"Heavy armours require a lot of strength to wear, but offer excellent protection."
— In-game description

Heavy Armour provides the best protection compared to other types of armour available in the game. Heavy armour provides both Armour Armour and Shielding Shielding bonuses. Significant weight of heavy armour restricts anyone except characters with high Strength Strength from wearing them. Crafting a decent Heavy Armour requires significant volume of rare resources, which are usually available only in late game. Producing Heavy Armour is a labor-intensive process and will take quite some turns even for a competent crafter.

The best material for Heavy Armor is Mithrill followed by Steel.

Unlocking Heavy Armour crafting requires 2 Advancement Points and is available after Light Armour crafting has been researched.

Base RecipeEdit


Metal × 16
Wood × 20


Bone × 12
Gems × 13
Metal × 10


Wood × 16
Coal × 4
Fiber × 20

List of Heavy Armours Edit

Best examples, based on Armour and sorted by Armour|Shielding|Weight. For full list of recipies please consult dedicated articles or this spreadsheet .

Name Primary Secondary Armour Shielding Additional properties Weight (kg) Crafting Points Research Points
Living Abyss Guard Living Abyss Guard Mithrill Mithrill 37 9 +8 Perception Perception 182


Chainmail Armour Chainmail Armour Steel Mithrill 32 6 +3 Perception Perception 262 760 26
Monster Seeker Armour Monster Seeker Armour Silver Mithrill 28 6 +3 Perception Perception, +2 Dexterity Dexterity 230 840 28
Leaf Armour Leaf Armour Ancient Wood Mithrill 27 8 +3 Perception Perception 170 1060 33
Live Lianas Shell Live Lianas Shell Dryad Wood Mithrill 26 7 +3 Perception Perception 130 900 29
Full Plate Armour Full Plate Armour Gold Mithrill 26 6 +3 Perception Perception, +8 Will Will 134 760 26
Heavy Armour Heavy Armour Iron Mithrill 26 5 +3 Perception Perception 230 552


Shadow Armour Shadow Armour Dark Wood Mithrill 25 6 +3 Perception Perception 270 600 21
Tree Spirit Blessing Tree Spirit Blessing Elven Wood Mithrill 25 5 +3 Perception Perception, +4 Attractiveness Attractiveness 190 680 23
Laminar Armour Laminar Armour Wood Mithrill 23 4 +3 Perception Perception 270 480 17

Maximum attribute bonuses Edit

Random bonuses from gems are also applicable.

Attribute Item Primary Material Secondary Material
+4 Attractiveness Attractiveness Tree Spirit Blessing Elven Wood Any
+4 Dexterity Dexterity Monster Seeker Armour Silver Silver
+2 Leech Leech Any Any Dragon Bone
+4 Magic Magic Any Any Enchanted Bone
+8 Perception Perception Living Abyss Guard Mithrill Mithrill
+13 Will Will Full Plate Armour Gold Gold
+2-6 Random Any Any Diamond

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