Jewellery is a type of equipment that primarily gives weapon effects for non-Fight challenges, as well as small bonuses to skills. This means many items grant characters additional tactical abilities.

Both the primary and secondary materials used affect what attribute bonuses the item gives. Like artifacts, gems used in jewellery have a fixed effect, as opposed to adding a random bonus like they do for weapons and armour.

Primary material determines jewelry name and adds primary skill bonuses and/or weapon effects. Skill bonuses from primary material are fixed. Weapon effects are scaled (where applicable) by rarity of the secondary material.

Secondary material adds fixed skill bonuses or weapon effects and scales weapon effects, granted by the primary material.

Researching jewellery crafting has no prerequisites, and is required to unlock artifacts.

Base Recipe Edit


Metal × 4
Wood × 4
Bone × 4
Gems × 4


Metal × 4
Wood × 4
Bone × 4
Gems × 4


Coal × 8
Diamond × 1
Wicker × 5

List of Jewellery Items Edit

Recipe Primary Material Primary Attributes
Arcane Necklace Arcane Necklace Enchanted Bone +2 - 6 Sixth Sense Sixth Sense
+1 - 2 Dexterity Dexterity
Blood Drop Blood Drop Ruby Clear Mind Clear Mind
+1 - 2 Medic Medic
Dark Pendant Dark Pendant Dark Wood +3 - 7 Feint Feint
+1 - 2 Folklore Folklore
Diamond Ring Diamond Ring Diamond Clear Mind Clear Mind
Concentration Concentration
+1 - 2 Will Will
Dragon Signet Dragon Signet Dragon Bone

+3 - 7 Sturdiness Sturdiness
+3 - 7 Find Weakness Find Weakness
+2 - 4 Leech Leech

Gold Signet Gold Signet Gold +3 - 7 Feint Feint
+1 - 2 Ranged Damage Ranged Damage
Guard Bracelet Guard Bracelet Steel +2 - 6 Find Weakness Find Weakness
+1 - 2 Damage Damage
Ivory Bracelet Ivory Bracelet Bone +1 - 5 Backstab Backstab
Living Brooch Living Brooch Elven Wood +2 - 6 Distraction Distraction
Metal Ring Metal Ring Iron +1 - 5 Distraction Distraction
+1 - 2 Armour Armour
Mountain Heart Amulet Mountain Heart Amulet Mithrill +3 - 7 Sturdiness Sturdiness
+3 - 7 Distraction Distraction
+2 - 3 Tactics Tactics
Silver Brooche Silver Brooche Silver +3 - 7 Find Weakness Find Weakness
+3 - 7 Divination Divination
+1 - 2 Stealth Stealth
Skull Ring Skull Ring Monster Bone +1 - 5 Divination Divination
Small Amber Charm Small Amber Charm Amber Concentration Concentration
+1 - 2 Gathering Gathering
+0 - 1 Craft Craft
Sundrop Earrings Sundrop Earrings Topaz Light Steps Light Steps
Syrin's Bracelet Syrin's Bracelet Malachite Fast Reaction Fast Reaction
Tear of the Nymph Tear of the Nymph Dryad Wood +3 - 7 Backstab Backstab
+3 - 7 Sixth Sense Sixth Sense
+1 - 2 Attractiveness Attractiveness
Tree Praying Necklace Tree Praying Necklace Ancient Wood +3 - 7 Sturdiness Sturdiness
+3 - 7 Adrenaline Boost Adrenaline Boost
+2 - 3 Magic Magic
Wooden Ring Wooden Ring Wood +1 - 5 Sturdiness Sturdiness

Maximum attribute bonuses Edit

Skills Edit

Attribute Name Primary Material Secondary Material
+2 Armour Armour Metal Ring Iron Iron
+2 Attractiveness Attractiveness Tear of the Nymph Dryad wood Dryad wood
+1 Craft Craft Small Amber Charm Amber Amber
+2 Damage Damage Guard Bracelet Steel Steel
+2 Dexterity Dexterity Arcane Necklace Enchanted bone Enchanted bone
+2 Folklore Folklore Dark Pendant Dark wood Dark wood
+2 Gathering Gathering Small Amber Charm Amber Amber
+1 Herbalism Herbalism Sundrop Earrings Topaz Topaz
+3 Magic Magic Tree Praying Necklace Ancient wood Ancient wood
+2 Medic Medic Blood Drop Ruby Ruby
+2 Ranged Damage Ranged Damage Gold Signet Gold Gold
+1 Speech Speech Living Brooch Elven wood Elven wood
+2 Stealth Stealth Silver Brooche Silver Silver
+1 Strength Strength Skull Ring Monster bone Monster bone
+3 Tactics Tactics Mountain Heart Amulet Mithrill Mithrill
+1 Traps Traps Syrin's Bracelet Malachite Malachite
+2 Will Will Diamond Ring Diamond Diamond


Weapon effects Edit

Attribute Name Primary Material Secondary Material
Clear Mind Clear Mind Diamond Ring Diamond Any
Clear Mind Clear Mind Blood Drop Ruby Any
Concentration Concentration Small Amber Charm Amber Any
Concentration Concentration Diamond Ring Diamond Any
Fast Reaction Fast Reaction Syrin's Bracelet Malachite Any
Light Steps Light Steps Sundrop Earrings Topaz Any
+7 Distraction Distraction Mountain Heart Amulet Mithrill Diamond
+7 Find Weakness Find Weakness Dragon Signet Dragon bone Diamond
+7 Find Weakness Find Weakness Silver Brooche Silver Diamond
+4 Leech Leech Dragon Signet Dragon bone Dragon bone
+7 Sixth Sense Sixth Sense Tear of the Nymph Dryad wood Diamond
+7 Sturdiness Sturdiness Tree Praying Necklace Ancient wood Diamond
+7 Sturdiness Sturdiness Dragon Signet Dragon bone Diamond
+7 Sturdiness Sturdiness Mountain Heart Amulet Mithrill Diamond
+7 Adrenaline Boost Adrenaline Boost Tree Praying Necklace Ancient wood Diamond
+7 Backstab Backstab Tear of the Nymph Dryad wood Diamond
+7 Divination Divination Silver Brooche Silver Diamond
+7 Feint Feint Dark Pendant Dark wood Diamond
+7 Feint Feint Gold Signet Gold Diamond

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