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Research is used to unlock new gathering options, crafting recipes, and construction blueprints. One Advancement Point is used for most unlocks (with a few requiring two or three). The available research options are arranged into three tech trees.

Spending these Advancement Points wisely is crucial, because if you make a mistake you may end up crafting items you do not need to get an Advancement Point, or re-sending an expedition for a material that will help you get that point, which in both situations would be a waste of time.

Advancement Points Edit

Whenever a player fills research experience circle, they get an Advancement Point and can spend it to unlock new crafts, buildings, or materials. The required amount of research experience to get another Advancement Point increases with each point earned.

A small amount of research experience is gained from quests and challenges, but it is mostly generated by completing craft or construction projects. It is represented as research experience circle. Each task has additional information about how much research experience it will provide, and that value depends on the rarity of the material used in production.

Researching Gathering Edit

Researching a new material in the Gathering tech tree gives the player 5 units of that material and reveals its location on map, where player can gather more of it. One location is revealed. and it could be very far away from your settlement.

It is not necessary to research a material in order to be able to craft and build with it. So if you find some units of an advanced material you did not unlock, by all means use it right away, though be careful--you won't be able to gather more until you unlock that material in the Gathering research tab.

Tech Trees Edit

Each indentation level indicates a prerequisite. For example, Leather is a prerequisite for both Fur Leather and Scaled Leather. Scaled Leather is in turn a prerequisite for Dragon Leather.

Gathering Edit

Main article: Gathering

Crafting Edit

Main article: Crafting

Construction Edit

Main article: Construction

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