fight success above.
    • Failure?
  • Run Away
    •  ??
  • Our deity may not be happy, but lets not get involved, leave
    • Curse of Darkness
  •  ???
  •  ???

Goblin peddlers Edit

You come across a small group of Goblin peddlers, carrying their cargo on some boars.

  • Walk over.
    • 'Yeah, these things can be tough. So what will you do now?'
      • 'Goods for exchange? Perhaps, what do you have?'
        • Alright, here's the food and herbs we can spare, and we'll take the weapon. [Lose 5 food, 5 herbs]
          • Weapon (tier 2)
          • +2 XP
        • We don't have enough fruit to share, but we can give you the metals? [Lose 8 Iron]
          • Low tier resources
          • +2 XP
        • The shaman's blessing would be great [Lose 5 food, 5 wood, 3 herbs]
          • 15 turn blessing of speech and blessing of dexterity for 2 villagers
          • +2 XP
        • Sorry, we have nothing to spare. 
          • +2XP
        • We don't really want to share at all! Attack! [2-skull fight]
          • Random loot (weapons, food, low level resources)
          • +3XP 1RP
      • Nah, rather not, leave.
    • 'And why, pray you, should we care?' (same as above)
  • Nah, rather not, leave.

Human Bandits Gambling Edit

A rough looking bunch of bandits crosses your path. They don't look like much but they are well armed. A deranged lookin captain speaks to you: ...

  • Fine we'll play your game [CHL 2-skullIntellect Intellect]
    • Success : You played well too, farewell. ' Leave + 4-8 iron (2XP + 1 RP)
  • A dwarf in your team steps up smiling as he speaks: I carved my first stone when I was a wee babe. Let us play laddie and watch me leave with the winnings.
    • 5 Gold + dwarf (could be other party member as well + 2 intellect) (2XP + 1RP)
    • OR
    • Random chance of losing.  Appears to be quite a small chance only. You get into a brawl with the bandits. All expedition members get 4 wounds. Lose ~60 food. +1XP
  • No Games Attack (3 Skull Battle)
    • Misc weapons, armour and other common loot. 3XP 1 RP
  • Our Lady Lada favours life so we will play your game (1-Skull Intellect) (Need to have Lada as your deity)
    • Success: Farwell and if you wish to follow lady Lada perhaps change professions.
      • some gold + entire Party gets 15 turn Blessing of +Intellect. 
      • Chance of 1 Member gets +3 Will
      • +2XP 1RP
    • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Goblin Bandits Ambush Edit

You are ambushed by a band of Goblin bandits!

They look starved and desperate, but eager to fight.

  • To arms! [2-skull Fight Fight]
    • Gather up their stuff
      • +1-2 weapon, +1-2 shield, +1 accessory, +10-17 wicker
      • +4XP, +1Research Points
      • Chance to end event or continue with more choices.
        • 'Fine, come with us. But you'd better not make us regret it!'
          • Goblin Skirmisher joins your expedition.
        • 'No way, we don't need you!' Kill it!
    •  ???
  • Just run away. No time to fight with goblins.
    • Escape unharmed.
    • Lose some random gear (-1 weapon -1 armour some food and wood)

Cmuch stuck in swamp Edit

You enter the swamp and as ever, the damp murky air, and low hanging mist, make for an uneasy journey. You hear faint cries, mixed with what sounds like frogs croaking, coming from nearby.

  • Try to remember what this might be.
    • Try to remember what this may be.
      • Alright, well, we will risk the disease, but help the creature get out, after all, it is one of the few demons out there trying to help people! [3-skull Sickness]
        • Success
          • ~28 clay
          • +3 Folklore +1 Intelligence for 2 villagers
          • +3 XP +1 Research
        • Failure
          • +3 Health for 1 villager
          • 3 turns "Heavily Sick" on all villagers
      • It is sad, but we cannot risk disease upon our people. Shoot the poor creature so it does not suffer any more.
      • Too risky for us, just leave it.
    • Just kill it, put it out of its misery.
    •  ???
  • Nope, just leave it.

Wood elf ambush Edit

You are set upon by a small group of angry-looking Wood Elves! [snip]

  • Fine, have our equipment, just leave us be.
  • No way! We'll kill you, Elven scum!
  • We did not mean any disrepect here. Please reconsider and let us talk about this!
    • Social [3-skull]
      • Success
        • ~11-14 rare wood
        • 20 turn Bless of speech for 3-6 villagers (perhaps a quarter of your party size?)
          • Share some food [Lose 10 food]
            • 1 ranged weapon of variable quality, 1 trophy or ring. +5XP 1RP
          • Actually, we change our minds. You must die! [3-skull fight]
          •  ???
  • Please reconsider your words my brethren ...(snip) [2-skull-social] [blue](need to have gained companionship of elven wanderer before (maybe) rest as above (share some food etc.)

Old Man Edit

Part 1: Edit

You travel along the beaten path, through the dried up plains that remain a constant reminder of Thea's sad fate. [snip]

  • Old fella sittin' on his lonesome, yeah... Avoid the campfire.
  • It stinks of trouble, sure, but what the hell. Approach the campfire
    • We don't want your stuff. What is an old man doing on his own out here anyway?
      • You see that the man is indeed dying, or at least very ill. Sit with him till the end, then leave.
        • Few gems, some food/herbs
        • "Tower" location appear
        • +2 XP
      •  ???
    • Take the man's stuff.

Part 2: "Tower" location Edit

You can see the outlines of a tall, single tower, but it is obscured by cloud of innatural darkness.

  • Enter the Darkness.
    • Look closely
      • Fight [4-skull]   success: small amount mid tier resources + next
        • Use tools and take the stones (+26 quartz, +27 steel, +13 diamond)
        • No tools
          • Leave
          • +5XP +1RP
    • Attack them
    • Better leave
  • [blue] Study the dark veil.
    • Break the spell. CHL 2-skullHex Hex [in my case only demon involved]
      • Success (Sometimes +1 Wil and Blessing of Magic on 2 villagers.)
        • Break it
          • [blue] Examine the doors
            • all dialogs lead to this
              • 'Alright. I guess we will be on our way then. Good day to you.' Leave quickly
              • 'Well, since i did you a favour old man, you'd better pay up!'
                • 1 Advanced weapon
                • +7 XP +1 Research
              • 'I don't like what I see...' Attack! CHL 3-skullFight Fight
                • Success
                  • Loot (Moonstone × 2)
                  • 2 villagers +2 Intelligence Intelligence +2 Folklore Folklore
                    • Throw away the letter...
                    • Read.
                      • Take the loot and leave this place.
                        • +7XP +2RP
          • Enter the tower
        • ???
    • Nah, leave.
    • Just enter the illusion instead and see what happens.
      • Treasure and some advanced materials
      • 2 random members get +2 int and +2 folklore
      • You fooled me old man! You'd better have an excuse or else!
  • These forces seems... Leave.

These forces seem too strong for you. Leave.

The tower occupants appear to be random.  You can get a 2 skull fight with spiders for a range of minerals (not as good as above) for the reward.  +4XP 1RP

Stopped by Hohlicks Edit

You are stopped by a group of mischievous House Demons, called the Hohlicks! [snip]

Will you play hide and seek with us, will you?

  • What the heck, why not.
    • Right your turn to hide
      • Success
        • 10~ Wicker
    •  ???
  • No.  1XP

Shadow Giant ambush Edit

You are ambushed by a Shadow Giant and his minions! [snip]

  • [Requires Ghost] Sacrifice ghost to get away
  • You can sacrifice one party member to let the rest of you run away!
  • Stand and fight! [2 Orange Skull Fight] (very hard compared to normal 2 skull fights)
    • Highest rarity materials (1 top tier resource, 1 good weapon or Artifact, 8-11 Enchanted Bones, 2-7 Moonstones)
    • Chance of Shade joining your group (very strong) - possibly joins if you beat them with no wounds?
    • +10 XP +2 RP
  • [Requires child] You have children in your group and you know their young souls will give you time to run away!

Handsome Man of the Night Edit

As the night veils the sky and stars shine down upon you, a mysterious traveller seeks your company...[snip]

  • Say hi to the man
    • Right, must try to stop myself!
      • Focus your instincts and break the creature's hold on you! [1-skull Intellect]
        • +25 Blessing of Will on all female members
      • Use this distraction and have your men attack the stranger! [2-skull Fight] [Only Males]
        • Misc loot including top tier gems
        • all male members of the expedition get 25 turn Blessing of Strength
        • all female members of the expedition get 20 turn Bless of Magic
        • +7XP 1RP
    • Yes, yes go!
  • Try to fight the urge to talk to him!
    • Fight the spell! (Hex easy)
      • = Bless of Strength & Magic for 4 villagers
      • Let him run!
      • (3-skull fight) Attack!
        • Medium to rare resources and low quality weapon
        • +7 XP +1 Research
  • Say hello in the name of Horos! (Requires Horos as deity. Other options become unavailable)
    • 'Oh yes! But, wait, it would be so much better if you came with me instead!'
      • Convince him! [2-skull Social] [Only Females]
        • 1 Striga Master
        • +35 Bless of Attractiveness on females expedition members
        • +7 XP +1 RP
    • 'I am coming! Let us rule the night together...'
      •  ???
    •  ???

Fiery Falcon Edit

A fiery falcon lands before you and offers you an egg. It exclaims:

'By the will of Svarog thou shall be blessed, if thou proves thy worth!'

It then disappears.

  • Carefully examine the egg.
    • Trust your instincts to figure this one out! [2-skull Intellect]
      • Success:
        • Await the results.
          • All curses are immediately cured.
          • +20 Blessing of Strength to 1 villager.
          • +3 XP +1 Research
        •  ???
      • Failure:
        • Take the egg to the village and place it with the chickens.
          • bad outcome
        • Just keep it safe somewhere...
          • Nothing happens, maybe needs time
          • +1 XP
        •  ???
  • Make scrambled eggs.
  •  ???

Strong Sunlight Edit

The sun is particularly strong today, and without any cover, your party is feeling the effects.

After all, people are not used to this much sunshine anymore.

  • Drink more water and mix some herbs to make a salve, then cover your heads. [lose 20 herbs] [2-skull Physical]
    • Success: +15 Blessing of Health to 2 villagers
      • +2 XP
  • Herbs are too precious! Try to leave the place faster. [3-skull Physical]
    • Lose: All villagers +2 heavily sick, one villager +2 deadly sick.
    •  ? XP
  • Ask Svarog to shield you.
    • +20 Blessing of Strength to 2 villagers.
    • +1 XP
  •  ???

Forest Campsite Edit

As you make your way through the thick of the woods, you come across a small clearing. There are signs of a campsite and faint traces of a bloody struggle. Whatever happened here, happened some time ago, and most likely did not end well for the travelers.

Upon deeper inspection, you uncover pieces of a human body still scattered nearby.

You are about to move on, thinking it's best to leave a place of such death, lest the attacker comes back, or an angry spirit seeks revenge, but one of the trees by the campsite attracts your attention. The tree is hollowed at it's roots, and within it, is a bundle, perhaps stashed for safekeeping, before the tragedy occurred.

  • Take out the bundle and see what's inside.
    • Gain food and wood.
    • +2 XP
  •  ???
  •  ???

Child and Cat Edit

You come across a child protected by a magical field that is being attacked by wolves. Also a cat is being attacked by wolves. You have the option to help one or the other, or you may have the option to "Investigate." If you do without two of your villagers for a fight against a few wolves you can attempt to save both. I have only chosen this option. I think you always save the child if you win the battle, but whether you save the cat is random. If you save the cat you can get some stat boosts, as well as a Blessing of Dexterity. I can't remember what you get if the cat is randomly not saved.

  • Investigate
    • Help the child, but the cat will die. [3-skull Fight]
      • Fight: (vs Alpha wolf +4 wolves)
      • meat, bones, fur rewards
      • Check how the child and cat are?
        • Cat lives (random)
          • +1 child
          • +1 animal kinship for entire expedition
        • Cat dies (random)
          • +1 child
          • 20 turn blessing of dexterity for 2 villagers
    • Help the cat, but the child may be in danger. [3-skull Fight]
      • Cat dies (random)
        • +1 Obsidian
        • Weakening curse on 4 expedition villagers
    • Split your party. [2 people will be split from your party]
      • Attack! [2-skull Fight]
        • Check how the child and cat are?
          • Cat dies (random)
            • +1 child
            • +3 shielding for 1 villager
            • 20-turn blessing of dexterity for 3 villagers
          • Cat lives (random)
            • +1 child
            • +3 animal kinship for 1 villager
            • Removes Darkness curse (maybe others?) from at least 1 village (maybe more?)
            • 20-turn blessing of dexterity for 3 villagers
  • Jump to the child's aid.
    • +1 child
  •  ???

Icy Princess Edit

"Icy Princess" map mark

You follow the map given to you by the Princess Zuzanna

  • Go in
    • Look for princess
      • And we`re supposed to take your word for it? (leads to same choices below)
      • Alright, let`s say we believe you...
        • Oh for pity`s sake!...
          • Right, thanks...
            • Well, sorry, she has power...
              • Loot (silver, rubies, Artifact)
              • 3 members gasin +1 Gathering +2 Folklore +2 Animal Kindship
              • 1 member gains +3 Herbalism +3 Medic
              • +6 XP +3RP
              • Spirits appear near village (moving map marker) [3 Skull Fight]
                • low level Loot
                • 5 XP
            • Get out of our heads... [snip]
              • Reward: Approx 20 Topaz, 5 Ruby. 3 villagers get +2 Folklore and +3 Intelligence.  +6XP 3 RP
          • Well, she does seem like royal pain...
        • Well, she does seem like a royal pain...
    • Look for treasure - leads to same options above.
  • Nah, leave (ends encounter
  •  ???


free princess

  •  ?
  • unknown rewards

leave princess in the tower

  • random party members get folklore and intelligence
  • gain gems

Swamp Path Edit

You enter the swamps and carefully make your way down a path. As you come around a bend, you see some lights, only a few hundred meters off the path.

  • Check them out.
    • Use stealth to sneak up on them. [2-skull Sneak]
      • Gain stone materials.
      • +3 XP +1 RP
    • Try to physically catch a Swamper. [2-skull Physical]
      • Gather up the spit and let them go.
        • Gain stone materials. Wounded villagers may lose 1 wound. +3XP 1RP
      • Put the creatures in a bag and take them home with you. [sick +6 on two villagers, stone materials (seen 9 topaz)]
    • Attack them anyway, weird critters must die! [1-skull Fight]
  • Rather not leave the path, continue onwards.
  •  ???

Dying Leshy's Wish Edit

Part 1: Edit

You come across what looks like a dried up log, but as you get closer, you see it has eyes and looks up at you. It seems it is trying to speak to you.

  • Nah, leave.
  • Ok, listen in. (random result)
    • Random: Scatter Ashes
      • 'Well, I don't know, why should we bother?'
      • 'Sure, what the heck.'
        • 'So, if you die, and I do nothing, I still get the stuff...?'
        • 'That's okay, it's not a hard task.'
          • Either choice results in: +3-7~ rare wood, 2XP 1RP
            • Dying Leshy's Wish location appears on map.
    • Random: Kill Bugay
      • Why on Thea would we risk hunting down a guardian spirit for you?
        • Ok, fine, we'll do it.
          • +4 Ancient wood, +20 Blessing of speech on party
          • 2XP, 1RP
          • Flying Harpy (Vily) mobile quest location
      • That does sound... we'll do it
        • same as "Ok, fine, we'll do it."
  •  ???

Part 2.1 "Dying Leshy's Wish" location: Edit

You come to a place where a single weeping willow grows evergreen and beautiful. You feel this is the place to spread the ashes.

  • Do it.
    • Take a sip of the water.
      • Cured of any poisons and curses.
      • 2 villagers +35 Bless of Health Bless of Health +35 Bless of Will Bless of Will
      • +2 XP +1 RP
      • OR (this alternate reward might occur if you have no poisoned or cursed members?)
      • 2 villagers +3 Animal Kinship +3 Herbalism +1 Folklore
      • all party members 20 turn Blessing of Health
      • +2XP 1RP
    •  ???

Part 2.2 Flying Harpy Edit

Leshy Edit

You enter into a wooded area. Birds are singing, the wind is gently rocking the trees, in fact, it's pretty nice. As you venture deeper, you realise that this forest is very healthy and you even discover a nursery of young saplings. This type of find could mean a lot for the village.

However, you do wonder how this particular patch of the forest could be so very healthy...

  • Oh well, weird is normal in Thea. Let's get choppin'!
    •  ???
  • Have a little look around before you take up the axe.
    • A Leshy, a Bugay? What the devil! Run, just run for it!
    • Well the tree seems pissed off, and you feel uneasy about that. Agree to help.
      • ~15 rare resources
      • 15-turn blessing of health on 3 villagers
      • Moving quest target added on map
      • +7 XP +1 Research
    • It's just a tree, right? What's the worst that could happen? Attack! [5-skull fight]
  • Perhaps it is best to perform the rite of Mokosh here.
    • +13 Dark Wood
      • Defy the will of Mokosh and attack!
        •  ???
      • You are the children of the earth, you shall help the Leshy in honor of Mokosh!
        • +1 Ancient Wood
          • +7 XP +1 Research, Flying Harpy (Vily) mobile quest location
  •  ???

At the Flying Harpy (Vily) mobile quest location Edit

You chase down the rogue Bugay and find him in the company of some winged women, most likely the wind Demonettes, Vily , and several Pineconnetes of various shapes and sizes, including pine cones, mushrooms, chestnuts or walking twigs with human-like faces.

  • 'Well, to be frank, your former boss, a rather scary Leshy, asked us to kill you." [OR]
  • 'Oh nothing, just noticed your presence and wondering what you're up to. I see no forest here, yet here you are.' [OR]
  • 'An old Leshy seemed rather concerned with your sanity, and asked us to deal with it.'
    • 'No need to get on your high horse. We could, but perhaps we can talk instead?'
      • 'What do you mean unbound and free?'
        • 'Ehm, another life-force you say? Is this why the Leshy dislikes you so?'
          • 'So what's to stop you from killing hundreds, to have real power?!'
            • 'Well this is outrageous! The Leshy was right, you must die!' [OR]
            • 'Ok, now we have us a pickle here. You just admitted you eat our kind. So you see, it is kind of hard for us to let that one go.'
              • 'I am afraid you're too much of a danger!' Attack! [3-skull Fight]
                • Average rewards, ~12 rare wood, ~12 uncommon wood.
                • 'Oh, ok, came with us.'
                  • Pineconnete joins you
                  • +5 XP +1 Research
                • 'No!' Kill it!
                  • 1 mushroom
                • 'No, we're not taking you with us, just leave.' Leave it alone.
              • 'Yeah, we're just gonna go.' Leave.
              • 'How about we make some kind of deal eh? You swear never to attack our people and sweeten the deal, and we leave you be?' [3-skull Social]
                • ~20 rare wood
                • 'Alright, sounds like a good deal to me!'
                  • Pineconnet joins expedition
                  • Hostile 3-skull group spawns somewhere on map
                • 'Nah, just die!' Attack! [3-skull Fight]
                  • (see 3-skull fight rewards above)
          • 'This does not make us feel better you know!'
        • 'So, care to share your secret?'
      • 'Yeah, we think we can!' Attack! [3-skull Fight]
        • (see 3-skull fight rewards above)
    • 'You wanna try and find out if we can!'
      • 'What do you mean unbound and free?'
        • (see this option above)
      • 'Yeah, we think we can!' Attack! [3-skull Fight]
        • (see 3-skull fight rewards above)

Black Cat Edit

The air around you grows stale and a black cat crosses your path.

  • Ok, this could be a sign of trouble!
    • Better not risk it. Change our path.
    • Fortune favors the bold!
      • Yeah, continue on.
        • Random chance between:
          • Bonus
            • +20 Blessing of Dexterity on entire group.
            • +2 XP
          • Slumber
            • Lose 1 expedition member
            • Undead Ruin's location appears
            • +2XP
      •  ???
  • Right, well, onwards we go.
    • As soon as you cross the line where the cat has run, you feel blessing upon your group. The cat must have been a Dola, a friendly, Guardian Demon.
    • +20 Blessing of Dexterity on entire group.

Undead Ruin Edit

You find the old city ruins as marked on the map. It is a gloomy, dark abode, filled with old, rusty bones, cobwebs and cold, eerie air.

  • Search the ruins for your friend!
    • (4-skull fight) Charge into combat!
    • (blue) Sneak up and investigate further. (Requires stealth)
      • (4-skull fight) That's it, attack the witch!
      • Well, the world is a harsh place. Let's see what the hag has to say.
        • You killed our friend! Why?
          • (4-skull fight)
          • Well you better find a way to pay us off, or else you die now!
            • (4-skull fight) Now that we know where the treasure is, die!
            • Right. We better find something good there, or else we'll be back.
              • (4-skull fight) Go back and kill the hag!
                • 2-3 children, random armour, weapons, equipment, medium resources.
                • +6XP 1RP
              • Take the children and whatever loot you can and go.
        • You killed our friend hag! Now you'd better pay up, or you will share their fate! (same as above)
    • Go up to the hut and knock.
    • Leave for now, come back later.
    •  ??

Thunderstorm Edit

You see the skies darken and the air getting heavy. The wind picks up and thunder strikes!

Strangely, this seems to happen only around you, as you see clear skies up ahead.

  • [blue] Thunder and storms are the domain of Perun. Try to figure out what is going on!
    • 'We have entered your land...' CHL 3-skullSocial Social
      • 4 villagers +25 Bless of Speech Bless of Speech +20 Bless of Will Bless of Will
      • 1 villager: +2 Will Will +3 Speech Speech
      • Alright, leave this place.
        • Chance Gain a Vily (wind demon), 1 armor, few resources
        • 8XP, 2RP
      • [1 option unavailable]
    • To arms! CHL 3-skullFight Fight
      • resources (including moonstone) and possible weapons/armor
    • These are clearly Wind Demons. Try to use magic to banish them! (3 skulls Hex) - requires a certain level of magic.
      • precious stone, trinket
      • 2 members +2 magic +1 intelligence
      • 2 members 10 turn Blessing of Magic
      • 8XP, 2RP
  • Try to go around this storm.
    • To arms! (3 or 4 skull fight, same reward as above)
    • These are clearly Wind Demons. Try to use magic to banish them! (same as above)
  • Run away. (you'll always get away, nothing happens)
  •  ??

Thunderstorm Edit

A raging storm engulfs your party, and you believe it to be the wrath of Perun himself!

  • In Perun's name, enter the storm with pride.
    • Perun's thundering hammer rips open the skies before you, and the storm grows yet more powerful!
      • Ask Mokosh for her favor! [2-skull Physical] (requires Mokosh)
        • Success:
          • Mokosh's grace has clearly calmed her mate, as the storm eases!
            • 2 expedition members +2 dexterity, rest blessing of will
            • 4 XP 1 Research
        • Failure:
          • Half (?) the expedition receive 4 wounds each. +2XP 1RP
      • Find cover and hope Perun's wrath passes quickly.  +1XP 1RP
      • Brace yourselves! [3-skull Physical]
        • Success:
          • [text]
          • 2 expedition members +2 health, rest blessing of strength
          • 5 XP 2 Research
        • Failure:
          •  ???
      •  ???
      •  ???
      •  ???
      •  ???
  • We do not follow Perun we will not bend to his wil (Bad Ending)l
    • Angers Perun and you lose supplies

Hidden Object Edit

As you walk down a path, your wise ones feel a slight tingle of magic in the area. They soon realize there is a hidden object nearby, protected by some spell.

  • Investigate
    • Try to break the spell. [2-skull Hex]
      • Success: find hidden chest.
        • Open it!
          • Random rewards:
            • +2 crafting and +2 intelligence to 2 villagers.
              • +1 XP
            • +1 child.
              • +1 XP
        •  ???
        •  ???
        •  ???
      • Failure: ???
    • Leave it be.

Little red riding hood Edit

Making your way through the woodlands, you hear the cries of a child!

  • Investigate
    • Check if the girl is ok
      • "Hold on a second, what grandma, what are you talking about?"
        • (Same as Calm Down)
      • "Just calm down. Tell me what happened here?"
        • "Not interested in grandmothers, you're coming with us child!"
          • (Same as not interested at start)
        • "Alright ,lead the way!"
          • "Yes, she said you were in trouble."
            • "Where is she and what's going on here?"
              • "You speak in riddles woman! What beast? What gifts does she bring you?"
                • Take out weapons! "Right stay back beast! (flavour only)
                • 4-skull fight
                  • Weapon, Amulet, 1 Enchanted Bone
                  • One member: 2 animal kinship, 1 folklore
                  • 6XP, 1RP
                • "Alright, and yet here we stand, not eaten? why?
                  • 'Sure we will kill the little brat and you as well!' Attack! [4-skull fight] (same as above)
                  • "No! We will not kill a child! Not even a beast! Surely there is another way?" (flavour)
                  • "Alright, we will do it."
                    • +2 traps and +15 blessing of Dexterity for 2 party members
                      • 2-skull hunting
                        • Success: Accessory (random? seen: doll, flute), rubies (7), monsterbone shell
                        • 5 XP, 1 Research
                      • 3-skull fight
                  • 'No, its your problem!'
                    • +2 Perception for ? villagers, +2 Stealth for ? villagers
                    • 3-skull Young pakc of 9 werewolves spawn nearby on map
                    • +4XP, +1RP
                  • [1 option unavailable.]
            • "Yeah, we better leave you to your family problems then."
      • "Not interested in grandmothers, you're coming with us child!"
        • 3-skull fight (werewolf)
          • +animal kinship on one party member

Silver Edit

You find the silver statue and it depicts some Elven archer, perhaps there used to be some Elven settlement here long ago, but now, there is little else than some rubble, a cave, and some dried up trees.

You do, however, see a Werewolf sitting at the feet of the statue, convulsing and throwing up.

  • Keep your distance from the wolf, but talk to it. 'Hey there, are you okay?'
    • 'Soo, you're hanging out near silver, making you sick, to get stronger?'
      • Oh, right. Well, we were attracted by the lump of silver of course. Do you mind if we have some?'
        • 'Well, yes, but maybe we can share. You keep some for your character building and we take some for us eh?' [2-skull Social]
          • Success: +10-13 silver
            • +3 XP +1 RP
          • Failure: ???
        • 'You know what, having a Werewolf immune to silver doesn't sit well with us. You must die!' Attack! [3-skull Fight]
      • 'You know what, having a Werewolf immune to silver doesn't sit well with us. You must die!' Attack! [3-skull Fight]
      • 'Oh, nothing much just passing.' Wait for the Werewolf to retire to his cave, then try to sneak in and steal a lump of the sculpture you see lying on the floor. [2-skull Sneak]
    • 'Right, we're just here to get some silver, do you mind?'
      • 2 Skull Social challenge as above
      • 3 Skull Fight challenge as above
  • Keep your weapons ready and check if there aren't more Werewolves!
  • Attack the Werewolf while he's sick! [3-skull Fight]
    • small amount of bones and fur, fur/leather armor, ~20 silver
    • +4XP, +1RP
  • If you lost fight there is small chance that some of your villagers turn in werewolf (he joins you)
  • Leave for now, come back later.

Full Moon Edit

Tonight is a full moon and yo the howling of many wolves.

  • Increase watch.
    • Use silver to defend yourselves.
      • Strike them down! [3-skull Fight]
      • 'We don't wish to fight you! But, if you push us, we will! Now, let's talk, shall we?'
        • 'Your Beta was beaten in a fair hunt, surely you would not dishonor his memory with a slaughter of the innocent!' Convince. [3-skull Social]
          • Success: +2 speech and +2 will to 1 villager.
            • +6 XP +1 Research
          • Failure: ???
        • 'Your Beta has fallen beneath our strength, and we shall wear your pelts tonight!' Intimidate. [3-skull Social]
          • Success: +2 speech and +1 will to 1 villager, +30 Blessing of Speech to 3 villagers.
            • +6 XP +1 Research
          • Failure: ???
    • Set up fires in a defensive circle.
      • (same choices as "Use silver to defend yourselves.")
    • You don't have any silver, you don't have any people who know about animals. So the only option is: Defend the village! [4-skull Fight]
    •  ???
  •  ???

Bear LairEdit

The expedition encounters a random event in which a key is found, leading to tracking down a Bear Lair. Upon arriving at the lair, only two options are available: A 2-skull Fight or Leave. The enemy consists of 4 bears that deal moderate Blunt Damage. Upon success, the expedition can use the key to unlock a chest of valuables, including a "set of pristine armor."

Bear Lair Edit

While you scout ahead to see if the road is safe, you notice a bear lying outside its lair.

It looks really big. In fact, you have your doubts about it being an ordinary bear and not some kind of Giant's pet.

  • [2 skull fight] Kill the big bear!
    • You sneak up on the big bear and it turns out it is wounded, so you manage to ambush it without trouble.
      • (Blue) Alright, finish it off.
        • You kill the big bear before it manages to reach you with it's wild attacks. Loot: 16 meat, 5 fur leather, 4 monster bones.
      •  ???
  • [Blue] Take a closer look. (lada only?)
    • Kill the bear to shorten its suffering.
    • [2 skull intellect] With Lada's blessing.... Calm it down and remove the weapon that is lodged in its body.
      • +1 medium weapon
      • +2 Intelligence for 1 party member
      • 4XP 1RP
    • [4 skull intellect] Lada's grace is great.... try to not only help the bear..., but also to tame it.
      • Success Gets a bear (4XP + 1RP)
      • Fail: ???
  • [Blue] Take a closer look (Morena, Veles+ others?)
    • Take your time and plan a carefull trap, making sure you don't go anywhere near the wounded bear as you kill it.
      •  ???
    • [2 skull intellect] Thanks to your knowledge of animals, you can try and approach the bear and actually help it.
      • +1 medium weapon
      • +2 Intelligence for 1 party member
      • 4XP 1RP
    • [4 skull intellect] You know much about animals and you know that wounded creatures can grow very attached to their saviours. You can try and help the bear and also tame it.
      • 4XP 1RP
      • Bear joins your party
  • Let sleeping bears lie. Leave.
    • 1XP
  •  ??

Pineconnete Edit

You explore the woods in search of good wood and any other resources, when you hear a squeaking voice, 'Ouch, don't pull my head off man!'

You realize the mushroom you were about to pick is staring at you!

  • Pick it anyway!
  • Leave it and ask what's going on.
    • "My friends were taken..."
      • Sure, why not?
        • Well, OK
          • The talking mushroom takes you to what looks like a Bear Den
            • Investiate.
              • I had a fight with an Orc Witch, 3 Orc fighters and a Rabid Bear, all lvl 5-7. Didn't show difficulty.
            • Go in prepared for a fight [3 skull Fight] - (Requires a Hunter)
              • Your Hunters tell you there are also Orc tracks.
                • Continue (3 skull Fight)
                • Leave.  +2XP
            •  ???
        • Nah
      • Nah
  • 'You're one of those Pineconnetes right? Woodland guardians and all. I happen to have some sweet tree sap on me, I heard you like it?'  (Hidden option. Requires good Folklore or maybe Herbalism?)
    • +19 fruit, +13 spidersilk
      • 'Sure, why not.'
        • Go in, prepared for a fight. [3-skull Fight]
        • Use magic to try and sense what's inside.
          • Ready, go in for the fight! [2-skull Fight]
            • Gain various low rarity materials.
            • +4 XP +1 Research
          • Changed our minds, leave.
        •  ???
      • 'Nah, sorry, too much of a risk, for an unsure reward.' Leave.


You notice a faint glow amongst the forest shrubbery and discover luminous wild mushrooms growing in a perfect circle. These shrooms could have many uses as either medicine, or just food. But you do have an eerie feeling when you stand close to the luminous circle...

  • Speak to the forest. 'Hear me forest spirits, I wish your kin no harm, but I ask humbly for a boon for our people!' (skill check)
    • 'We are all children of Thea, are we not?' Convince. [3-skull Social]
      • +20-40 herbs, small amount of wood
      • +4 XP +1 Research
    • 'And why not? Surely we can share?' Convince. [3-skull Social]
      • +20-40 herbs
      • +4 XP +1 Research
    • 'Oh, you know what, we will just go.'
  • Take the mushrooms.
    • +10~ Herbs
    • Fight [5-skull]
    • Run!
      • +1 XP
  • Leave.

Ruined City Edit

You discover the ruins of some great, old city! Whoever resided in these walls is long gone, but many buildings still stand tall and proud.

But, the marvellous city was not abandoned by mere folly, you feel the towering presence of the Darkness within it's old walls.

As you observe the city, you see waves of the Black Mist washing through the old streets and empty houses, as if looking for any remaining life to drain.

  • Try to sneak in to find loot. [3-skull Sneak]
    • Success: gain random amountts of 3 materials; clay / granite / steel / silver / diamond / Obsidian / Ruby
      • +6 XP +1 RP
    • Failure: ???
  • Try to use magic to see if you can shield yourselves. [3-skull Hex]
    • Success: One expedition member +20 turn Blessing of Magic. Loot the same as Sneak success above.`
    • Failure: ???
  • Looks too dangerous, leave.
  •  ???

City in Ruins Edit

You find the remnants of a great old city in ruins! The mysteries it holds could be vast, but beware, it looks as if the dead walk in great packs inside!

  • Search (blue text) [4-skull fight]
    • Success:
      • low teir equipment and +19 granite, +19 topaz
        • Great, take the loot and leave. (blue text)
          • +6XP +1RP
        •  ????
    • Failure: ???
  • Nah, maybe later. (Encounter remains)
  •  ????
  •  ????
  •  ????

Orc EncounterEdit

You travel through the hills in search of resources and you come across the remains of an old settlement. The houses are small, almost built into the hills themselves and despite the decay brought by the Darkness, many look well preserved. You realize however, that you are not alone as two tall Orcs step in front of you with their weapons drawn.

'Halt!' One shouts at you in a deep, heavy, drumming voice:

  • 'Ok, ok. Let's not do anything rash.'
    • 'Ok, deal.' [Lose 2 tools]
    • 'How about we work together?'
      • 'I guess you just have to take the first step.'...CHL 4-skullSocial Social
        • Victory
          • Share the spoils as promised.
            • Gain random loot - good wood, weapons, metal, food, etc.
              • 'Ok, we accept.'
                • Randomly lose 1 expedition member but keep their gear. Gain 1 Orc Fighter.
              • 'No, sorry, our people are our own. But may we live together in friendship.'
                • Chance to end event or continue with more choices.
                  • 'Ok, thanks, I think...'
                    • Gain Orc Worker, 1 weapon, and 4-5 random kinds of food.
                    • +6 XP +1 RP
                  • 'No, we won't have Orcs in our midst.'
              • 'No, sorry, this was a one off. Bye.'
              •  ???
          • Sharing is stupid, attack the Orcs! [go to Orc Fight CHL 4-skullFight Fight]
        • Fail:
          • 'Ok, deal.' [Lose 2 tools]
          • Not interested. Fight them! [go to Orc Fight CHL 4-skullFight Fight]
          • No deal, just leave.
            • +2XP
      • 'Oh whatever, let's just do it the old fashioned way!' Attack! [go to Orc Fight CHL 4-skullFight Fight]
    • 'Not interested in your deals!' Attack! [go to Orc Fight CHL 4-skullFight Fight]
  • Fight! [Orc Fight: CHL 4-skullFight Fight]
    • Win:
      • Loot.
      • +5 XP
    • Fail:???

Instead of a social challenge you may be faced with a physical challenge:

(pre-req: expedition leader is female and expedition has fewer than 2 tools)

  • Help them out! [3-skull Physical]
    • It was the right thing to do, no need for such a reward, surely your weapon means a lot to you.
      • It ill be our pleasure to have Gotral join our people!
        • Orc Fighter (plus gear)
        • Some resources
    • We are honoured!
      • Gain some loot (ex: 2 weapons, clay, diamond)
      • +6XP +1RP
    • failure means losing one villager, and getting top tier weapon or two
  • Nah, just take the loot (the line is not exact)
    • Fight [2 skulls]

Wild BoarsEdit

You come across a hidden stash and it looks like whatever is inside may still be intact!

After taking the stuff, the expedition has two options: 'Run for it" or 'Stay and Fight' (3-skull Fight)

The enemy is 4 Wild Boars that deal moderate Blunt Damage. Winning the fight grants additional rewards.

Nomads Edit

This event often starts as "seeing something interesting in the distance" which creates a moving map marker.

A group of nomads is travelling through these lands. They are a mixed group, made up of all peoples of Easterlands, including Men, Goblins and Orcs.

  • 'Greetings. What is your purpose here?' or 'Greetings travellers. Yes, let us talk.'
    • We have some food we can barter (requires 20 food)
      • ~15-22 wood, ~15-30 string. +2XP
    • We have some tools we can trade (requires 3 tools)
      • ~10 fur leather, ~10monster bones
    • We can give you a weapon if you have something really good (requires 1 weapon)
      • 2 stacks of top tier or pre-top tier resources + almost always some malachite as a bonus
    • We have some herbs to trade (requires 20 herbs)
      • ranged weapon, common resources (5 ranged damage bow, +22 grain)
    • 'Sorry, we have nothing to trade.'
      • 'Same to you I guess.' Leave.
      • 'All these goods you carry, we need them!' Attack! [4-skull fight]
        • (see below)
  • Talking, nah, attack them! [4-skull Fight]
    • Chance of +1 child (very low chance, if any (30+ tries and no child))
    • Variety of trophies (weapons/armor/jewelry/food) (mid tier quality at best)
    • +2 mid tier resource stacks +2 pre-top/top tier stacks.
  • 'Not interested in talk.' Leave.

Note: You can only choose one, the conversation ends after you make your choice

Note#2: Trading gives a bigger number of top notch resources on average and their number is less random. Trading always gives gems, metals, stone or leather, while fighting potential rewards also include wood, fiber and strings. Fighting on the other hand provides a lot of mid tier resources that are good for gaining research, while still giving a decent amount of top tier materials. Due to the random nature of Fighting rewards one also has a chance of getting a crazy good loot, much better than that available as the trade reward. Overall the two options seem to be equally good.

Search Graveyard Edit

You discover the remains of an old graveyard. In the centre, you see the burnt down remains of what could have been a place of worship, likely belonging to immigrants from the Westerlands, as it is not the custom of your people to build such places.... [snip]

  • Investigate
    • Read the inscription. (blue text - requires high Intelligence or Folklore?)
      • Check for other symbolism. (blue text)
        • Open the grave anyway, but be ready to strike the creature while it is still weakened!
          • +13-15 iron, +20-23 silver
          • 3-skull fight
            • above-average loot from winning the fight
        • Perhaps it is best to leave this place.
          • +1 XP (repeatable- does not despawn)
        • Take the metals from the crypt, but do not open it, let someone else worry about the inhabitant.  (see below)
      • Silver chains, iron hinges, this is a gold mine. Open the crypt.
        • + ~10-11 iron, 15-17 silver
          • 4-skull fight
            • win: high end loot (mithril, gems, equipment)
            • +6XP +2RP
          • Run away! [3-skull physical]
            • Success!
            • Failure (see Failure below)
      • Take the metals from the crypt, but do not open it, let someone else worry about the inhabitant.
        • +26 silver, +24 iron
        • Leave this place, fast. (4-skull Striga Horde of 10-14 enemies spawns on map nearby.)
        • +2 XP
    • Open it (same as "Open the crypt" above)
    • Better leave this place be.
      • (ends encounter but does not despawn)

Failure of any these challenges:

  • One villager is eaten and lost.
  • 4-skull Striga Horde of 10-14 enemies spawns on map nearby.
  • +2XP

A Boy Perhaps Of Six rename to Treasure boy encounter. Edit

  • Hey boy, who are you?
    • Pat the boy's head.
      • +1 XP
    • Beat him with a stick, so that the coins fall out.
      • Some resources will fall out, but he will beat you back (some wounds)
    • Slap the demon-boy.
      • One of these:
        • "A slap to the face is no disgrace and now you wil taste my place!"
          • 2-10 of several rare metals/gems (gold, silver, topaz, diamonds)
          • +2 XP
        • "A tender slap deserves a clap, but it can make me snap!" The boy makes a sudden move and changes into a golden Dragon!
          • 5-skull fight (no real fight, he will give you resources instead)
          • 5-skull Run Away (Blessing of Will and Blessing of Magic on a few party members)
    •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???
  • Better leave this boy alone.

Herbs and Spiders Edit

As you make your way through the terrain, your herbalist spots an area where you can harvest some good herbs.

  • Your village needs the herbs, send the herbalist to pick them and keep watch.
    • Herbs × 25-39 Cane × 6-10
      • Take what you've already got and leave the place
      • One of your men spots a giant spider that could be the Queen, lying in wait. You can attack it by surprise!
        • [2-skull Fight]
          • slightly above average loot
      • The leader of your party steps up: "With the grace of Svarog we've survived the Darkness, surely some spiders can't beat us!' Venture forth!
        • Attack! [3-skull Fight]
          • Gain 1 equipment and 4 average materials
          • +4 XP +1 Research
      • One of your group holds out their hand and speaks up: 'The layout of these webs could mean a Spider Queen's presence. We should be wary.'
        • The risk is too high for some herbs and a chance for the unknown. Leave.
        • Go forwards, and prepare yourselves for battle. CHL 2-skullFight Fight
          • Moderate loot
          • +4XP +1RP
  • The herbs are not worth the risk

Cursed Elf Edit

A figure, clad in a ragged, dark green cloak, slowly approaches your party

  • Elves are akin to Veles, speak the words of your God to him (Veles only option, does not recruit elves)
    • Offer the stranger some food and water
      • +2 attractiveness 2 random member
        • It doesn't feel right to leave you like this. Can I help anymore
          • +6 diamond
          • +28 herb
          • +1 curse to random member
          • NO recruit - if you want recruit an elf, choose magic to investigate in first dialogue
  • You sense a faint tremble of a dark curse upon the elf. Use magic to investigate (magic skill check)
    • Try to help the elf (2-skull hex)
      • Join us as a friend
        • Elven Wanderer Joins party (very strong)
        • 3 bows, armor, amulet, armor, some wood, food
        • 15-turn blessing of attractiveness for all expedition members
        • +5 XP +1RP
      • Great, always wanted an Elven servant!
        • same reward as "Join us as friend", blessing of attractiveness only on 3 villagers
      • Nah, I don't want no Elves.
    • It's too difficult a task. Perhaps give the stranger some food.
    • Nah, just leave the elf be.
  • Try to talk to the elf
    • Listen to the elfs story and share some food
      • Get blessed some party members
        • Leave the elf
        • Let the elf travel with you
          • Some party members cursed (Can be removed by the Dziody)
          • get some rare resources (Ancient wood or Dryad wood) (Very useful early on) 
  • Attack the elf
    • +1 Curse, +1 Curse of Darkness on whole party
    • One party member +2 Deadly sick
      • There is nothing more to be done... : +4 Exp
      •  ???

Mares Edit

The Age of Darkness left a hefty mark on Thea, as the nights are forever haunted by the Mares -- the souls of the living escaped at night, to torment their fellow man! These shadowy night creatures bring with them nightmares and despair, weakening anyone unfortunate enough to be touched by their cold breath!

  • Try to ward off the Mares.
    • Women bring it, right, KILL ALL women in your population!
    • Smear garlic on your chests and wash your hands with urine.
      • +66 food
        • +3 XP +1 Research
    • Capture any animal visiting your bedside at night and nail it to the wall -- or tent!
      • +20 Blessing of Speech to entire town
        • +3 XP +1 Research
    •  ???
    •  ???
  • Use magic to fight off the Mares. [2-skull Hex]
    • Success: +20 Blessing of Speech to 4 villagers, +20 Blessing of Magic to 1 villager.
      • +4 XP +1 Research
    • Failure: ???
  • Keep your doors and windows shut and hope for the best.
  •  ???

Dwarven Bandits Edit

You are set upon by a small group of rugged looking Dwarves!

  • 'Whoa, whoa, can we talk about this?'
    • 'You look weary and hungry. We'll share our food with you, but nothing more. Surely that's better than bloodshed?' Convince. [3-skull Social]
      • 6-7 mithril
      • 10 characters gain 20-turn speech blessing
        • Share some food. [Lose 10 food]
          • Leave. +3 XP +1 RP
          • "We shall be honoured to accept" [Only up to three of your people will take part] [2-skull fight] NOTE: This option is only available if you have Lada as your god. NOTE: Highest level fighters from your party are used, this includes Dwarf Bandits, Fighters, etc.
            • L8 Dwarf Bandit joins party (very strong)
            • Gain random equipment and resources
            • +6XP 1RP
          • Sorry, we don't do duels and don't need Dwarves.
        • Actually, we changed our minds, attack! [3-skull Fight]
        •  ???
    • 'Prepare to die, Dwarven scum!' Attack! [3-skull Fight]
  • 'Prepare to die, Dwarven scum!' Attack! [3-skull Fight]
    • Good loot gear and 15 mythril (3 pieces of armor, 2 weapons) (6XP + 1RP)
  • 'Ok, we'll give you our stuff' [lose all equipment]

Manor House Edit

You come across ruins of a small vilage, with a grand manor house on the top of a hillside.

  • Enter the manor house.
    • Pry the doors open with tools! CHL 2-skullPhysical Physical - requires tools
      • +1 Weapon, +22 Steel, +6 Fur leather
      • +2 Crafting on 2 villagers
      • +3 XP +1Research Points
    • We don't have tools, but let's try to break it anyway! CHL 3-skullPhysical Physical
      • +1 Weapon +17 Steel +8 Fur leather
      • +2 Crafting on 2 villagers
      • +3 XP +1Research Points
    • Try to figure out the mechanism.CHL 2-skullIntellect Intellect
      • +1 weapon, random medium quality resources
      • +3 crafting, +1 intelligence on two villagers
      • +3XP 1RP
  • Nope, don't like the looks of this. Leave.

Goblin Village Edit

Part 1 - Bizarre BoxEdit

Your scouts report a weird looking metal box, sitting by the side of the path. They say the box has three levers and several interconnecting tubes and a small basket at the bottom where all tubes end.

  • Investigate the bizarre box.
    • Study the mechanism.
      • Great, have a go. [1-skull intellect challenge]
        • Success: goblin village location appears on map. 3XP
      • Nah, just leave it.
    • Have a go at pulling some levers.
    • [1 option unavailable]
  • Leave it be.

Part 2 - Goblin Village -first visitEdit

You approach a small, well-hidden village, inhabited by Goblins. - Go closer. (other undisplayed options are for return visits)

1. Tell your scouts to gather more intel (blue)
1. Attack the village! [fight 4-skull] (see part 4 below)
2. Aproach the village to talk (same as below)
2. Approach the village carefully
1. 'We are travellers, we seek to talk to your leaders'
1. 'Oh really, and why is that?'
1. 'Ok, out with it, what is the favour?' (same as 'Oh fine, I'll bite')
2. 'A favour! Why on Thea would we do you a favour?' (same as below)
2. 'Out of our way greenskin! Bring your boss, now!'
1. 'Right, well, sorry for before. Let's hear it.'
2. 'A favour! Why on Thea would we do you a favour?'
1. 'Oh fine, I'll bite, what is the favour.'
1. 'Bigot son? Why do you say that? And also, Demons have children?' (same as below)
1. 'Immigrants?'
2. 'No way, not doing a Goblin's bidding. I'll have a reward without the work!' Attack! [Fight- 4skull]
3. 'We passed your silly test and got directions here, there was supposed to be a party?'
1. 'Why do you need our aid?'
1. 'Bigot son? Why do you say that? And also, Demons have children?'
1. 'That is ridiculous. So what can we do?' =OR= 'Eh, ok. So what is the favour again?'
1. 'Right, convince the bigoted Treasurer demon to trade with you. Sounds easy. We'll do it.'
+12 monster bones
- Spawns Part 3
+3XP +1RP
2. 'Pff, I don't know. It sounds like a lot of work.'
1. Just leave. = +2XP (repeatable)
2. Stay and party with the Goblins then leave. (blue)
2 villagers +6 sick
+2 XP (repeatable)
3. ?????

Part 3 - Treasurer Demon Edit

  • 'Nah, I'll do it later.' (Does not despawn encounter)
  • 'Hello'
    • 'We were told of it by the Goblin chieftain Mukashir.' =OR= 'We were just passing by.'
      • 'Why so much anger? The Goblins have been part of our culture for many generations you know.' =OR= 'Business is business right?'
        • 'And how is it that we're Your type of people exactly?'
          • 'No we don't. You're not human either!' Attack the Treasurer! [Fight 3-skull]
            • win: 1 diamond stack, 1 gold stack, 1 jewelry/artifact, some extra loot
              • Take the minerals for yourselves (turns other Goblin Village hostile)
                • +1 mid/top tier and 1 mid tier resourse (either metal, stone or gem)
                • +5XP +1RP
              • Leave the minerals and go tell the Goblins.
                • +1 mid tier resourse (either metal, stone or gem)
                • +40 Blessing of Dexerity to 5 villagers in expedition
                • +5XP +1RP
            • lose: ????
          • 'But surely you can see that the Goblins have been here long and are working hard to make this land better!' [Social 2-skull]
            • +1 mid/top tier and 1 mid tier resource (either metal, stone or gem)
            • +2 speech to two villagers
              • A deal is a deal [Return to Goblin Village]
                • +40 Blessing of Will to 5 villagers in expedition
                • +5XP, +1RP
              • 'Well to hell with that, I want to trade with you!' [Screw over Goblins]
                • 'Sorry, we have nothing to exchange right now.' Ends encounter and remains for future trading
                • 'Sure, I'll have the rare minerals.' [Lose 60 food] (gain mid or top tier metal, stone or gem stack) (not repeatable)
                  • 1-17 resources
                  • Be careful, since this line becomes unavailable after choosing any other one. If you want to trade 60 food you should pick this line first.
                • 'Ok, we'll take the advanced minerals.' [Lose 3 random weapons] (gain a mid tier metal, stone or gem stack)
                • 'Right, we'll take the common stuff for the food.' [Lose 30 food] (gain a low tier metal, stone or gem stack)
                • 'Let's exchange the common minerals for the armour.' [Lose one item with +armor stat] (gain a low tier metal, stone or gem stack)
                  • Trade and leave- Ends encounter and despawns
                    • +5XP +2RP
                  • Trade some more. (back to previous options)
          • No we do not. You are a ridiclous man and I want nothing to do with you!' Leave.
            • +40 Blessing of Speech for 5 villagers in expedition
            • (new option and reward when returning to original Goblin Village)
            • +4XP, +1RP
          • 'Ok, we have a deal.' [Screw over Goblins] (see above)
        • 'Well, now that you say it, it does sound good.'
          • 'Well, they maybe foreign, but surely you can see the business comes first! [Social 2-skull]
            • This one is a copy of 'But surely you can see that the Goblins have been here long and are working hard to make this land better!' option from above.
          • (same as above)
  •  ???

Part 4 - Return to Goblin VillageEdit

  • Go talk to Mukashir (blue- return visit without dealing with the Treasurer)
    • 'Ehm, no. Can we not trade anyway?'
      • 'Ok then, off we go.'
      • 'Changed our minds about this, we kill you all!' [Fight 4-skull] (see below)
  • Speak to Mukashir about the Treasurer (blue- After getting angry at the demon and leaving)
    • 'We talked to the Demon, but there is no reasoning with that creature!'
      • +1 mid tier resource and 1 basic resource (somewhat repeatable- was infinite loot before a patch)
        • Sorry, we have nothing to trade for now.' (Ends encounter and prevents getting xp)
          • If you did not trade with goblins then you can choose this option up to 2 times without despawning the village. You can use this feature to earn some extra resources or to come back and trade with the goblins later.
        • [pay 20 iron for 20 leather] (mid and low tier leather)
        • [pay 10 gold for advanced trophies] (mid tier leather or bones)
        • [pay 3 ranged weapons for some advanced trophies (min 10)]  (mid tier leather or bones)
        • [pay 2 armor, for some rare trophies (min 8)] (pre-top or top tier leather or bones)
          • Great, off we go. (Ends encounter and despawns)
            • +5XP +1RP
          • We want to trade more stuff. (go back to trade options)
  • Report the Treasurer's death to Mukashir. (blue- after attacking demon and leaving loot for Goblins)
    • + 2 mid tier resouces (or double value for one)
      • (same as above)
  • Report your success to Mukashir.
    • + 2 mid tier resouces (or double value for one)
      • (same as above)

If you screwed over the Goblin Village or Previously attacked them = [Fight 4-skull]

  • Get a bunch of equipment (tier2 misc loot)
    • Kill Them. Don't need the trouble later.
      • Lot's of mid tier resources, chance for some top tier resources. Mostly bones and leather.
      • +6XP +1RP
    • Leave them be.
      • Lot's of mid tier resources, chance for some top tier resources. Mostly bones and leather.
      • 2-skull group spawns nearby (7 goblin warriors)
      • +6XP +1RP

Summary (spoilers): The options boil down to 1 non-repeatable trade session with the goblin village for all types of leather and bones, =OR= infinite trading with the demon for low/mid level stone, gems and metal.

Bandits Edit

You realize a group of attackers is approaching your village, fast!

  • To arms!
    • Attack them! [2-skull fight]
    • Divide your people into two groups so that some may protect the goods and children, while others may fight. [Two people will be removed from your party for any challenges]
      • success grants +? tactical skill to some villagers, plus possibly other rewards
    • Your best warriors step up, arms drawn: 'We'll give you one chance to run, now!' Intimidate.
      • 'Leave now, scum! Or else!' Intimidate! [2-skull social]
        • average rewards
        • +2 speech for 2 villagers
      • Use this opportunity to attack them! [2-skull fight]
  •  ???

Smithy Edit

Part 1: First "Smithy" location Edit

Hidden away in a quiet alcove, you discover a single house amongst ruins of some old town.

  • Approach the house.
    • 'We're just passing by. We got your invite. Our village is not far from here, but we've never seen you?'
      • 'A what now?' or 'Full set of armour and weapons! Whatever your problem, we're here to solve it!'
        • 'You're kidding right?' or 'Ok, point me in her direction.'
          • 'Ok, you are serious. Let's do it.'
            • Second map location named Smithy appears.
          • 'You want to date a Demon!?'
            • 'Oook. Off I go then.'
              • Second map location named Smithy appears.
            • 'Nah, I am leaving.'
    • 'Who cares if you or your friends are jumpy!' Attack! [4-skull Fight]
      • some mithril, some other loot does NOT continue the quest.
  •  ???
  •  ???

Part 2: second "Smithy" location Edit

As you approach the place shown by the Dwarf, you see a girl sitting on a large rock, frantically looking out into the distance.

  • (All dialog choices result in a quest group of Orcs appearing on the map.)

Part 3: Orc quest group Edit

You thought you're sneaking up on the band of Orcs, but as you lay there observing, a female voice speaks behind you:

'So, the Demoness sent some minions. I am surprised that you should serve her kind.'

  • (All dialog choices lead to these:)
    • 'Well if they're not yours, we think we can take better care of them, so give them to us!' [2-skull Social] or 'These kids don't belong to you and we need them!' [2-skull Social]
      • +10 red ribbon
      • +4 children
      • +2 speech to 2 villagers
      • +5 XP +1 RP
    • 'Oh fine, just take them.'
    • 'Enough talk, give them back or fight!' [2-skull Fight]
      • Random loot
      • +10 red ribbon
      • +4 children
      • +6 XP +1 RP

Part 4: second "Smithy" location again: Edit

As you approach the place shown by the Dwarf, you see a girl sitting on a large rock, frantically looking out into the distance.

  • Approach
    • 'I have the children, but what are you going to do with them?'
      • 'Right. Well, take them then.'
        • Lose 4 children
      • 'No!'
        • 'Listen you! I will let you live if you agree to go out with the Dwarf ok!'
          • 'Fine, it's a deal.' You leave the creature behind.
            • +5 XP +1 Research
          • 'No deal, changed my mind, you die!' Attack! CHL 2-skullFight Fight
            • (Note: This fight is harder, than regular. You go up against 3 opponents that hit for ~30 and have ~30 health.)
            • Average rewards
            • Kill her.
              • +5 topaz, +27 seaweed
              • Leads to Smithy Part 5
            • Spare her life.
              • 20-turn blessing of attractiveness
              • Leads to Smithy Part 5
              • +4 XP
    • 'I found the children, but I will not give them to you Demon!' (only option if less than 4 children available)
      • 'Whatever, Demon, you're not getting them!'
        • 'Listen you! I will let you live if you agree to go out with the Dwarf ok!'
          • 'Fine, it's a deal.' You leave the creature behind.
            • +5 XP +1 RP
          • 'No deal, changed my mind, you die!' Attack! CHL 2-skullFight Fight
  •  ???
  •  ???

Part 5: first "Smithy" location again: Edit

Hidden away in a quiet alcove, you discover a single house amongst ruins of some old town. There is smoke coming from the chimney and the sound of hammering inside. This is clearly a smithy. You notice an unusually large pile of rocks sitting by the house.

  • (Note: You need the 10 ribbons in your inventory.)
    • 'Ok, the Rusalka - thanks for telling me who she is by the way - has agreed to the date, if you burn this red ribbon in your furnace.'
      • 'I have this here lock of her hair that is supposed to prove her word.'
        • 'She said she's had an eye on you, because she likes your... ehm, well you know your muscles and skill with the hammer and all...' CHL 2-skullSocial Social
          • Success: weapon, ranged weapon, shield, and armor
            • +5 XP +1 RP
          • Failure: ???
      •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???

We Meet Again (Familiar Orcs) Edit

You meet a band of orcs and find them familiar.

  • Oh, right, the Orcs that rescued the children from the Rusalka and gave them to our care.
    • We have found several more human children but they are sick...
      • With the aid of Mokosh's life force and the hope from the Lady Lada, we will help these children! [2 skull Sickness] - blue option (requires Mokosh or Lady Lada as deity?)
        • Success!
        • 2 members gain 10 turn Bless of Health and +1 Health
        • +2 children
        • +5XP 2RP
      • We will do our best! [3 skull Sickness]
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Ambush Edit

You are ambushed!

  • 'All right. Let's just keep our heads cool.... [You will lose some items]
  • 'We will not surrender to the likes of you, scum!' Losing resources is not an option. Attack! [3-skull fight]
  • Right, can we not talk this out?' Try to reason with the bandits [3-skull social, no combat though]
    • 'C'mon men, oh and women of course, we are all in this perilous world together right? Common struggles, fate of mankind...' [3-skull social]
      • +31 herbs, +19 malachite
      • +2 speech, +1 will to 2 villagers
  • 'Oh what mighty swords you have there...' Try to flirt with the bandits. [3-skull social, no combat though]
    • No way. Giv'em the goods and be off. [Lose resources]
    • 'Well, hello there Captain, your sword is certainly the biggest!' Continue flirting to try and avoid 'giving in'. (There is a random chance that you will get a chance to get the bandit captain to join your team)
      • Give up 'the goods' and have some one-on-one with the boss. go to the side and see if you can 'negotiate' more.
        • 'Alright let's just pretend we did what they think and have a drink my friend. I must say this is a nice turn of events.'
          • 1 Villager +2 will +2 speech
        • 'Well, you aren't so bad yourself you know! What the hell, let's have some fun times together!'
          • 1 Villager +2 will +2 speech
          • 'Wait! Why don't you just come with us, I mean with me, back to my village?'
            • +1 bandit villager
            • some good armor and weapons
          • Leave with your Party.
          • 'Wait! I want to join you!' ['The lover' (highest Attractiveness) leaves with the Captain and his bandits!]
            • Top tier weapon, resource, and ranged weapon.
            • Lose most attractive expedition member.
            • 6 XP 1 Tech
      • OR a whole different set of options
      • Flirt on!
        • Gain armour, weapon, Gold, +5XP 1RP
      •  ???
    • Well alright then, the pickings are slim at the village anyway... (Go to the side with the Captain)
      • Flirt on!
        • Average rewards
      •  ???

The Black Mist Edit

Despite the daytime, the sky is suddenly overshadowed by a think, dark mist that slowly engulfs everything in its way.

  • Stick together, but try to outrun the mist. [4-skull Physical] (auto-success with [certain stats, high Will maybe?])
    • Success
      • +1 Will to 2 villagers
      • +5 XP +1 RP
    • Failure:
      • 3 members hurt
      • 2 members +1 will
      • 2 members curse of darkness
  • Use magic to shield the group. [magic required?]
    • Yes, it's about time someone kicked the mist's arse! [4-skull Hex]
      • +1 magic, +1 intelligence, +2 will to 2 villagers
      • 15 turn blessing of magic to 1 villager
      • +5 XP +1 RP
    • No, thank you. I am happy not to die, ok!
  • Huddle together and try to find cover.
    • Curse of Darkness on entire expedition (reduced Will), Curse (wounding type) on 1 villager. (Dziody can remove both; Curse of Darkness is removed via a [1- skull Hunting] challenge, while the Curse wound is a [2-skull Social] challenge.)
    • +5 XP +1 RP
  • [?? check] Call on Svarog to protect you with his light! - Requires Svarog as diety,
    • +2 will to 1 villager.
    • +5 XP +1 RP
  •  ???
  •  ???

Black Smoke Edit

As you explore the land, a long shadow covers the sun for a moment... the strange apparition left behind a thread of black smoke.

  • Oh no, try to outrun it! [4-skull Physical]
    • Success
      • Great!
        • +2 Dexterity or 1 Strength on 1 villager
        • +8 XP +1 RP
      •  ???
    • Fail
      •  ???

Trapped Demon Edit

You hear a strange commotion coming from the nearby bushes, a sort of cross between a squeak and a deep grumble of a salivating dog.

As you approach, you see a weird looking, brown ball of disheveled fur, with big, yellow eyes staring back at you. The creature is no bigger than a fox and, has bat like wings, a snarly smile with a range of sharp teeth and it smells badly. It is apparently stuck in some hunter's trap. You recognize the trap to be Orc-made.

  • Leave the creature be, there may be Orcs about and they may not like you poaching their prey.
  • Kill the creature, if Orcs hunt it, maybe it is good for something.
    • You walk over to the trap and push your weapon through the small creature's body. It lets out a final gasp and then disintegrates into a pile of brown slime. The stench is unbearable! There seems to be a shiny object inside the goo.
      • There seems to be a shiny object inside the goo, reach in to retrieve it!
        • You reach in only to realize it was only the light playing tricks on your eyes. Or perhaps it was a final act of revenge from the brown furball. Before long, you and your party feel weakened and dizzy. It looks like the goo might have been infected!
          • Try to fight off the disease. [Sickness, 1-skull]
            • You are strong than whatever this creature was carrying and your people are fine! One of you even feels their immunity rise from the ordeal.
              • +4 XP, +1 Research, +3 HP to one villager
      • Nah. Leave the place before all your stuff smells of the goo forever!
  • Examine it further.
    • Release it.
      • Nod: 'Yeah you look tasty.'
        • +2 XP +1 Research
      • Shake your head. 'No, of course not!'
        • Reveals a House quest location.
        • +4 XP +1 Research
    • Leave it.

At the House location: Edit

Following the instructions laid out by the Skshack, you find an old worker's hut, hidden away from prying eyes by a strange, unnatural mist. The air around this place is thick and cold, and yet, the mist smells of ginger and honey. The more you look at the house, the more alluring it becomes.

  • Enter the house.
    • Approach carefully.
      • Attack the vile creature! [4-skull Fight]
      • 'Who are you? A lost soul, or a meddler of the dark arts? Speak now, before we burn you in your own furnace woman!'
        • This is just flavor text, leads back to fight & hex lines
      • (Magic and/or Folklore requirements) You feel strong magic from the woman, take time to consider your options.
        • Try to remember more.
          • Do the ritual, perhaps you can free her.
            • (Magic requirements) Fight the curse! [4-skull Hex]
              • Success:
                • See what happens now. (chance of Baba Yaga joining you)
                  • Search the room.
                    • +1 or 2 children 
                    • Some minor loot and some resources (Gold and nuts)
                    • +6 XP +1 Research
                •  ???
              • Failure: ???
            • Banish the witch! [3-skull Fight]
              • Success: All villagers cursed (village and expeditions), varied loot.
                • There is nothing more to be done. You leave the house with a broken spirit and a heavy heart
                • Check the floor again...
                  • +2 Children
              • Failure: ???
            • Run away!
          • Oh, whatever.
        • Proceed with the ritual.
    • Nah, creepy, just leave.
  • Leave. Perhaps it's best to abandon this place.

Stones Edit

You find an old shrine, shrouded in a warm, purple glow...

  • Touch the stones
    • Random
      • +1 Heavily Poisoned on two villagers
      • Fight the curse! [Hex]
        • 20 turn blessing of will all villagers in expedition
        • 20 turn blessing of magic 1 villager
        • 3XP 1RP
  • Don't touch it. Leave
    •  ??
  •  ??
  •  ??

Mountain Pass Edit

As you climb the mountain pass, one of your party is suddenly thrown aside and what you thought was a pile of rocks stands before you on two feet! It speaks:

'Who disturbs my slumber?!?'

  • Run!
  • Attack! [4-skull Fight]
  • 'We're just travelling here, ok. No harm no foul, right?'
  • 'Oh mighty mountain creature, we apologize for this intrusion! We are mere travellers looking to admire these wonderful mountains!'
    • 'Nah we are but scrawny little things...' Convince [2-skull Social]
      • +5 ruby
      • +30 Blessing of Speech to 3 villagers
      • +4 XP +1 Research
    • Oh shit, it wants to eat us. Attack! [4-skull Fight]
    • It looks really slow and tired. Try to sneak away from it. [3-skull Sneak]

Rift Edit

You travel through the plains, until you discover a deep rift in the ground.  When you look down, you see a vast area filled with rubble.  Amongst the rubble, stick out some enormous ivory bones of a Dragon!

  • Take a closer look at the rubble, it seems slightly off.
    • Sneak past the Trolls! [2-skull sneak]
      • Success: ~19 dragon bone ~14 dragon leather +5XP +1 RP
    • Nah, use the element of surprise and attack! [4-skull fight]
      • Success: ~19 dragon bone ~14 dragon leather ~10 Mithril, other minerals, gems, maybe food and/or equipment
      • +8XP +2 RP
    • Actually, just leave.
  • Go down to try and collect the bones.
  • Just leave, too much trouble.

Man Thieves; Striga Edit

You stop to rest and look up at the night sky when you see a swarm of crows circling nearby.

  • Talk to the women. [Blue text]
    • You try to speak to the woman, but words fail you... 'Come to me, be with me.'
      • Resist!! [Blue text]
        • Protect the men. Attack!! [2-skull fight] - female members only
          • 4 expedition members gain 2 will and 25 bless of attractiveness
          • small amount of gems (ruby)
          • small amount of equipment
        • Try to use magic to break their trance. [2-skull hex] [Blue text]
          • Small amount of gems (ruby)
          • All women gain Blessing of magic
          • All men gain Blessing of Attractiveness
          • +5XP 1RP
      • Damn she is awesome, go to her!
      •  ???
  • [Morena deity] The crows are a symbol of Morena. Take a closer look.
    • Join them
    • "You are a creature of death, Milady..." [Blue text]
      • "Like Morena herself..." [2-skull Social, only men are involved]
        • Victory
          • Gain Striga Mistress and her gear
          • Small amount of gems (ruby)
          • All men gain Blessing of Attractiveness
          • +5 XP, +1 RP
      • Attack! [2-skull Fight]
    • Something is off.... CHL 2-skullIntellect Intellect [Only males in expedition are involved]
      • Victory
        • All men get +1 Will Will
        • Attack the Striga CHL 2-skullFight Fight
          • Victory
            • Weapons and resources (+13 rubies)
            • 4 villagers +25 Bless of Attractiveness Bless of Attractiveness +2 Will Will
            • +6 XP +1Research Points
        • Rejoin women to fight together; Striga begin to retreat slowly
          • Gain some stone
          • All men get +2 Attractiveness
          • 3 expedition members get Blessing of Health
          • Fight CHL 3-skullFight Fight
            • Victory
              • Weapons and resources
              • 4 villagers +25 Bless of Attractiveness Bless of Attractiveness +2 Will Will
              • +6 XP +1Research Points
          • Let them go
  • Try to resist whatever is happening here. CHL 2-skullHex Hex
    • 25-turn blessing of attractiveness to roughly half (or maybe half +1?) villagers in expedition
    • +2 magic to all party villagers with at least 3 magic (can come from items)
    • Let her run!  +5XP 1RP
    • Attack! CHL 2-skullFight Fight
      • 8 rubies, average other rewards
      • 20-turn blessing of dexterity to all villagers in expedition
      • +5 XP, +1 RP

Female Thieves StrigaEdit

As the night sky veils the sky the stars shine down upon you. A mysterious traveller seeks your company. Your male companions are protesting something but you do not really care what they say. The visitor is tall dark and handsome.

  • Say hi to the man
    • Right now I must stop myself!
      • 1 Skull Intellect
        • Success: Woman in party +25 will Blessing (4XP + 1RP)
      • 2 Skull fight (Men only)
        • 1 Striga master, 1 Striga, 2 bats
          • Success: Moonstones + Gems and some equipment
          • Men get +25 blessing of strength, Woman in party get +20 blessing of Magic (7XP + 1RP)  
    • Yes, yes go
      • Woman go mad
        • Try to break the speall (2Skull hex)
        • Fight (3-Skull) Only men in your party will fight
        • Oh damn just let them go
          • Get two children - Loose one female villager (I think it's the most recent that joined)
          • All females are blessed with +25 Attractiveness 
          • 4XP + 1RP
    • ???
  • Try to fight the urge to talk to him
    • Fight the spell (2 skull hex)
      • Success: 4 party members gets blessing of +25 STR and +20 Magic 
      • Let them run
        • ???
      • Fight (3 Skull fight)
        • High lv resources and loot (Moon stone, Ruby, Leather fur, Steel Glove, coins) 7XP + 1 RP
  • ???

Vavel Dragon Edit

Part 1 "Vevel Dragon" map mark Edit

You approach the mound of rubble that used to be the great Vavelian Castle, a landmark and seat of power before the Darkness.

  • 'Hi there, this is an unusual site for a shoe shop?' or 'Are you crazy man?! There is a dragon up there, what are you doing selling shoes?'
    • 'Well ok I'll have some shoes then!'
      • 'Ok... So about the Dragon then?'
        • All answers lead to Part 2.
      • 'You're clearly insane, so how do you plan to slay the Dragon?'
    • 'Well we're here for the dragon, it killed some of our children!'
      • All answers lead to Part 2.
      • +2XP +1RP
    • 'We want to get rid of the beast of course!'
  • Weirdo, just leave for now.

Part 2 Moving dragon on the map Edit

You find Needler again and you see he is sewing what looks like a carcass of a sheep.

  • [have 40 Wood and 10 Straw] 'Yeah. How on Thea are these going to help?!'
    • Lose Wood × 40 Straw × 10 (He will also accept exotic wood and straws)
      • 'Oh fine, we'll go!' CHL 3-skullSneaking Sneaking (it leads to the same options as below if you fail, but 2 partymembers take 5 damage).
        • 'What happened?'
          • (additional flavor dialog and choise again)
        • 'Right the girl, yeah, not happening man.'
          • 'Well, actually, we said we'd talk about the reward...' or 'We said we'll talk about it, we are, and guess what, no!'
            • 'Yeah, fine with us. Bye.'
            • 'Listen guy, you're weird...'
              • Loot
              • Sage joins expedition
              • Dragon loot (Dragon leather × 7-16Gold × 12-17Dragon bone × 12-21Diamond × 5-7)
              • +6XP +2RP
          • 'Sorry mate, no virgins in our village, survival of the human race and all that you know...'
            • Listen, we were trying to be nice about it, but seriously, just noway weirdo!
            • OK, Truth timeman, I would rather eat a rat's tail than either be your wife or make one of friends join you! Beat itbefore i beat you!
            • Listen guy ... (same as above)
        • 'Ok, I suppose a deal is a deal, one of our girls will join you...'
          • Loose random Woman, but not her equipment
          • Dragon loot (above)
  • Just a moment, we`ll come back later.

Beautiful Woman Edit

A figure of a beautiful woman adorned in flowers and leaves appears before you as a daydream.

  • 'Hello my lady. Are you ok?' or 'Stay back. Whatever you are.'
    • 'Ehm, ok. You're a Goddess you say?' or 'Right. So, what are you doing here?'
      • 'Our wounds? Why?'
        • 'We don't want to play with magic, but we need the healing. Let's do it.'
          • All vilagers are fully healed
          • 3 villagers +1 Deforming Curse Deforming Curse
          • +2 XP
        • [??check] 'Our wise ones will try to shield us from your curse.' CHL 2-skullHex Hex
          • Success: all wounded villagers fully healed.
            • +3 XP +1 Research
          • Failure: ???
        • 'We'd rather not try at all, thanks.'
          • Leave.
        •  ???
      • 'Penance for what exactly?' (additional flavor dialog leading to 'Our wounds? Why?')
  • Attack. CHL 2-skullFight Fight
    • Nothing happens - no fight
    • +1 XP
  • Not interested, continue onwards!

Hanged Man Edit

This event sometimes start with the Hanged Man visiting the village, which places a marker for this location on your map. You find the ruins of what must have been a small settlement, but it looks abandoned for at least a decade.

  • Look for clues of what happened to the Hangedman.
    • Search the body.
      • [same dialogue as taking the body down first]
    • Take the body down, before checking it.
      • 'Are you the one that cursed our people?!'
      • 'Yes, we have come. You haunted our village for many nights now and we seek to release you from this fate.'
        • 'Yes, well, we did think about killing you, but it seems rather redundant when it comes to ghosts, and then there is the curse you left.' or 'What good is killing a ghost anyway eh? What happens to you guys if you're defeated?'
          • 'Damn, that's bad. So what happens if you get help?' or 'Alright, enough sharing, how do we help you to get the curse off our people?' or 'Whatever, Ghost' we want the curse taken off, or you will lose many pieces of yourself!'
            • Just kill the Hangedman ghost! [2-skull fight]
            • Look for the diary he spoke of.
              • Skim through. or Read carefully
                • Take the map.
                  • = crossbow / average rewards, 5 poppy seeds
                  • = 20 turn blessing of will on 2 villagers
                  • = +1 folklore on 1-2 villagers
                  • Lay the body to rest then leave.  3XP 1RP
                    • Leads to Hanged Man Part 2
                  • Leave.
                    • Leads to Hanged Man Part 2
                  • Use your magic knowledge to perform a ritual and rest the ghost's soul here. [3-skull hex challenge] - Requires a decent level of Magic
                    • win: 2 expedition members +2 folklore and +2 int, 1 member +2 magic
                •  ???
  • Nah, the best way to get rid of the Ghost problem, is good steel. Attack this Ghost! [2-skull fight]
    • +4 Weapons
    • Quest ends, curse remains.

Hanged Man Part 2 Edit

You found the town marked on the Hangedman's map, but it was optimistic to think some settlement was still alive so close to your village. There are ruins of a town, but most of all, there is a large graveyard

  • Have a look around.
    • (Random result:)
      • (ghost of his daughter is found). Rewards - ~10 straw, ~10 iron, ~12 quartz. Curse removed; 3 members get 35 turn Blessing of Attractiveness.  +2XP 1 RP
      • 'Oh fine.' Search the place. (Daughter not found but close)
        • Check where the cry is coming from.
          • We are very sorry for what must have happened here lady.......
            • 'Alright then, show us on the map and we'll try to save them.'
              • Slaver Party location revealed nearby on map.
              • 1XP
            • 'This is way too much trouble. We'll just take what is left here and leave both you and the stupid ghost here!'
              •  ???
  •  ???

Hanged Man Part 3 Edit

You track down the slavers just as the old lady told you.

  • Send your scouts to investigate more.
    • Steal away the slaves! [2-skull tactic] (failure results in heavy wounds)
      • + 1 witch, 2 children
      • + Curse from town event removed.
      • Try to help as much as you can!
        • Random:
          • +1 child
          • +4 medic on 1 expedition member
      •  ???
    • Just attack! [2-skull fight]
      • + 1 weapon, 1 armor, 7 common resources.
      • (Rest is same as tactic results above)
  • Attack the slavers! [2-skull fight]
    •  ??
  • Just leave. It seems like too much trouble. (The quest will disappear, and so the curse will remain on your people)

Straw House Guarded By Spiders Edit

You find the thatched cottages, and just as your scouts said, the settlement is long abandoned. Instead of people, a nest of giant spiders has taken residence there.

  • Attack the spider nest! [3-skull Fight]
  • Come up with a tactical plan of action. [2-skull Tactic]
    • Success: +2 tactics to 1 villager
      • Just take the stuff you can.
      • Attack the weakened spiders. [2-skull Fight]
        • Success: +1 equipment; various amounts of spidersilk, straw, cane, and wicker; low quality stone material (small chance of finding a person still alive wrapped up in spidersilk.)
          • Great take the stuff.
            • +3 XP +1 Research
            • There is a possibility that a Hunter will join you
          •  ???
        • Failure: ???
  • Nah, maybe later.

Poludnica Edit

A Poludnica, known also as the Lady Midday, is spotted roaming the fields near your village!

  • Keep an eye out for the fiend.
    • Try to find out more!
      • A rowan tree?
        • Fight the Hex! [3-skull hex]
          • +1 child, medium-rare resources
        • Damn, there isn't anyone in the village who can fight this Hex!
      • Say what?
      • The maple Sap?
        • Receive ~45 medium-rare resources (eg: 10 drayd wood, 10 dark wood, 1 topaz)
      • Oak?
        • Receive dark wood, quartz, clay, and obsidian.
        • +3 XP +1 Research
      •  ???
      •  ???
      •  ???

Kupala Edit

Part 1: Edit

The Night of Kupala was once celebrated during midsummer, when the sun shone brightest.

  • Prepare for the celebrations!
    • Find out the full story behind Kupala Night in Thea. (story choice)
    • Right, get the celebrations under way then. (story skip)
      • Find Perun's Flower
        • Yes, go and search for the fern Flower in the forest of Thea! It may not be today, it may take time, but the Flower can only be found in woodlands.
          • Unlock: Expedition event Kupala Part 2 - Perun's Flower Event (see next)
        • [God is Perun] ??? (not sure name of choice, but potentially only one.)
          • +2 strength to 2 random expedition or village members
          • 20 turns of strength blessing
          • +3XP? +1 Research
        •  ???
      • Make a wreath of flowers
        • Let the wreaths show you the future!
          • +1 child
          • 20-turn blessing of attractiveness for all villagers
          • +3 attractiveness for 1 villager
          • Random town event later:
            • 'Yes, we will.' Send the owner of the wreath down the path to meet their beloved!
              • Randomly one of the following:
                • Rusalka (strong demon, only jewelry) joins party
                • +1 Child, 1 jewelry, some rubies.
            • 'No! Get away spirit!'
            •  ???
            •  ???
            •  ???
        • [deity Lada] As a followers of Lada, this tradition is especially close to your hearts.
          • +1 child
          • All villagers +20 Bless of Attractiveness Bless of Attractiveness
          • 1 villager +3 Attractiveness Attractiveness
          • +2XP 1RP
          • After many in-game days, ghost appears with demand to honor Kupala Night's tradition:
            • 'Yes, we will.' Send the owner of the wreath down the patch to meed their beloved!
              • +4 children
              • some loot
              • loose one villager (random?)
            • [refuse]
        •  ???
      • Create a large bonfire
        • [diety Zorya] Ready the fires and find the brave souls who will prove their worth
          • Remove Curses
          • 3 villagers +2 Animal Kinship Animal Kinship+2 Perception Perception+2 Traps Traps
          • 4 villagers +15 Bless of Dexterity Bless of Dexterity
          • Moving Quest of "Fire Demons" added to map
        • Ready the fires and fine the brave souls...
          • 20-turn Bless of Will on some villagers (even those out in expeditions)
          • +2 stealth, +1 folklore, +2 perception on 2 random villagers (may be in an expedition)
          • Moving Quest of "Fire Demons" added to map
          • +3EXP +1RP
        • [deity Svarog] As children of Svarog, this trial is the only true way to honor your solar father!
          • +1 dexterity, +2 will, 10 turn blessing of strength on 4 random villagers (may be in expedition)
          • Moving Quest of "Fire Demons" added to map
      • Go swimming
        • Great, go for a swim then!
          • Any curses are removed.
          • +50 fish and +50 seaweed
          • ~ 6 villagers gain 25 turn Blessing of Dexterity (only occurs if no curse?)
          • +3 XP +1 Research
          • Random River tile event unlocked in future
        •  ???
        •  ???
      • Bah! Nobody tells we must do something. Do nothing!
  •  ???

Part 2.1 - Perun's Flower Edit

As you walk through the forest, you feel the mark of the Kupala Night burn your foreheads.

.......... you almost miss the fact that Perun's Flower grows atop a large bear!

  • [2 skull hunt] A careful hunt will be safer for the Flower!
    • Set up the positions and begin the hunt!
      • ~12 Fur Leather, ~25 Meat
      • 2 party members get: 1 strength, 2 intelligence, 1 tactics
      • 3 party members get: 20 blessing of intelligence, 20 blessing of health
      • 5XP, 1RP
    • [3 skull fight] Just attack the bear instead.
      •  ?
  • [3 skull intellect] Think this through, charging the bear may endanger the Flower.
    • 1 party member get: 2 animal kinship, 1 strength, 2 tactics, 3 traps
    • 1 party member get: 2 animal kinship, 2 traps
    • 4 party members get 25 blessing of intelligence, 25 blessing of health
    • 5XP, 1RP
  • [3 skull fight] Just attack the bear
    •  ?

Part 2.2.1 - Fire Demons Edit

  • Just attack the fiends [4-Skull Fight]
    • Some mid tier loot
    • +5XP +1RP
  • [?? Check] Hey there, we have seen you...
    • Ok, let`s do it [4-Skull Physical]
      • 20 blessing of strenght on 4 villagers
      • An item (eg: 1 low-tier jewelry)
      • +6XP +1RP
    • Can we help with the Dragon situation at all?
      • Ok, we`ll do that!
        • +3XP +1RP
        • "Kupala Night" map mark
        • "Kupala Night" map mark
      • Actually, let's just do the fire cleansing thing. [4-Skull Physical]
        • (same as above)
  • [?? check] Jump through portal
    •  ???

Part 2.2.2 - "Kupala Night" Edit

You find the place of power Sverozek spoke of!

  • Take a few steps closer
    • [?? check] Use magic to get a sense of this place
      • Alright, fight this magic. 4 skull hex
        • Your're welcome
          • small equipment reward
          • 15 bless of strength
      • Ok, better just fight with whatever guards this place! 4 skull
      • Come back later
    • Come back later.
    • Go forth, fight whatever protects this place and destroy it! CHL 4-skullFight Fight
      • Loot
      • +8XP +1RP
  •  ???

Part 2.2.3 - "Kupala Night" Edit

You find a place of power where the Draconic magic binds the Svarozek to its will

  • Take a few steps closer
    • Alright attack it CHL 5-skullFight Fight
      • Average high level rewards
        • Thank you! that's very kind.
          • Artifact
          • +2 Children
          • +8XP +2RP
        • Yeah they'd better be good, we have killed a Dragon for you!
          • Artifact
          • 2 expedition members 2 folklore and 1 will
    • Maybe later.

Refugees Edit

This event can occur to an epedition or directly to your village.

Part 1: Edit

A small group of refugees is seen travelling near your village. (Starts as a town event)

  • Approach them...
    • [Speech check?] So why don`t you stay with us... CHL 3-skullSocial Social
      • [Speech check?] Of course...
        • ~ 3-4 Children
        • Chance of a new villager with random equipment and food
        • +3 XP 1 RP
        • "Refugees" map mark
      • We don`t want children...
        • No reward
        •  ? "Refugees" map mark
      •  ???
      • Fail: ???
    • Alright, well goodbye.
    • Ok, well, bye. Sneak up and steal their supplies CHL 3-skullSneaking Sneaking
    • Actually... Attack. CHL 3-skullFight Fight
  • Leave them be.
  • Attack them! CHL 3-skullFight Fight

Part 2: "Refugees" map location: Edit

You find the settlement taken by an Orcish clan. You see many warriors, at least one Matriarch and a shaman. They are well armed and look ready to fight.

  • Try diplomacy first. 'Hi there. Can we talk?'
    • 'We just wanted to talk...' CHL 4-skullSocial Social
      • Success:
        • 4 random rare materials including granite, dryad wood, and Elven wood.
        • +20 Bless of Speech for expedition
        • 'Alright, thanks'
          • No reward
        • 'Nah, changed our minds, you die!' Attack! CHL 4-skullFight Fight
          • Success:
            • Mid level: 2 weapons, 2 shields, armor, food, 7 resources
            • +6 XP +1 RP
          • Failure:
      • Failure:
  • Plan a tactical approach to attack the settlement. CHL 3-skullTactical Tactical
    • Success: Allows easier fight or just take some loot
      • CHL 3-skullFight Fight
        • Success: mid-level armor and resources. +6XP +1 Research
      • Steal the stuff
        •  ???
  • Sneak up on the camp, assassinate the guards, and steal as much as you can. CHL 3-skullSneaking Sneaking
    • Success: 4 random rare materials including granite, dryad wood, and Elven wood.
      • +6 XP +1 RP
    • Failure: some (2?) members of your party are badly wounded (approx 20-22 wounds ea)
      • Run away! (Refugees Map Marker remains on the map)
      • Fight! CHL 4-skullFight Fight
        • Loot similar to the other fight options. +6XP 1RP
  • Attack head on! CHL 4-skullFight Fight
    • Major loot
    • +6XP +1RP
  • Come back later.

Old familiar man(Veles?) Edit

As you stop for an rest, an old man walks up to you. ...

  • Alright we will play.
  • We trust in the will of Veles, so play on stranger.
    • health bless for the party
  • We will neither play nor watch your games!

Suspicious House Edit

The map leads you to the ruins of some old town. There are very few houses visible, let alone standing, but there is one. It is clearly touched by the Darkness. Its wooden beams are decayed, its stone foundations blackened, its windows hollow and dark inside. Yet despite this common enough decay, the doors to the house remain intact and shut.

  • Enter the house.
    • +1 poisoned for one group member
  • Check for traps and the such.
    • (previous two options both lead to these options.)
      • Enter the room.
        • This is far too weird...
          • Fight
            • weapon,res,gems +2int+1folk for 2ppl
          • Run
        • Grab the silver...
          • Fight
            • weapon,gems +2int+1folk for 2ppl
          • Run
      • Enter the basement.
        • Ghost or no ghost, you're getting out. Attack whatever lurks upstairs! [3-skull Fight]
          • Success: weapons, res, gems, +2int+1folk for 2ppl
          • Failure: ???
        • You realize what can be done here, perform a ritual.
          • Use your power of persuasion to challenge the spirit into leaving! [2-skull Social]
            • Success:
              • Are you ok, ghost?
                • chance for ghost join to group, +2 weapons, average materials
                  • +5 XP +1 Research
                •  %(less chance) res,gems, +2int+1folk for 2ppl
              •  ???
            • Failure:
              •  ???
          • Nah, too much trouble. Fight with it! [3-skull Fight]
            • weapons,res,gems, +2int+1folk for 2ppl

Dragon's Lair Edit

You fall through the ground into a dark and stale tunnel! The fall was rough, but it is possible to make your way back up.

  • Try to go back up. [2-skull Physical]
    • Success: +8 gold and +3 quartz.
      • +2 XP
  • Explore the tunnel.
    • Go left, it seems like the way out.
      • Continue left.
        • Observe the room.
          • Try to sneak past him. [3-skull Sneak]
            • Success:
              • Small amount of random resources (stone, gems, metal)
              • +5 XP +1 Research
            • Failure:
              •  ???
          • 'Ehm, hello? What are you doing here? Can you let us out?'
            • 'Why guard some old tunnel?'
              • 'But, I fell in here by accident, surely I am not part of your plan.'
                • Convince [2-skull Social]
                  • Success: 1 shield, 4-5 mithrill, 5-9 silver or moonstone.
                  • +5 XP +1 Research.
                • Attack the Dwarf! [3-skull Fight]
                  • Good loot - good armour, top tier minerals and metals (eg, 6 mithril, 5 gold)
                  • +5 XP +1 Research.
              • 'Ok, enough. Let me through or die.'
            • 'Whatever, just let me out!'
        • Go for the door.
          • (same as above but no sneak choice)
      • Go right after all.
    • Go right.
      • Try to sneak in and to steal some treasure. [4-skull sneak]
        • Failure: fight dragon [5-skull fight] - see attack dragon
        • Success: random rare materials, random gem, gold, malachite, granite.
          • Leave!
          • Take a little more...
            • Gain 1 equipment, dragon or scaled leather, quartz.
              • Ehm, yup or Me, stealing, noo.
                • NO! Kill the creature... quietly...
                  • Defend yourself! [5-skull Fight] (fight with the dragon)
                    • Go to [Dragon Fight] section
                • Ok, perhaps we can deal.
                  • Lose ALL gold in your group, includes equipped items.
                    • Leave.
                    • Just one more thing...
                      • Go to [Dragon Fight] section
                    •  ???
                • Sorry! Haven't got what you need so just please...
                  • Ok, time to leave!
                  • Just one more thing...
                    • Go to [Dragon Fight] section
                  •  ???
                •  ???
          •  ???
      • Attack the Dragon!
        • Dragon Fight [5 Skull Fight]
          • Success:
            • Many rare materials, 1 or 2 weapons, some other random loot
            • +10 XP +2 RP
            • Trigger for Dragon Lair dungeons to appear?
          • Failure: ???
      • Leave, now!
      •  ???
    • [3 options unavailable.]

Dragon Hunt Edit

You have heard tales of Dragons and Beastly Demons roaming the skies! And where there are Dragons, there is surely treasure...

In the past, such an endeavor would seem like madness, but now that you have rebuilt your population and armed them to their teeth, you're surely ready for some real action!

  • Perhaps worth checking out.
    • City Ruins quest marker appears on map.
  •  ???

Dragon Hunt (Part 2) Edit

You finally track down the potential Dragon Lair.

It is, a expected, an old ruin of an ancient castle! Some of the fortifications still hold fast, and atop one of the towers you see the Dragon circling.

The creature dives into his lair, most likely in the depths of the castle's dungeons...

  • Explore the dungeons!
    • Go in deeper.
      • Attack! [5-skull fight]
        • Success: 6 equipment of average quality, dragon bones, enchanted bones, scaled leather, spider silk, silver.
          • +4 Herbalism and +3 Intelligence to 3 villagers.
          • +12 XP +2 Research
      • Run away!
    •  ???
  • Eh, maybe later.

Underground City of Rock Trolls Edit

Your population has grown and your strength has increased; mere boars and bees cannot stop you, and even Dragons should fear your advances!

Perhaps you are ready to face some real challenges?

Your scouts report an underground city of Rock Trolls, filled with minerals and treasures that could really boost your village!

And you only need to fight your way through hordes of trolls to get to it...

  • Perhaps it's worth checking out.
    • +1 XP
    • Bear Lair quest marker appears on map.

At the Bear Lair location: Edit

You find the entrance to the fabled Rock Troll City!

It is dark and stuffy, and seems to go very deep into the ground.

  • Go in!
    • Go in closer.
      • Attack! [5-skull Fight]
        • Success: rare materials of various sorts.
          • +10 XP +2 Research
          • Can repeat the event at this location once more, but after two fights it vanishes.
        • Failure: ???
      • Run away!
    •  ???
  • Not now, leave.
  •  ???

Mud TrollEdit

The swamps are always filled with mystery, suspicious shadows, eerie sounds and alluring lights. So when you see a huge pile of mud, with a pair of two enormous, yellow eyes, staring at you and waving its hands in a gesture of peace, it is perhaps less surprising than it should be.

  • Walk over to the creature.
    • Listen
      • Pull it out [2-skull Physical]
        • Success:
          • +20 Blessing of Strength to 1 or 2 villager. (4XP + 1RP)
          • Location marked on map
        • Failure:
          •  ???
      • Fight [3-skull Fight]
      • Leave
    • Fight [3-skull Fight]
  • Leave

At the marked location: Edit

You find the are marked X on your map, but it seems like just a pile of stones. you take some time to move the rocks, but there is still not much there. It could well be that the supposed treasure is buried beneath, but since there are no signs of it, it may be a false lead, or maybe it was just a very long time ago.

  • Dig Deeper. [2-skull Physical]
    • Success:
      • Take the treasure!
        • 1 weapon, scaled leather, granite, and gold.
        • 2xp
      •  ???
    • Failure:
      •  ???
  • Leave

Gold Mine Edit

You discover the remains of a goldmine! Two shafts remain active enough to try and explore them although they are clearly not stable enough to call safe.

First Exploration Edit

  • Go into the mine.
    • Go left.
      • (one of the following two events (random))
        • [text]
          • ~11 Gold and ~11 Quartz
          • 2XP 1 RP
        • [text]
          • 'Hi there, It's some collection of gold you have there mister.'
            • The Treasurer turns to you and speaks in a low, hissing voice: 'Yes it is, yes it is, and it is mine, you know! So what do you want?
              • [3-skull Social]
                • Success:
                  • +15 Gold
                  • +5 XP, +1 RP
                • Failure:
                  •  ???
              • [3-skull Social]
                • Success:
                  • +19 Gold
                  • +5 XP, +1 RP
                • Failure:
                  •  ???
              • 'You know what, we don't really like talking!' [3-skull Fight]
                • Success
                  •  ???
                • Failure:
                  • expedtion members wounded
                  • 2 XP
              • leave
          • Attack! [3-skull Fight]
            • Success:
              • Weapon, artifact, materials, food, +18 Gold
              • +5 XP, +1 RP
            • Failure:
              • expedition members wounded
              • 2 XP
    • Go right.
      • Attack! [4-skull Fight]
        • Success:
          • Gold, Mithril, random weapon or food and random tier2 resources
          • 7 XP 1 RP
        • Failure:
          • expedition members wounded
          • 3 XP 1 RP
      • Nah, not worth it, leave.
    •  ???

Second Exploration Edit

  • Go into the mine.
    • Shafts have collapsed for good.
  •  ???

Topaz Building Edit

You come to the Topaz Building and see a massive, round construct, with a skylight and some sort of altar in the middle. It looks decrepit and abandoned, and yet you feel and omniscient presence watching you.

  • Investigate.
    • Alright, try to sneak in [2-skull Sneak challenge]
      • +3 Dexterity to 1 expedition member
      • ~15 Topaz
      • +3 XP +1 Research
    • Just attack the wraiths. [3-skull Fight]
      • Success:
        • ~15 Topaz
        • Minor loot
        • +3 XP +1 Research
      • Failure:
        •  ???
    • It's all too much, leave for now.
  • Sense magic.
    • Alright, Use magic to fight the spell. [2-skull Hex]
      • Success:
        • ~15 Topaz
        • +20 Bless of Will on expedition
        • +2 magic to 1 expedition member
        • +3 XP +1 Research
      • Failure:
        • Run
        • Fight the wraiths [3-skull Fight]
          •  ???
    • Nah, just attack the wraiths to get rid of them. [3-skull Fight]
      •  ???
    • It's all too much, leave for now.
  • Come back later.
  •  ???

Slavers Edit

You approach the Slavers and see they are a mixed group of different peoples, including Orcs, Humans, Goblins, and even Dwarves. They drag behind them a row of malnourished, worn out slaves, including children, shackled and cruelly whipped by their captors.

The slavers are well armed, but they have clearly seen some fighting not long ago, as they have bandages and look banged up.

  • 'Halt! If you don't wish to take another beating, leave us your slaves and go!' [2-skull Social]
    • Success: 1 expedition member +2 Will
      • 'Alright. we take the half and you go.'
        • +1 Child
        • +4 XP +1 Research
      • 'No way!' Attack! [3-skull Fight]
        • Misc weapons, armour and other loot
        • Gather the people and leave.
          • +1 Child
          • +4 XP +1 Research
        •  ???
        •  ???
      •  ???
      •  ???
    • Failure:
      •  ???
  • Create an ambush! [3-skull Tactical]
    • Success:
      • +1-2 Child
      • +2 Tactical 1 expedition member.
      • Gather the people and leave.
        • +4 XP +1 Research
      •  ???
    • Failure:
  • Attack! [3-skull Fight]
    • Success:
      • Misc loot
      • Gather the people and leave.
        • +1 Child
        • +4 XP +1 Research
      •  ???
      •  ???
    • Failure:
      •  ???

Goblin scouts Edit

As you make your way down a path, you hear some voices around a corner. You stop to listen in [...]

  • Investigate
    • Goblins! Attack! [1-skull fight]
    • Cautiously approach the two Goblins, keeping your weapons ready. 'You two seem to have a spot of trouble, need a hand?'
      • 'Well alright, we'll try to do what we can.'
        • Use tools to leverage the stones and make sure you get him out safely. [1-skull physical challenge, no actual tools needed in the expedition, unless gathering tools count]
          • Your medic is able to stabilise the goblin without any trouble.
            • some resources [+6 food, +3 silver]
            • place of interest appears on the map - leads to buried treasure chest, 2-skull physical challenge to dig it out
          •  ???
        • Dig the Goblin out. [2-skull ??? challenge]
      • 'We could help, but you know, nothing is free, right?'
    • Leave
  • Whatever. Leave.

Suspicious tower Edit

You see a large stone tower sticking out of the landscape like a grey, withered thumb.

  • Investigate - random result
    • {Var1} Look closely (blue text)
      • Attack it [4-skull fight]
      • Nah, leave
    • {Var 2} Group of Rockers
      • Attack them
        • Damn, to arms! [4-skull fight]
          • Use tools and take the stones.
        • Run! [3-skull physical]
      • Better leave
      •  ???
    • {Var 3} Scavengers with a prisoner
      • 'Welcome fellow travelers, I realize you were here first, but may we come to some sort of agreement?'
        • Of course you could... [2-skull social]
          • let them leave (skips directly to Collect stones, without gaining sage), or attack them (same 2-skull fight)
        • Oh, changed our minds, just die! [2-skull fight]
          • Try to heal him
            • +1 sage
            • common resources
            • use tools to collect the stones
              • mid-tier stones/gems
      • Attack! [2-skull fight]
        • Try to heal him.
          • +1 sage
          • some common resources
          • Collect stones
            • Use your tools and take the stones.
              • middle-tier st
    • {Var4} Nest of giant spiders!
      • Attack (2 skull Fight)
        • Spidersilk, random weapons and equipment
          • Use tools and take the stones (requires tools?)
            • Gain random minerals and gemstones
            • +4XP 1RP
          •  ???
      • Nah, leave.
  •  ???
  •  ???

Crow Nest Edit

You come across a single tall tree that houses a large crow's nest atop of it. Crows are known to be clever and collect trinkets.

  • In the name of Morena, a crow must be a sign. Climb up the tree and claim the rewards! [2-skull Physical]
    • Success - This can lead to a fight with some crows OR you can get giant crow to join your party
    • Failure - Most members of the expedition +4 wounds each.  Then the option to either cut it down or leave appears.
  • There may be a giant crow there, leave it be.
  • The tree looks tall, cut it down so we get both the wood and the nest! (blue text).  Leads to 3 skull Fight.
    • You gather up what remained intact, as well as some good wood.
      • random loot, jewelry, bird meat
      • 4 XP 2 RP
  •  ?

Abandoned Tower Edit

You come across an abandoned tower and when you peek inside, you see it stands empty, but for a series of wooden chests scattered on the floor. You also notice a worrying amount of humanoid bones layered on the floors.

  • Go inside, carefully. (blue text)
    • Just force your way out, it may hurt, but you may even get some materials out of it! [2-skull Physical]
      • ~ 7 iron and 6 granite. +2 XP 1 RP
    • Let's try to figure this out [2-skull Intellect]
      • 1 expedition member gets +3 Intelligence
      • +2XP 1RP
    • Your Dwarven friend is confident he can open these tower doors, despite the trap.
      • +2 Intelligence Dwarf expedition member
      • 2 XP 1 RP
    • Your Goblin friend has yet to find a trap he cannot beat; he dismantles it in no time!
      • +2 Intelligence Goblin expedition member
      • 2 XP 1 RP
  • There is no time for this, leave.
    • 1 XP
  • With Morena's guidance, surely we can figure out what trickery is at hand? (Requires Morena as deity)
    • 3 party members get 25 turn Blessing of Intelligence
      • 2 skull intellect
        • 1 villager +3 Intelligence
        • +2XP 1RP
      •  ???
      •  ???
  •  ???

Orc banditsEdit

You are ambushed by Orc bandits! They are charging at you and don't look eager to talk about it. You have only seconds to decide what to do!

  • To arms! CHL 3-skullFight Fight
    • Victory
    • Fail
      • +Wounds to all villagers
      • Lose some items
      • +1XP
  • Drop your bags and weapons on the ground and run, hoping they will take the stuff and leave you be.
    • Loose some weapons and food. 1 XP
  • Try to find their weakness or use your tactical skills to figure this out.CHL 3-skullTactical Tactical
    • Form up! [3-skull Tactic]
      • Challenge Success. + some loot, 25 turn Blessing of Intelligence for 3 villagers
        • 'We're not that easy to defeat, as you can see, so let's just part ways, alright?  +4XP 1RP
          • [Champions of Zorya]
            • 'Fine, we will try.' (1-3 random villagers vs 2 Orc fighters)
              • [success] 5 weapons, 3 armour, 2 food, Orc Fighter will join you.
              • [failure] Okay, leave. +6XP, +1RP (no consequence aside from combat injuries)
            • 'No, thanks.'
        • Use this opportunity to counterattack! [2-skull Fight]
        •  ???
    • Stop, you filth! Will you attack your own kin?[tactic]
      •  ? challenge success same as 'form up'?
  • Stop, you filth! Will you attack your own kin? This is my clan, so do not challenge us, lest you face Zorza's wrath as we put you to the dirt! {Tactic] - (requires an orc in the party. Maybe certain Tactic level too?)
    • Form up to withstand the Orc's charge! [2 skull Tactic] - as per Form up! above, but easier
    • To arms! [2 skull Fight]

Treasureboy Edit

A child of perhaps six, stands in your way. As you get closer to him, you see the child is no ordinary human. His skin is silvery, his eyes seem golden, his hair looks like strands of very thin metal and as he hops around gleefully, you hear the clunking of coins.

  • Hey boy, who are you?
    • Pat the boy’s head.
      • Boy disappears. 1 XP.
    • Beat him with a stick, so that the coins fall out.
    • Slap the demon-boy.
      • Gain gold, silver, topaz, diamonds.  +2XP
      • OR (Random?)
      • Get treasures.
      • Run [says 5-skull, but no challenge actually occurs]
        • Two villagers 20 turn Bless of Will, one villager 20 turn Bless of Magic. 2XP
      • Fight [5-skull, but no challenge occurs]
        • A few high quality gems and metal
        • +2 XP
    •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???
  • Better leave this boy alone.

Gust of Wind Edit

A sudden gust of wind rushes towards you and throws you off your feet. You hear a sudden deep bellowing

  • Try to hold on to something [2-skull physical]
    • You also hear a child crying
      • Go search for the crying child.
        • Take the baby with you
          • +1 Child
          • +3 XP
        • Kill it!  +3XP (May cause a later event.  See Part 2.
        • Leave it.
      • Ignore the cries and leave.
      • 'Who's coming? What's going on?'
        • Ignore the cries and leave.
        • Kill it!  +3XP
        • Take the baby with you.
          • +1 Child
          • +3 XP

Gust of Wind Part 2 Edit

If you kill the child, at a later point this may occur at your village:

A tornado builds near your village ...[snip] 

'You, who once murdered my sweet child, you will now pay!  But death is too kind so I curse you and all your kin!'  Curse of Darkness (will-5) for 4 villagers.

  • We're sorry, we did not know. 3 Skull Social challenge
    • 3 Skull Social challenge  (although it looked more like a 1 Skull challenge!)
      • Success.  45 turn Blessing of Speech for everyone in the village. Curse of Darkness is removed.
        • Good riddance
        • What masters of the clouds?
          • Beware of their coming!  (later event I assume) +6XP 2RP
    • You're right, we probably deserve it. (just leave)
    • 3 Skull Fight challenge
  • 3 Skull Fight challenge

Fresh Wolf Tracks Edit

You see fresh wolf tracks; it looks like a large pack is somewhere ahead.

  • Follow the tracks.
    • Attack the wolves! [2-skull Fight]
      • Fur leather, bones, meat
      • 4 XP 1 Research
    • [1 option unavailable]
  • Wolves are dangerous, so leave them be.
  •  ?

Fresh Boar Tracks Edit

You see fresh boar tracks, it looks like a large pack.

  • Follow (result is possibly stat dependent or if you have a hunter)
    • You are ambushed [3-skull fight]
      • Sword, leather, bones, meat
      • 4 XP 1 RP
    • OR
    • You ambush them.
      • Ask Zorya for a hunter's boon! (Unavailable while camped? Maybe requires Zorya as god?)
        • Honour Zorya and send your best to the fight [2-skull fight]
          • Success - weapon, food, bone, leathers. Giant Wild Boar joins your party.
            • +5 XP +1 RP
        • No, attack with full party [3-skull fight]
      • Attack [2-skull fight]
        • Success - random weapon or equipment, food, bone, leathers. +4 XP +1 RP
  • Leave
  •  ???

Werewolves AmbushEdit

The bone chilling howl of bloodthirsty werewolves stop you in your tracks 

  • You have beasts in your party and you know sacrificing one will allow you to escape (Blue option, beast group member required)
    • Random beast is lost
  • One of us will stay behind and sacrifice their life to save the others
    • ??? (Probably loses a random party member)
  • Stand and fight (4 Skull fight) (1 Werewolf, 1 Alpha Wolf, 3 x Wolf)
    • Great Gather the loot and leave
    • ?
      • The wolf is lying wounded
        • Ask Lady Lada for help (I assume you have to have her as your deity)
          • Had a hunter join my party
        • Ask Horos for help
          • Possible that a scavenger joins your party or Wolf dies
        • Place a blade at the beasts throat and ask Zorya to choose it's fate
          • ?
        • Alas beast there is nothing we can do for you
          • Wolfman dies
        • Ha! Help the likes of you, never!
          • Wolfman dies nothing happens
        • Ask the wise one.... ward.... heal
          • Had a Scavenger join my party
        • ?
        • ?
        • ?
  • In the name of wise Veles, we have some silver ... [requires Silver with expedition. Maybe 5+?)
  • As Horos is our master and lord of the moon itself, you shall not attack us! 3 skull Social challenge (requires Horos as deity)
    • Success. Receive a random gift (I got a Horn of a Beast)
      • Good, thank you. One of you should join us.  A werewolf (~L10) joins you.  +3XP 1RP
      • Good, thank you
    • Failure??? - probably have to fight them as above?
  • ???

Ancient Dragon RemainsEdit

You come accross the skeletal remains of an ancient dragon, clearly fallen decades ago as the bones are covered in moss, vine and partially submerged in the ground. If it wasn't for Lady Lada's luck you would have likely missed it.

  • Collect the bones by on Morena's wits be careful
    • Ah tasty young ones...
      • An old hag emerges this is surely a Baba Yaga Let's kill it so that we can learn it's secrets (4-Skull Fight)
        • Success: Dragon Material loot and artifacts + One character +3 magic +2 Folklore +3 Herbalism + 1 Intelligence (4XP + 1RP)
      • Damn whoever this is run away
        • +1XP.  Ends the encounter.
      • You feel strong magic in this place... Banish this creature (3-Skull Hex)
        • Success: Dragon Material loot and artifacts + One character increases in +3 magic +2 Folklore +3 Herbalism + 1 INT (4XP + 1RP)
        • Fail:???
    • OR
    • You go into the belly of the dragon to search for usable bones, but you are suprised by some dwarves
      • We'll see who gets the spoils (3-Skull Fight - 3 Dwarf Fighters, each quite tough)
        • Misc weapons, armour, other loot plus rare Bones.  4XP 1RP
      • Run Away
        • ??? (Probably ends encounter)
      • Dwarven companion speaks up why don't we have a wee share (2-Skull Social) (Needs to have a dwarf in your company)
        • Success
          • Great to hear perhaps one of you will join us
            • Got a dwarf warrior with various loot including Enchanted and dragon bone
            • One character got +2 Speech
            • 4XP + 1RP
          • ???
        • Fail ???
    • OR
    • One of the ribs falls away revealing a spider nest
      • Fight (3 Skull battle)
        • Success: Some dragon bones (6) and enchanted bones (2) and other loot 
        • Fail: ??
      • Run Away
  • Better Safe than sorry leave the place  
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

There is a few things that can happen with this event I found two so far but also remember something about dwarves that can be found in this encounter.

Ruined HouseEdit

You come across the ruins of a house hidden away from the main track. The damage looks fresh and there are signs of a violent struggle

  • Move the rubble see if there is any loot
    • Goblin attacks (2 Skull Fight) Or just find some loot no battle (Bones, Gems and Mushrooms) (Only 2XP)
      • Success: Gets various items of loot and resources
        • Take the stuff and leave
          • ends encounter
        • Stay and bury the dead (3XP + 1RP) if goblins attacked - Possible that the dead may rise
          • If dead rise it's a 3 skull battle with extra loot
          • Sometimes you get a whole party blessing (Bless +15 will) + 2XP
          • Sometimes the encounter just ends with nothing else +2XP
          • Best loot is found if both the goblins attack and the dead rise.
        • ???
        • ???
  • Leave whomever did this could return
    • Ends encounter with nothing
  • ???

Note this encounter is very random and many different things can happen sometimes you'll get the option to bury the dead and then either have the dead rise up on you or getting a blessing for giving the dead a proper burial (haven't taken the other route but pretty sure you'll get cursed if you don't bury the dead or somehting else bad will come from the Gods)

Crazed woman stealersEdit

As you make your way through the hills, you are suddenly jumped by a large, ragged group of crazed people who create a lot of chaos, but you're not sure what their purpose is!

Lose 2 female characters immediately

  • If they managed to steal the women, the may want more. Run Away!
  • Chase them and fight to get the women back! Attack!   CHL 3-skullFight Fight
    • 2 lost villagers are returned.
    • gain a new villager.
    • A lot of basic loot (food, low level resouces, basic weapons).
    • +4XP +1RP
  • Let them run, but follow closely behind. CHL 2-skullSneaking Sneaking
    • Leave
      • ???
    • Attack!(3 skull fight)
      • 2 lost villagers are returned, gain a new villager, basic loot

Chilling Old TowerEdit

You come accross an old tower that looks like it's been abandoned for a while. It is layered with cobwebs and dust and there is an overwhelming chill coming from within.

  • Go in and have a look
    • Climb up (3 Skull physical)
      • Gain some resources (1 amulet, 1 sword, 5 fur leather, 15 sandstone) 3XP + 1 RP
      • Fail: ??? Probably no resources and injuries to expedition
    • Leave
      • Ends event
    • We have some clever crafters let them build us a steady way up (2 Skull Intellect)
      • Gain some low level resources and loot (1 amulet, 1 sword, 5 fur leather, 15 sandstone) 3XP + 1 RP
      • Fail: ???
    • Can have a random encounter with angry scavengers:
      • 3 Skull Fight
      • 2 skull Tactics (might require a certain level in Tactics)
        • Random low quality loot.  2XP 1RP
      • Run Away!
  • Leave
  • ???

Chilling Old Cave Edit

You come across an old cave that looks like it's been abandoned for a while. It has cobwebs and dust, and there is an overwhelming chill coming from within.

  • Search for animal tracks (might require a hunter)
    • Throw in some torches to spook the bats
    • Carefully go in... 2 Skull Sneak challenge.
      • some loot, materials
        • Investigate the shitty wall
          • Follow the passage
            • 'Ehem. Hello?'
              • Who are you?
                • Can you share your stuff?
                • Perhaps you'd like to come to our village?
                  • [Might require certain level of magic] 2 Skull Hex Challenge
                    • Success. A L5 sage joins the group (decent stats), misc loot. Entire expedition +2 Int; 1 member also gets +3 Magic +3 Folklore +3 Will.  +6XP 1RP
                  • Leave
                  • Kill him
                • Nothing? Really?
              • Give us your stuff?
            • He may be a sorcerer, kill him!
          • Nah. Leave
        • Nah. Leave
  • Go in and have a look.
  • Leave.

Dead BodiesEdit

You come accross some dead bodies, likely left hereby bandits as they seem stripped naked.

  • Prepare a burial ritual - result is random:
    • {Var1} Undead rise up
      • Fight (2 Skull Battle) (Forlorn Wraith, Wraith)
      • ???
    • {Var2} 1 expedition member gets Health +1.  +2XP 1RP
    • {Var3}  Blessing of ???
  • Veles may not like it, but let's just leave.
    • 3 members got curse (-5 Will / 1 turn)
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • Leave.  I think you get cursed

Falling StarEdit

A falling star shoots down the night sky as if to guide you

  • Let's see where it lead us (has a requirement, not sure what it is)
    • Leads to spiders
      • Fight (2 skull battle)
      • Success (Some items and spider silk)
        • Rejoice and leave this place (Blessing of DEX on whole party 10 turns + Spider silk(6)) 2XP, 1RP
        • ???
        • ???
      • Fail
        • ???
      • Run away
  • This could be a warning, let leave it. (ends encounter)
  • The moon and the stars are one, follow Horos' mate (requires Horos as deity)
    • Leads to Spiders. 1 member of the expedition gets 15 turn Blessing of Dexterity
      • 2 Skull Sneak challenge
        • The spider nest is no more and you see the fallen star shine upon you with Zorya's grace!
          • Give thanks to the lady of the stars and leave. Reward - some spidersilk, 10 turn Blessing of Dexterity to entire expedition, 1 member Health +1. +2 XP 1 RP
          • ???
          • ???
      • 2 Skull Fight challenge
        • Success - as per Sneak challenge above
      • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Animal Tracks BisonEdit

You see some big animal tracks, most likely some bison

  • Send scouts to take a closer look
    • You have good hunters so you can stalk the bison (2 Skull Hunting)
      • Reward - random quantities meat, bone, leather, fur leather. +4XP 1RP
    • Your hunters are not skilled enough and the prey escapes. Leave.
    • ???
  • Follow the tracks
    • You have some good hunters (3 Skull Hunting)
      • Rewards: Meat, leather, bones 4XP + 1Research Points
      • Fail: ??? 
    • Run away (2 Skull Physical)
      • Success: ???
      • Fail: ???
    • ???
  • ???

Stomped by Giant ManEdit

You come across a dead body that is lying in some sort of ditch. The corpse is literally stomped into the ground

  • Search the body
    • [var 1]
      • Alright, try to save him! [3-skull Sickness] (medic skill needed)
        • success : 2 people with medic skill gain +2 medic, 4 people gain 25 turn blessing of intelligence. +6XP, +1RP
          • [var 1] 'You're welcome. Perhaps you want to come with us?' (hunter joins with a few food and his stuff)
          • [var 2] 'You're welcome.' Leave.
    • [var 2] You search the corpse and find something of its belongings still intact
      • Weapon and some material
      • You have the loot run for it
        • ends encounter (+1XP)
      • Perhaps whatever is coming will have more treasure so wait for it!
        • Fight Giant (5-skull Fight Fight)
          • Good materials
          • +8XP +1RP
          • Fail: ???
        • Run Away (4-skull Physical Physical)
          • Success: 1 team member gets 1 DEX (8 XP + 1Research Points)
          • Fail: ??? (Probably have to do the 5 skull battle)ght try

Striga AmbushEdit

You are ambushed by strigas!

They look starved and desperate and eager to fight. They must have sensed your blood or maybe the sensed someone they once loved among you.

  • Fight (2 Skull fight)
    • Success: Gather up their stuff and leave, Some minor loot (4XP + 1RP)
    • ???
  • Run away
    • ???

Follow Black Wolf (Rabid Wolves)Edit

A black wolf crosses your path you feel it wants you to follow him somwhere

  • Surely this is a sign from Horos, follow it
    • In the name of the Lord of Night... 1 skull Hunting (Requires Horos as deity)
      • Leave with Horos' blessing. Minor loot, 15 turn Blessing of Will for all expedition members, +2 Dex for one member. +2XP 1RP
      • ???
      • ???
    • With Lady lada's blessing let us try to cure these beasts even if some of them die as a result. (2 Skull Sickness) (Lada needed as deity)
      • Success: 3 party members gain blessing of Health +25
        • Leave with Lada's blessing
          • Whole party got blessing of DEX +15 One party member +2 Health and Some bones and leather (2XP + 1RP) 
        • ???
        • ???
      • Fail. 3 party members gain 25 turn Blessing of Health. 1 party member gets a Weakening Curse. All party members gain 6 turn Sickness. +1XP
    • An elf in your team knows how to ease the pain of rabid animals and can put them to rest withouth a fight (Elf needed)
      • Gain some bones and fur leather
      • An Elf member of the expedition gains +2 Will
      • +2XP 1RP
    • Kill the beasts! (2 Skull fight)
      • ???
    • It's too risky leave.
      • ??? (This one is blue so probably something bad will happen if you pick this option)
    • ???
    • ???
  • Better leave it alone. 
    • ???

Alathor, King of CamrothEdit

Part 1 Edit

You see a man clad in worn-out armour with insignia unknown to this lands.

  • Hello there
    • So this sword is powerful enough to defeat the darkness?
      • Alright... what are these Knights you keep talking about?
        • Yes we accept. But how do you even know we are right for this task?  [2 Scull Physical challenge]
          • Give sword to Arathor
            • What will you do now?
              • "King`s Quest" mark on map.  +3XP 1RP
            • We will leave you and be on our way : ???
          • Keep sword for ourselves: (King gets killed by the sword). Gain some minor loot
            • Put the Swordf back into the stone: Gain a Darkness Curse upon one villager
            • Keep the sword
              • Gain a top level powerful weapon (may not be a sword as it transforms itself)
              • All members gain Curse of Darkness
              • One member -2 will and Weaking Curse
              • +3XP 1RP
          • Fail: ???
        • Are you crazy? We will not swear to serve anyone
        • No .... it is time for you to die so we can claim the sword for ourselves
        • Yes, we accept.  But how do you even know what will be our reward?
      •  ???
    • Attack - 2 Skull Fight challenge (probably the same as the Fight below)
  • Attack the man (2 Skull Fight)
    • Automatic victory.  However he does wound 2 members of your expedition - 6 wounds each
    • Random armour, resources, food
      • Try to remove the sword from the stone
        • You don't get the sword
        • 2 members of your expedition get Cursed
        • +1XP
      • Take the man's stuff and leave
  • Just leave

Part 2: "King`s Quest" map mark Edit

You follow the treasure map, provided by king Arathor, and you come across a great ravine.

  • Use the bridge
    • Fine, we will face your questions.
      • Tell him your name
        • Tell him your favourite colour
          • [blue answer (intelligence check?)] Give him a very specific and detailed answer
            • 20 turn Bless of Intelligence for 2 villagers
            • "Snakes`s Nest" or "Place of Interest" map mark +6XP 1RP
            • 1 option unavailable
          • I have no idea
            • 1 villager take wound. End encounter
          • What type of Troll, Rock pr Swamp?
            • 1 of your weapon got "+2 Poison damage"
            • [blue] Oh, good. almost forget about the treasure.
              • "Snakes`s Nest" or "Place of Interest" map mark +6XP 1RP
        • Alright, this is stupid! What is going on?
          • 1 villager take wound
          • go to same choice of "Tell him your favourite colour" + Fight option.
      • What?
        • 1 villager take wound
        • go to same choice of "Tell him your name" + Fight option.
    • Questions? Punishment? What is this? Move aside or face our blades! [3 Scull Fight]
      • Win: 15 turn Bless of Dex & 5 turn Bless of Str for all members in team.
      • [blue] Oh, good. almost forget about the treasure.
        • "Snakes`s Nest" or "Place of Interest" map mark +6XP 1RP
  • Try to cross ravine without the bridge [4 Scull Physical]
    • Success : Some sandstone and granite 2 villager gains +1 strength
      • Good, time to look for that treasure
        • Great.
          • "Snakes`s Nest" or "Place of Interest" map mark +6XP 1RP
  • Come back later (ends enounter).

Part 3a: "Snake`s Nest' map mark Edit

You find the cave where a treasure may lie.

  • [??? check] Explore the cave.
    • Alright, try to brave this poisonous chamber... [2 Scull Sickness]
      • [?? check] Great, get the loot!
        • Loot
        • 2EXP 1RP
      •  ???
      • Fail: ???
    • No, leave.
  • Nah, leave it for now.
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Part 3b: "Place of interest" map mark Edit

"Instead of a cave or treasure chest, a small lake appears" (reward location appears to be random)

  • Take a closer look
    • +20 Bless of Health (or Attractiveness?) for party and wounds healed.
      • Thank you
        • Armour, obsidian
        • 1 weapon gains +5 Leech
        • +3 XP +1 RP
      • Oh that is good news
        • Some loot, obsidian.
        • +3 XP +1 RP
  •  ???

Wolves and baby Edit

Before you, there is a group of black wolves attacking something.

  • [?? check] Investigate
    • Help the child... [3 Scull Fight]
    • Help the cat... [3 Scull Fight]
    • Split your party. -> [2 Scull Fight without 2 villagers]
      • Win: Loot
        • [?? check] Check how the child and cat are?
          • +1 Child
          • +3 Animal Kinship for 1 Villager
          • +20 turn Bless of Dexterity (3/12)
        •  ???
      • Fail:???
  • Jump to the child`s aid. [Instant fight against Alpha Wolf + 5 Wolves]
    • Victory
      • Minor loot
      • Check on the child.
        • +1 Child
        • +4XP +1RP
      •  ???
  • Leave.
  •  ???

Heavy Metal ChestEdit

While you set up camp you find a heavy metal chest hidden in the shruberry 

  • Try to figure out how to open the chest (3 Skull Intellect) - requires a certain level of Intelligence?
    • Success:
      • Take the Stuff
        • [var1] Some loot and resources. +3XP 1RP
        • OR
        • [var2] Dwarf Ambush
          • Hey come on! We didn't know this chest was yours, but it's ours now. (3-Skull Social)
            • Success: Some high level loot and resources and some mid level resources (3XP + 1RP)
          • Fight (3-Skull)
            • ???
      • ???
      • ???
    • Fail: ???
  • Hit it with things (3 Skull Physical)
    • Success: 2 variations, same as Success options above.
  • Maybe it's best left alone
    • ??? (Assume it ends the encounter with nothing)

Elven City Edit

Part 1 - Initial Exploration Edit

As you delve deeper and deeper into the forest... this must have been an Elven city!

  • Take a closer look!
    • Try to climb up one of the trees.
      • Try it anyway [3-skull Physical]
        • Success - +2 Dexterity on 1 villager
          • Continue the exploration (see part 1.1)
        • Fail - 1 Curse of Darkness on 1 villager.
          • Continue the exploration
      • Nah, leave it.
    • Better not, leave it.

Part 1.1 - Continue the Exploration Edit

You search through many houses... When you turn a slender, tall Elf, garbed in green armour and long, ashen hair stands before you.

  • Hello...
    • That sounds terrible...
      • To answer all your queries, let me tell you my story.
        • Nah, just the highlights please.
        • Ok, go on.
          • Story fluff
            • Right, find some scorned lover.
              • +5 rubies, 1 red ribbon
              • +4 XP +1 RP
            • Nah, sounds like way too much effort...
            • I am not making any promises...
    • Whatever, so why am I here? (same options as "That sounds terrible" above)
  • You shouldn't sneak up on people Elf!
  • Whoa there Elf lady.

Part 2 - Tower of Zadra (labelled Elven City on map) Edit

You find the tower just as Alys told you...

  • Hello. We're looking for someone called Zadra.
    • Well, funny you should ask...
    • I guess I am just good with names (both options lead to same choices)
      • Really? I mean you cursed her and all.
      • She is ok, all things considered.
      • She not great man!... (again, options for fluff, same choices afterwards)
        • Yes it is. Why would you...
          • So you asked the dark powers to curse Alys?
            • -> So can you undo this?...
        • Yes it is, now undo it!
          • So this Kauk Fella did it?
            • So can you undo this?... (-1 red ribbon)
              • Sure, why not (2 Skull Hex Challenge)
                • Succes (same as below)
              • Nope, don't like meddling with magic
                • Stand back and watch. (spoiler: bad end)
                  • Keep on watching
                    • Curse of Deformity on 3 villagers
                      • Damn [+3 XP, +1 research]
                • Oh damn, just help him out!
                  • Challenge vs 4x Hex
                    • Success
                      • Wow, hello. I guess the curse is really over.
                      • +3 magic on 1 villager
                      • +2 Intelligence, +2 Folklore on 3 villagers
                        • Thank you (see part 2.1)
                        • What do you mean worthy?
                          • Ok, thank you (see part 2.1)
                    • Fail
                      •  ???
                • ...
                • ...
  • Hey, are you Zadra?...
    • This leads to the same fluff choices as above

Part 2.1 - The Fate of Zadra Edit

She nods and bows her head in response... 'I will ask you as my saviour, should I forgive him his folly, or avenge my city and my fate?'

  • Avenge it!...
    • Damn, that is some punishment. Off we go then. [+5 XP, +1 RP]
  • You both suffered enough...
    • Good days work. Off we go. [+5 XP, +1 RP]
  • Just let it go... (Leads to the same as "Good days work" above)

Skeleton against a rock (Plague Victim)Edit

Searching through the area you discover a skeleton propped up against a rock. The poor fella seems to have all of his belongings with him and there is no sign of a struggle, so it's unclear what killed him

  • Examine the bones carefully
    • Red sickness
      • Take the stuff very carefully
        • Find some basic loot and a key with a parchment
          • Skim through the letter (Skips story)
          • Read the letter in detail (Gets detailed story both leads to the same outcome)
            • New location on map (Bear Lair) (3XP + 1RP)
  • Search the body
    • ??? (Probably will get some of your villagers infected with sickness)

Part 2 - Bair LairEdit

You follow the instructions and discover an old cave that stands hidden from the path. From tracks you cleary see that the cave is occupied by grizzly bears...

  • Enter the cave and fight (3-Skull Battle)
    • Success: Minor loot and meat
      • Use the key
        • A set of armor, hight quality wood (dryad or Elder wood), some stone
        • 4XP + 1RP
  • Leave it for now
    • Allows you to come back at a later time

Werewolves Edit

You find the silver statue and it depicts some Elven archer...

  • Keep your distance from the Wolf, but talk to it...
    • So you are hanging out near silver...
      • Yeah, cause your super strength...
        • Oh, right...
          • we can share. CHL 2-skullSocial Social
          • You must die! CHL 3-skullFight Fight
            • Success - general loot (4 enhanced bone,2 food, 3 fur, armor, 12 silver)
              • Great, take the stuff and leave.
                • +4 XP, +1 research
            • Fail
              •  ???
  • Keep your weapons ready...
  • Attack the Werewolf CHL 3-skullFight Fight
    • Loot
    • +4XP +1RP
  • Leave now, come back later.

Old settlement Edit

You come across the ruins of an old settlement. The rusty Iron gates look foreboding and creepy, but many secrets may lie within...

  • Search [3-skull blue option](only tested once but next option possibly random or stat based)
    • are swarmed by the drowned bodies of Topielce!
      • To arms! [3-skull Fight]
        • Success - general loot (3 weapons, shield, 23 food, 2 clay, 1 herb)
          • Great, take the loot and leave
            • +4 XP, +1 research
          •  ???
        • Fail
          •  ???
  • Nah, maybe later
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Ancient Shrine Edit

You discover the ruins of an ancient shrine devoted to what looks like an array of mixed deities.

  • Heresy (blue option)
  • Interesting. Investigate
    • Choose two champions (blue option)
      • Throw the stone [2-skull Physical]
        • +3 Strength, +3 Shielding on 2 participants
        • Blessing of Strength on whole party.
        • +3 XP, +1 research
    • Try to throw the stone together
    • Leave it be.

Old Burial Site Edit

You come across the remains of a very old burial site. There are large tombstones and crumbled crypts, all made of solid granite! There must have been an earthquake or some other great force has devastated this place, but this means you can very easily salvage the granite.

  • Collect the granite (blue option)
    • Attack [2-skull fight]
      • 25 granite
      • Basic loot
    • Run away!
  • Nah, just leave it be.
  •  ???
  •  ???

Red Dragon Edit

A great, ancient red Dragon and his swarming minions have descended upon your lands! (lose all (35?) Gold in village)

  • [Fight] - 5 Skull challenge (using everyone in village and expeditions)
  • 4 Skull Hex challenge (Requires decent amount of Magic).  [Seem able to use everyone in expedition and town for this?]
    • Victory! Dragon apologizes. Get the gold back. All villagers in the village and expedition/s get 15 turn Blessing of Magic.
      • Phew Good. 2 villagers +1 Health, 2 villagers +1 Will, 2 villagers +1 Magic. +4XP 2RP
      •  ???
      •  ???
  • Will you accept a gift of a virgin, instead of our gold? (+ 35 Gold)
    • Leave the 'chosen one' and see what happens. (-29 Gold)
      • To arms! [5 skull Fight]
        • Win:
          • gain 41 Gold, Dragon leather, Diamond, ruby, artifacts, food, etc
          • All villagers on map get: 20 turn Bless of Health.
          • +10XP 3RP
    •  ???
    •  ???
  • Just let the Dragon have the Gold

Food Poisoning Edit

Some of you fall ill with food poisoning. If only you had some charcoal to cleanse the gut.

  • No coal, and no good medic. Still you must fight on. 3 skull Sickness challenge
    • Success
    • Failure
      • All members of the expedition become Heavily Sick for 6 turns
      • One member is lost
      • +1XP
  •  ???
  •  ???

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