After approximately 100 turns you will start to get random "Tremor" events which slowly increase in danger and difficulty.

Approximately 150-200 turns into the game, you will get an encounter from Kostey and Ice Princess telling you about the dangers of the awakening Giants and starting a series quest chains.

Results of the conversation will depend upon your deity:



After accepting the question, approximately half your villagers (can be in town or on expedition) get 40 turn Bless of Speech, the others get 40 turn Bless of Attractiveness. +3XP


Giants Return first quest marker Edit

You find a small encampment hidden away from the unknowing eye. Within, you see a group of Goblins sitting in a small hut ... [snip]

  • A Goblin in your party speaks up "Yes boss master shaman. We gotta know of these big ones before they all squish us like bugs!" - Requires a Goblin in the expedition
    • [snip] .. drink and listen to the spirits of old. 3 skull Sickness challenge
      • After succeeding, you get the story of the Giants. All choices eventually lead to the same decision point regarding the Umbrage Lord:
        • Getting some help may be wise. Where do we find the Planetnik lord?
          • We do not know. Seek the Weatherer.  +12XP 1RP
        • So we kill lots of Giants, but how do we find the Umbrage lord?
  • Yes, we wish to know how to stop them.
  • Come back later
  • ???
  • ???

After completing this quest marker, random events will occur which will help with your decision.

Looking for the Weatherer Edit

Your scouts find some Giant tracks. +1XP. "Looking for the Weatherer" map marker appears.

Part 2 map marker Edit

You discover another one of those great craters ... [snip]

You also see three baby Giants sitting nearby, playing with some rocks.

  • They are going to grow up into giants so kill them!
  • Burn the Giant's body and look for clues
    • Alright we will bring them food - 100 food should do the trick (only available if you have that much food)
      • Gain ~13 Silver
      • +3XP
      • Map marker remains to visit again.
    • Just leave them be, not your problem.
    • We don't have enough food, but we will try to bring some.
  • Just leave them be, not your problem.
  •  ???

Part 3 - returning to the babies Edit

If you don't kill them, you can return and feed them again. I got Moonstone and 2XP on my first return visit after feeding them another 100 food.

On the third visit to this locaiton the babies were gone, but I found 7 Diamond. +2XP

Vielkolud Edit

Your scouts have spotted a group of Vielkolud roaming the hills in the distance. They moved away now, but maybe they hold some clues to the Weatherer giant you seek.

A moving map marker appears. +1XP.  When you meet the marker:

You come across a rowdy pack of rowdy Vielkolud...

  • Fight [1 orange skull challenge]
  • Hey, slow down, guys! We just want to talk...
    • Try to wriggle free [4 skull Physical]
      • Success.  2 villagers get 20 turn Blessing of Dexterity, 1 villager gets +1 Dexterity
        • You should be looking for Wildwives!
          • +10XP 2RP
        • Fight [5 skull challenge]
    • You're feeling the urge for find some wildwives...
      • [4 skull physical] as above
      • ???
    • ???

Wildwife Edit

You come across signs of a Giants crossing and you also catch rumours of a Wildwife sighting not too far away.

+1XP. A moving map marker is added to the map.  When you encounter the map marker:

  • Atttack. [1 orange skull fight]
  • Run away
  • Hello?
    • [1 orange skull fighjt]
    • [3 skull social]
      • Gain ~ 19 scaled leather, ~10 obisidian
      • +8XP 1RP
    • Whatever, do you know the Plantenik

Weatherer Edit

Your scouts spot strange weather activity in the distance. This time, it is the Weatherer for sure. Map marker appears.

When you encounter the map marker:

  • Attack this giant [4 RED skull fight]
  • Hey, wait, stop
    • [4 skull Hex] - requires magic of a certain level
      • 1 villager +2 Magic +3 Will
      • Every member of expedition gains 20 turn Bless of Will
      • Do you know what I need to do?
        • Yes we do
          • +10XP 2RP.  Another map marker appears.  See part 2
        • ???
        • ???
        • ???
    • [4 skull Physical]

Part 2Edit

You find the group of Platetniks the weatherer told you about...

  • Use your powers of persuasion. Social
    • 6 members gain Bless of speech 20 turn
      • [3 red skull social challenge]
        • 2 villagers gain +4 speech +1 Intelligence
        • +12XP 1RP
        • Giants Return final marker returns (see below)
  • Use logic and knowledge. Intelliect
  • ???
  • ???

Giants Return final marker Edit

You approach the lair of the Umbrage lord ..[snip]]

  • Approach the Umbrage Lord!
    • The Weather appears at your side, ready to assist you. (The Weatherer character joins your expedition for the battle)
      • 5 red skull Fight
      • 5 red skull Social
        • Success.  Weatherer leaves your expedition.
          • So, what now?
            • Gain a Planetnik (awesome!)
            • +20XP 5RP
          • ???
  • Come back later
  • ???
  • ???

Random Tremor Events Edit

These events can affect the town or an expedition or both.

Shaken with Tremors Edit

The whole land is shaken with tremors! Groans and thudding footsteps are heard without. (You will get one of the options below only as a choice - random each time)

  • Try to hold on to something!
    • Several children fall into the cracks created by the tremors. Lose ~2 children. +1XP
  • Try to hold on to something.
    • gain random amount of Sandstone (this doesn't always happen)
    • 5 (roughly half?) members are receive 3 wounds each
    • +1XP
  • Damn these tremors! +1XP
  •  ???

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