These are events that can only trigger at the town or village (default named Ostoya). Although as of the final version of Thea it can possibly include expeditions on the town square (I lost two children from the Valvet Dragon event which triggered at Ostoya when I had all the children in the expedition).

Village Fire Edit

There's a fire in your village!

  • Get everyone ready.
    • The fire is getting stronger by the minute!
      • Get all of your people together and put it out! [2-skull Physical]
        • 2 villagers gain +2 Strength
        • Lose 1 Child and some valuable materials.
        • +5 XP +1 RP
      • Get some people to rescue vital resources and others to fight the fire! [2 people will be split from the firefighting party]
        • (Chance to either have a Physical event or for the event to just end.)
        • Fight the fire! [1-skull Physical]
          • All villagers except the 2 who split off gain 2 wounds and +2 Health.
          • +30 turn Strength Blessing to whole village.
          • Lose 30 food
          • +5 XP +1 RP
        • OR
        • Rejoice! +1XP
      •  ???
      •  ???
  •  ???

Rat Witch (old woman in bandages) Edit

An old woman staggers into your village. She is wearing a long, hooded coat and underneath it, you see bandages sticking out.

  • Take a closer look.
    • Use your knowledge of magic to figure out what to do [3-skull Hex]
      • 1 trinket
      • +1 Magic to all villagers in town
      • +2 folklore & 20 turn Blessing of Will for 2 villagers
        • Alright, good. Perhaps it will be worth hunting them down for the loot.
          • Location marked on map
          • +4 XP +1 RP
    • Be cautious, but talk to her: 'Hello, can we help you with anything?' (not always available)
      • You know a thing or two about rats. Use your knowledge to figure out a way to beat the witch.
        • Get those rats! [2-skull Hunting]
          • Success:
            • -1 Child
            • Decent Artifact
            • +1 Animal Kinship 2 villagers
            • Damn the witch! We'd better go find those rats before they harm the child!
              • +3 XP +1 Research
            •  ???
        • Nah, just attack her! [1-skill Fight]
      • Attack her! [1-skull fight]
    • Attack her! [1-skull fight]
      • +Minor Resources, +Decent Artifact, +1 Folklore to 2 Villagers
      • -3 Children
  • Hello there, old lady, what are you doing here?
    • I'm here to take your children, of course! (2 skull Fight with Baba Yaga and friends)
      • You strike down the witch, but ... [she steals children anyway]
        • random loot, weapons, resources, food, artifacts
        • 2 villagers +1 Folklore
        • Lose 3 children
        • +3XP 1RP
        • Get 3 moving map markers (see below)
  •  ???

Location on map Edit

This encounter may vary depending on the options selected above:

{Var1} You track down the Rat Witch's minions and see they are swarming over some shiny trinket.

  • 2 skull fight
    • 2 vilagers +2 traps +2 Animal kinship
    • ~5 enchanted bone, 1-2 trinket, 3~ skin, 2~ meat
    • Chance for a Hulking Rat to join party if you meet animal kinship requirement (8+ ??)
    • +2 XP +1 RP
  • 2 skull hunt (I got the same rewards as Fight challenge above
    • +1 Child, meat and leather
    • +2 XP +1 RP

{Var2} You track down the rat swarm that took your child!  You see the vermin holding the infant in a strange cocoon and dragging it somewhere.

  • 1 or 2 Skull Hunting (this varies with each of these encounters - random?)
    • random loot (meat, skins, possibly weapon and/or encahnted bone)
    • 1 expedition member +2 Traps +1 Animal Kinship (happens on 2 skull only, or is it random chance?)
    • +1 child (chance of getting 2 children)
    • Chance for rat to join party if you meet animal kinship requirement
    • +2XP 1RP
  • 1 or 2 Skull Fight (this increases with each challenge?)

Traders at the Village Edit

Some traders approach your village and ask for refuge to rest and trade.

  • Observe them
    • Attack them! [5-skull fight]
      • Success
        • Loot: Lots of weapons and armour of varying quality, food and resources of all tiers.
        • +10XP 2RP
    • Let them rest, then steal their equipment! [4-skull Sneak] (Requires a certain level of Stealth)
      • Success:
        • 1 or 2 good weapons (made from mid and top tier resources)
        • Gems, minerals and metals, generally mid tier
        • +8XP 2RP
      • Failure:
        • Lose all equipment in village including on villagers.
        • +3 XP
    • Let them in and barter with them for goods. [3-skull Social] - (Requires a certain level of speech or something else?)
      • Sucess
        • Lose random 50 food & 30 wood
        • +25 medium/rare metals
        • +6 XP +1 RP
    • Let them rest in your village
      • Get one artifact. +1XP
  •  ???

Refugees Edit

A small group of refugees is seen travelling near your village. (Starts as a town event)

See Expedition_Events#Refugees

Dwarf Visitor Edit

An old Dwarf passes by your village, stopping only for a drink and a chat if you're willing.

  • What! No, rob him blind!
  • Yeah share a drink, then kill him and take his stuff!
    • You kill the dwarf without any trouble, he was old and although he gave it his best, he was no threat.  Strangely, you see he died with a smile on his face.
      • +1 weapon, some food
      • +1XP
  • Sure, have a drink with him.
    • Marks a location on your map, chance for a dwarf smith to join your village.
      • Only one of these options will be shown. Appears to be Random.
      • Great
        • Gold mine location appears on map.  See Gold_Mine in Expedition Events
      • Great
        • Mithril mine location
  •  ???

Dwarf Smithy Edit

A pigeon flies to your village with a note attached. It reads:

'Dear residents of the lovely settlement. if you will, please visit my humble abode, placed not so far from your lovely home. It is very nice. I am a blacksmith of the Dwarven tradition, and I have an offering for you kind people. Yes.'

There is a small map drawing in strange, purple, glowing ink.

Dwarf Smithy location added to map. +1XP.

This location is the "Smithy" event chain under Expedition Events:


Peculiar Mole Edit

You go down to the fields to check if any crops survived this night, and you discover a large molehill on your way!

A peculiar-looking mole carrying a small shovel pops up from the hill and exclaims: 'Ahoy!'

It seems really happy about something

  • Just kill the rodent!
  • Ehm, hi there?
    • Well, just wave at it
      • Okay, continue with the day
        • Gain a small amount of a low level resources (like Amber or Quartz)
        • +2 XP +1 RP
    • You seem to remember these spirits have a thing about clothes. (Requirement: animal kinship at least 2, maybe higher)
      • Alright, take off one of your own shirts to make something...
        • +1 Metal ring, +7 Quartz, -1 Leather shirt (I wonder if different armour gives different loot...) - (I think it does. I lost 1 Silk Tunic and gained a Book of Wisdom and 7 Quartz.)
          • Oh, nice, take the presents +2 XP, +1 RP
      • Okay, but we can't give it our clothes. Maybe give it some food.
  •  ???

Good Harvest Edit

Today was a good harvest day, and some of the village folk even managed to brew some samogon - a strong spirit, not for the weak hearted.

  • Oh, this is good. Since we had a good harvest day, let us drink now!
    • [2 skull sickness challenge]
      • Success:
        • +15 Blessing of Health for all villagers in the town.
        • Precious stones
          • Oh good. (end event). +2 XP. Sometimes also +2 Will for 1 villager.
          •  ???
      • Failure
        • Everyone in village becomes Heaviy Sick for 5 turns.
        • +1XP
  • Better not drink too much. Just go to sleep. (Just ends the event)

Vavel Dragon Edit

Over the last few weeks you have heard tales of Dragon roaming the skies... [snip]

Lose 2 children. +1XP

Expedition Events #Vavel Dragon

Night of Kupala Edit


Strange Visitor Edit

Over the last few days your villagers whisper of a strange visitor to their homes.

  • Wait it out, since there is no one that can do anything.
    • Lose all food in village.
    • Lose all children in village.
    • Lose all gold in village.
  • Try to determine what she might be.
    • Try to ambush her [2-skull Fight]
      • Failure
        • +6 Sickness to all town villagers
        • -1 Child, -40 Food
    • Trick the demon using gold trinkets.
      • Ok, we've spotted some travelers nearby, we'll give it to them.
        • -5 gold
          • +3 XP +1 Research
          • 3-skull bandit group appears on map nearby.
      • Eh, perhaps go with the physical trick instead.
      • Just try to capture and kill the thing! [2-skull Fight]
    • Trick the demon physically.
      • Try to ambush her. [2-skull Fight]
    • Perform a banishment ritual
      • 2 Villagers gets 2 folklore
      • 1 Villager gets 3 wounds

A Mother Returned Edit

You hear a scream of a child in the village. Everyone gathers at his house and they see the child's mother standing by him, only his mother has been dead for weeks!

As she turns her head, you see her face is pale and gaunt, her eyes empty and yet fixated on the child. When she opens her mouth, as if to speak, only a loud shriek comes out, revealing two sets of sharp teeth in her now unnaturally wide mouth!

  • A monster! Kill it! [3-skull Fight]
    • Success
      • Loot: misc mid-tier weapons, mid-top tier resources
      • +7XP 1RP ???
  • Step back and observe it. (Requirement: 1 child)
    • Lose 1 child.
      • Use another child as bait to create a trap. [2-skull Fight]
      • Don't risk more children, attack now! [3-skull Fight]
      •  ???
  • It's a bloodsucker. Try to get some animal blood to distract it. (Requirement: Folklore 5 or 10+?)
    • Good, now: Attack [2-skull Fight].
      • Success
        • Loot: misc mid-tier weapons, mid-top tier resources
        • +7XP 1RP
  • Try to ambush her. [2-skull Fight] (Requirement: Tactics or stealth?)

Tradition Edit

Before the Darkness, the Winter Sunstill was celebrated one day after the day of the shortest winter daylight.

  • Honour the tradition and send away a dozen people as sacrifice! (You will lose 12 villagers!)
    • Send them off with all honours!
      • Gain Alkonost (average demon)
*** Lose 12 random villagers
    •  ???
  • No, the time [...]
    • +15 Blessing of Will to 4 villagers.
    • +2 XP +1 Research

The Cropping Edit

The time of The Cropping, used to be a simple rite of passage in the Easterlands.

Depending on the child's talents, it would either have its hair cropped, to join the ranks of the warriors, or it would have its hair plaited, to symbolize their aptitude for knowledge and the crafts; on rare occasions, the head would be shaved, to signal the makings of a witch or wise one.

Now, at the time of Darkness, these rites of passage have become much more demanding and often lethal! Still, it is a way to make your people stronger and give you a better chance of fighting against the Darkness.

NOTE: This event most likely requires at least 6 children in the village to occur

  • Alright, begin preparations.
    • We need more Warriors or Hunters [...] (Only one of the below will occur)
      • Await the adult that will emerge from the trials!
        • +1 Warrior or Hunter with high stats.
        • -6 children
        • +1 XP
      • Await the adult that will emerge from the trials!
        • +1 Hunter with high stats.
        • -6 children
        • +1 XP
    • We need more people of wisdom and mystical knowledge [lose max six children] (Only one of the below will occur)
      • Await the adults that will emerge from the trials!
        • +1 Craftsman with high stats
        • Lose up to 6 children
        • +1 XP
      • Await the adults that will emerge from the trials!
        • +1 Sage with high stats
        • Lose up to 6 children
        • +1 XP
      • Await the adults that will emerge from the trials!
        • +1 Witch with high stats
        • Lose up to 6 children
        • +1 XP
      •  ???  (Inventor maybe?)
    • We need Workers, send the children to the quiet room! [lose max six children]
    • No, we won't sacrifice children's lives like this. Don't do the ritual.

Mamuna Edit

During the night a Mamuna is seen escaping the Village.

All the parents check their children in horror, and discover the worst -- one of the children has been switched for a changeling!

  • Wait, we've heard old stories of this happening!
    • No, it is not easy, but we must protect ourselves. Kill the changeling!
    • Oh well, we will let it grow and see. It is still a child and deserves a chance.
      • Gain 1 random villager (no notice of having lost a child). Or gain a demon (Pineconette)
      • Alternative result - Lose 2 children, multiple villagers injured.
      • +4 XP +1 Research
    •  ???
    •  ???

Teaching Edit

One of your people has a particular talent for Teaching! Kids and adults alike find it easy to learn from them. (One or two random options from those below will be available)

  • Great, let them teach us Crafting.
    • +4 Crafting to 1 villager.
    • +1 XP +1 RP
  • Great, let them teach us General Knowledge.
    • +2 Intelligence to 2 villagers.
    • +1 XP +1 RP
  • Great, let them teach us Folk Knowledge.
    • +1 Folklore to 1 villager.
    • +1 XP +1 RP
  • Great, let them teach us Speech.
    • +3 Speech to 1 villager.
    • +1 XP +1 RP
  • Great, let them teach us Medicine. (might only occur if no existing medic)
    • +6 Medic to 1 Villager
    • +1 XP +1 RP

Bybedder Edit

While the men sleep well this night, some of the women, well they sleep very, very well...

Visited thusly, by a Bybedder, perching by their bedside, the women's dreams are filled with passion and desire, burning their bodies like a red flare!

  • A Bybedder, what was that again?
    • Burn some dried cow's droppings to ward it off!
      • Try to free yourselves from the Bybedder! [2-skull Intellect] - only female characters involved
        • Success: +1 child, +2 attractiveness and +2 will to all women in town, +30 Blessing of Magic to 2 female villagers. +4XP 1RP
        • Failure: +2 childen, lose 1 female villager, all remaining female villagers get 30 turn Blessing of Attractiveness. +2XP
  • Try to wake them!
    • [3-skull Intellect] Only women take part.
      • Success: +1 child, +2 attractiveness and +2 will to all women in town, +30 Blessing of Magic to 2 female villagers.
      • Failure: +2 child, +30 Blessing of Attractiveness to all female villagers, -1 female villager
        • +2 XP
  • Try to attack the demon!

Barn Cat Edit

A black cat is spotted rummaging through the barn, when it is caught, it runs off, but it seems to want you to follow it.

Black cats are most commonly the familiars of witches, but, there are several House Demons or protective Demons... [snip]

  • Ok, follow the cat.  (result is random)
    • {Var1} Cat heads to pantry:
      • Ok, give him some food. [lose 10 food]
        • +2 gathering to 1 villager
        • -10 food
        • +2 XP +1 RP
      • No way, chase it off!
      •  ???
    • {Var2} You follow the cat for a bit, but realize it is just a cat. It runs outside, finds a ball of string and plays...
      • +2 XP +1 RP
    • {Var3} You follow the cat and it leads you outside the village [...] you discover a baby, wrapped in blanket and sleeping peacefully. This cat is surely Dola, the child's guardian spirit!
      • Take the child
        • +1 child
        • 25-turn bless of health on 7 people (may be in expedition too)
        • +2XP 1RP
      • Leave the child
    • {Var4} You follow the cat outside and it leads you into a patch of brambles where you are ambushed by a Witch!
      • Stay and fight the Hag! [2-Skull Fight]
        • Success:
          • Low level weapons, armour, food
          • Herbs
          • +4 Herbalism to 1 villager
          • +3 XP +1 RP
        • Failure - ???
      • Run away
  • Nah, better not risk it.
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Tremor Edit

Another tremor shakes your village to its core. The fields around your home shake violently and the skies turn dark and foreboding.

The earth grumbles and cracks open, but before reaching your threshold, it all stops.

In the midst of the chaos, you see a lone elderly man trying to make it to your gates.

  • Try to help him out.
    • 'Who are you, and what are you doing here?'
      • 'What fate was that? What do you speak of old man? Isn't the Darkness and the constant onslaught of Demons and other enemies enough?'
        • 'Giants? We've never seen any Giants. What are they and where do they come from?'
          • 'So if we're in the path of these Giants, shouldn't we move our village?'
            • (extra dialogue dependent on deity, then previous options)
          • 'Gods damn it! We didn't need more calamity coming our way! So how do we stop them?'
            • +1 good weapon, +2 jewelry, +26 good materials
              • 'Alright, give us the directions and maybe we will have a look. These earth tremors are getting very frequent.'
                • +3 XP, Giants Return location marked on map
              •  ???
              •  ???
          • An Elf from your village steps up to speak: 'I am too young and too corrupted with the Dark curse to hold the knowledge of my elders, yet I know your story is incomplete. Are you sure these Giants are simply beasts who seek destruction?'
            • (extra dialogue, then previous options)
  • Just watch him, weapons at the ready.
    •  ???
  • Kill the stranger!
    •  ???
  • 'Stay away from our village, stranger!' Don't let him in.
    •  ???

At the Giants Return map location Edit

You find a stone house standing alone in the middle of nowhere.

As you enter and search it, you soon find there is an entrance to the basement, but the basement proves to be a long, dark corridor, leading you deep underground.

At the end of the corridor, you are faced with what looks like some kind of an obstacle course leading deeper into the complex.

  • Your elven companion frowns and whispers.
    • Right, time to do it the hard way. Time to beat the obstacle course. [4-skull physical]
      • Success:
        • 'Yes, we want to know what is happening. We need to know why the Giants came and how to stop them.'
          • 'Right, so they built the world, but why are they now so dangerous?'
            • 'How do they craft the world?'
              • (extra dialogue, then previous options)
            • 'Okay, enough talk, how do we stop them?'
              • 'Alright, so we need to defeat the Umbrage Lord. How do we do that?'
                • 'Okay we choose the first. So where do we find the Planetnik Lord?' [This option is final and excludes the other option.]
                  • +12 XP +1 Research, continues with Giant Tracks, Wildwife Sighting, and Vielkolud Group expedition events
                • 'The second option sounds better. So we kill lots of Giants, but how do we find the Umbrage Lord?' [This option is final and excludes the other option.]
                  •  ???
            • 'So how do the Planetnik Giants help?'
              • (extra dialogue, then previous options)
            • 'So why are the Giants awake?'
              • '(extra dialogue, then previous options)
          • 'What's a Runemaster?'
            • (extra dialogue, then previous option)
        • 'Yes, we need to know how to stop the Giants, but please tell us this quickly.' [Skip Story]
        • 'Just one question before we get to the Giant problem. Why do you have a beard when we've seen so many of your kin without one?'
          • (extra dialogue, then previous options)
      • Failure:
        •  ???
  • Go through the obstacle course. [Physical]
    •  ???
  • Leave it for now.
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Earthquake Edit

See Earthquake_-_Mokosh_is_angry

Unnatural earthquake Edit

See Giants_Quest#Unnatural_Earthquake

Hailstorm Edit

The skies darken and a sudden, heavy hailstorm descends upon your village!

  • Gather up your people.
    • Take cover. (Result is random)
      • {Var 1 - Missing Children}
        • Try to find them.
          • Battle through the storm! [1-skull physical]
            • Success: +20 Strength Blessing
            • +2XP
        • Stay and hope they make it.
          • +20 Blessing of Health to all in town.
        •  ???
      • {Var 2 - Failing Roof}
        • Run out, and try to strengthen the roof with whatever you can! [1-skull Physical]
          • Success:
            • 2 villagers gain 2 wounds each
            • 1 villager +1 strength
            • +2 XP
        • Concentrate on keeping people safe.
    •  ???
  •  ???

Thunderstorm (Perun's Fury) Edit

The skies darken, the air becomes thick and stuffy and a chilling silence befalls the land. Then, a hungry grumble tears across the land that the sky is torn by a white flash of Perun's fury.

A thundering storm cuts through the skies and your village is in it's path!

  • Brace yourselves for the angered God and his power!
    • Stay in cover and hope the wrath of Perun will spare you this time. (Result is random)
      • [var 1] One of the people, terrified and confused, runs out into the open
        • +3 Wound to 4 villagers
          • Run after the person
            • +4 Wound +2 Will to 2 villagers
            • +5 XP +1 RP
          • Leave the fool be...
            • Lose 1 random villager
              • The hideously burned up corpse of your fellow villager seems to be bearing something shiny. Pick it up.
                • Gain some Ruby and Mithril
                • +5XP 1RP
              •  ???
      • [var 2]
        • Do your best to save your village [2 Skull Strength]
          • Win
            • +1 Wound (4/4)
            • +2 Strength (2/4)
            • Lost some wood
            • +5EXP +1RP
          • Fail
            •  ???
        •  ??? -3 wounds to 4 villagers.
          • Run after the person and take them back to safety.
            • -4 wounds and +2 will to 2 villagers. (Wounds are cumulative if villagers are the same.)
            • +5 XP +1 RP
          • Leave the fool be, there are others you need to keep safe.
            • Lose 1 villager.
              • The hideously burned corpse of your fellow villager seems to be bearing something shiny. Pick it up.
                • Gain rare materials.
                • +5 XP +1 RP
              •  ???
    • Embrace the storm and its wonderful power in the name of Perun. [Requires Perun as Diety]
      • All Villagers receive 15 turn Bless of Dexterity
      • 1 Villager receivers +2 Perception and +2 Shielding.
      • +4 XP 1RP
    •  ???
  •  ???

Heavy Rains Edit

The heavens split open and pour down with heavy rains that flood the area!

  • Damn it! Our food stocks are washed away!
    • Lose some random food. +1XP
  •  ???
  •  ???

Plague Edit

There has been an increase in vermin in your village over the last few days. You have dealt with the rodents, but your wise ones tell you they were not healthy. Just as they feared, your men begin to fall ill one by one, and soon the whole village is affected!

  • You have the medic and the herbs they need, try to beat the thing!
    • Lose 15 herbs or food that contains herbs as a component.
    • Fight the illness! [1-skull sickness]
      • Success: +3 Health to 2 villagers.
        • +5 XP +1 RP
  • You don't have the herbs, but you do have a good medic. Fight on!
    • Fight the illness (2-skull Sickness)
      • Two villagers Sickness +6
      • Two Villagers +1 will
      • Fail:?
      • 5XP + 1RP
  • You have no medic, but you do have a herbalist and supplies. Try to help people.
    • Lose 15 herbs or food that contains herbs as a component.
    • Get this thing! [3 skull Sickness]
      • 2 villagers get Sick for 6 turns
      • 2 villagers (same ones?) +1 Will
      • +5XP 1RP
  • You have neither the medics nor the supplies to beat this, but you must try!
    • [4 skull sickness] challenge
      • Success
        • 2 villagers get 3 turn Heaviy Sick, and also +3 Health
        • -1 child
        • +5XP 1RP

Lapiduch Edit

Another night falls over Thea and restless souls of the damned seek out the living in envy and anger. You can almost feel the approacing wave of these infernal wraiths seeking to burden your souls!

But this night, a welcomed guest is seen in the shadows: a Lapiduch, The Spiritcatcher. This bizarre looking creature, resembling an overgrown toad, with long claws, yellow warts, and a row of razor sharp teeth, is actually a humble servant of Veles, in the old days, tasked with the hunting of wayward souls and misbehaved wraiths, but now, hopelessly overfed and ever busy with the task of devouring evil spirits!

(Outcome appears to be random.  You should get just one of the "Great, leave it to it's task" options below + the "don't trust" option)

  • Great, leave the creature to it's task.
    • +15 Blessing of Magic to 3 villagers (can be in town or on expedition)
    • +2 XP
  • Great, leave the creature to it's task.
    • +15 Blessing of Strength to 4 villagers (can be in town or on expedition)
    • +2 XP
  • Great, leave the creature to it's task.
    • +1 Will for 1 villager
    • +2 XP
  • Don't trust such things, chase it off.
    • (Ends event. No XP gain.)

Witch Munches On A Villager Edit

Your party gets a funny feeling. You can choose the option "Fortune favours the brave." or decide to respect your instincts (not the exact words). If you continue on everyone is knocked unconscious and one of your villagers is removed. Following to a lair you find a witch finishing munching on your villager. You can choose to try to make her pay reparations, or attack her, which is a very difficult 4-skull fight with powerful wraiths with high leech and poison, as well as the Baba Yaga (the witch). I chose the latter and then thought it best to run away, suffering some wounds. The witch also cast a Weakness curse which temporarily decreased some of my villagers' Strength stat which had to cured by the Weakness trial at Dziody map location.

Full Moon Edit

Tonight is a full moon and you hear the howling of many wolves.

  • Increase watch.
    • Use silver to defend yourselves.
      • Strike them down! [3-skull Fight]
      • 'We don't wish to fight you! But, if you push us, we will! Now, let's talk, shall we?'
        • 'Your Beta was beaten in a fair hunt, surely you would not dishonor his memory with a slaughter of the innocent!' Convince. [3-skull Social]
          • Success: +2 speech and +1-2 will to 1 villager, +30 Blessing of Speech to 3 villagers.
            • +6 XP +1 Research
          • Failure: ???
        • 'Your Beta has fallen beneath our strength, and we shall wear your pelts tonight!' Intimidate. [3-skull Social]
          • Success: +2 speech and +1 will to 1 villager, +30 Blessing of Speech to 3 villagers.
            • +6 XP +1 Research
          • Failure: ???
    • Call upon Horos to calm the Werewolves! [availability: ??? - text mentions wise women setting up circle of protection]
      • Use the opportunity to attack them! [3-skull fight]
      • 'In the name of Horos, we command you to heel! How dare you attack this flock without permission!'
        • two villagers (random women?) get +1 will +20 bless of speech
        • 'You may leave, but you are to pay tribute to the Night lord!'
          • Gain rare resources [example: +3 moonstone, +5 scaled leather]
          • 'Fine, we shall prove to you that we are the children of the Night!'
            • Difficult [2-skull Fight] against Werewolf & Wolves, you can only use 3? random villagers in this fight
              • Success: gain Werewolf companion, some loot
        • Let them leave.
        •  ???
    • Set up fires in a defensive circle.
      • (same choices as "Use silver to defend yourselves.")
    • You don't have any silver, you don't have any people who know about animals. So the only option is: Defend the village! [4-skull Fight]
  •  ???

Hanged ManEdit

A ghost of a hanged man is seen in your village, haunting your people's dreams. He is seen coming always from the same direction and returning there after several hours of haunting.

Your people wake uneasy every night and soon become cursed!

Your scouts soon mark a possible location of the ghost's 'home'.

Cropsy Edit

An unusually big and strange looking black rooster was seen perusing your village barn.

You suspect this may be a Cropsy, a domesticated Field Demon, who can bring great fortune to [...]

  • Leave an opening in your barn wall, for the Cropsy to come in and out easily. (Result is random)
    • [random result #1] 
      • The Cropsy seems happy with your work and so your people bring in more crops from the fields and your gardens give more fruit!   Approx 8-12 fruit, 10-20 grain, 4-8 herbs. 2XP
    • [random result #2]
      • At first it seemed the Cropsy was pleased with you and crops did improve, but within days [...] rotten grain, etc.  Lose a bunch of food, both raw and prepraed.  2XP
  • Shut the barn tight, no need for tricky demons!
  • ???

One of those days... (Poisoned Well) Edit

The night was restless, filled with uneasy dreams and strange sounds rummaging through the village.  (Random - only one of the below occurs)

  • Your well has been poisoned!
    • 6 villagers in the village receive +1 Heavily Poisoned.
      • Find the herbs.
        • +2 XP
        • Location appears on map - You have to have the heavily poisoned in the party when you visit this location to have them healed also not everyone will be healed. 
      • Find the spirit.
        • +2 XP
        • City Ruins location appears on map.
  • Right, business as usual then.
    • kills all children in village
    • destroys all meats
    • destroys all vegetables

At the City Ruins location Edit

You arrive at the spot marked by your ranger and discover a girl sitting on a rock, surrounded by unprecedented greenery and exotic flowers. She looks perfectly ordinary, if it wasn't for the fact that she was sitting here, all alone, like a perfectly posed statue of perfection. You find yourself staring for a long while, before you're able to think for yourself again.

  • 'Forgive my mundane rambling Milady, but your beauty struck me dumb as an ox!'
    • Go to her.
      • 'Ok, so what's the game?'
        • 'Ok, we shall try your game.'
          • Start sneaking [2-skull Sneak]
            • Success:
              • Heavily Poisoned removed from any villagers with it
              • Chance of 1 villager becoming Cursed.
              • If cursed as per above, entire expedition gets 20 turn Bless of Dexterity, otherwise 3 villagers gain 25 turn Bless of Attractiveness
              • +5 XP +1 RP
            • Failure: ???
        • 'We've had enough, either do our bidding or we'll kill you both!'
        •  ???
      • 'Nope, I'd rather go look for the herbs.'
    • Remain still.
      • 4-skull fight, cure any poison or curse on the expedition but not in the village
  • 'Excuse me lady, are you a water spirit?'
    • 'My people are very ill...'
      • Fine, leave and search for the herbs
      • 'I would speak to you, I am not one to kill those who are different!'
        • To arms! [4-skull Fight]
          • Success: Weapon, artifact, Blessing of health on 3 members
            • +5 XP, +1 RP
          • Failure
    •  ???

Corpse on the RoofEdit

The night's peace is disturbed by the sudden wailing of a creature.

Lose 1 child

  • Follow the creature! [Sneak] (requires decent stealth)
    • Use stealth and track where it comes from. [2-skull Sneak]
      • +2 Stealth to 2 villagers
        • Use magic to investigate (blue option)
          • Alright, go and seek the place of power. (leads to third Viescy location on map)
            • Good, now get back to the village before something befalls it again! (+3XP, +1RP)
          • No, just burn this body and any others that lie here, and be done with it!
            •  ???
        • Take a closer look
          •  ???
    • Attack! [2-skull Fight]
      •  ???
  • Ask your wise ones for advice. [Intellect] (requires decent intelligence or folklore?)
    • Oh no! Try to figure out how to stop her! [2-skull Intellect]
    • +2 intelligence, +2 folklore on 1 villager
    • Leads to Viescy [directly to second location]
    • +2XP
  • Follow the creature! [Hunting] (requires a hunter?)
    • Yes, pursue the creature. [2-skull Hunting]
    • Viescy location appears on the map.
    • 2 XP
  • Nah, it was probably just a one off, leave it be. One child is not so bad.

First Viescy location Edit

Your Tracks lead you to a campsite, where an old woman sits by a fire, singing an old lullaby.

She see you and smiles.

Hello there strangers. What brings you to my campsite?'

  • 'We were following an unliving fiend who killed a child in our village! Their tracks led us here, do you know anything about this?'
    • 'We're sorry if our question offended you, this was not our intent. We are merely [...] [2-skull social]
    • 'Hold on a second, we weren't accusing you of anything, but why so defensive eh? Why do you not wish to help with tracking a beast?' [2-skull Social]
      • 'No, never heard of one.'
        • 'A baby with teeth, seriously?!
        • 'Oh no, this sounds bad. So how do we undo this?'
          • Alright then, we better be off now to look for that burial site. Thank you.
            • A new Viescy location appears on the map.
            • +2 XP +1 RP
      • 'Yes actually, something about a person who does no die completely, or rather, it returns after death, to claim its loved ones by calling them to their early graves.'
        • A new Viescy location appears on the map.
        • +2 XP +1 RP
    • 'You're the one being rude, rude and suspicious! Die!' [2-skull Fight]

Second Viescy location (from Intellect option) Edit

You make your way to the burial site where you find some loose soil the size of a body. Sure enough, when you move the soil, you find the corpse of the woman lying motionless in the ground.

The woman, who was once the bearded Kasia, your very own village scout, looks dead enough, but it is definitely the same corpse that haunted your homestead.

It is dressed in a simple linen shirt and skirts.

  • Alright, well, take off the clothes and destroy them, then re-bury Kasia in our own village graveyard.
    • Good, time to leave this place and bury Kasia in our own burial site.
      • [outcome is random, and fixed]
        • Gain a Viescy as a villager.
        • +2 XP +1 RP
      • or
        • +2 XP +1 RP
        • 2 villagers +2 int +1 folklore
        • 6 villagers +20 bless of will and +15 bless of intelligence
    •  ???
  • Better burn the whole corpse and any others in this burial site, right now!
    • +6-8 enchanted bone, +16 herbs, +7-8 clay
    • Place of Interest map marker added - see Place of Interest
    • +2XP 1RP

Third Viescy location (from Stealth option): Edit

You find the place of power where your wise ones said the ritual can be performed. You place the corpse of Kasia, the Viescy, on a slab of stone and begin a ritual to unbind the unliving corpse from its former loved ones.

  • After the ritual, bury Kasia back in the village, so her spirit may rest. (blue option)
    • +8 Enchanted Bone
    • 3 villagers +25 Bless of Will
    • 1 villager +3 Magic, +1 Will, +2 Int
      • +2XP, +1 RP
  •  ???

Poludnica Edit

Poludnica, know also as Lady Midday, is spotted roaming the fields near your village!

  • Keep an eye out for the fiend!
    • Try to find out more!
      • A rowan tree?
        • Damn, there isn't anyone in the village who can fight this Hex!
          • 2 villagers curse of darkness, loose 2 children
        • The rowan tree is nice to thee...
          • +0-1 child
          • loot, some rare resources (dragon hide, vine, amber)
          • +3 XP, +1 research
      • Say what?
        • 3-skull fight
          • +1 child
          • loot, some rare resources (dragon bone, moonstone)
          • +5 XP, +1 research
      • The maple sap?
        • 3-skull fight
          • +1 child
          • loot, some rare resources (dragon bone, moonstone)
          • +5 XP, +1 research
        • The maple sap, is it a trap?
          • +0-1 child
          • loot, some rare resources (dragon hide, vine, amber)
          • +3 XP, +1 research
      • Oak?
        • middle-tier resources [wood, stone]
        • +3 XP, +1 research
      •  ???
      •  ???
      •  ???

Tesknica Edit

A figure of a woman crossing the village square was seen just before sundown, but no one knows who she was. She wore dead flowers on her head and her face was filled with sorrow. Your sleep this night is restless and uneasy, plagued by gruesome nightmares.

  • Ask your lady Lada for guidance! (Requirement: Lada as deity)
    • all villagers cured of curse of darkness
    • all villagers +25 bless of attractiveness, +12 bless of will
    • +4XP, +1 RP
  • Figure out what this may be.
    • Burn herbal incense from the plant around your people.
      •  ???
    • Try to use magic to ward against her. [2-skull Hex] (requires Magic)
      • Success:
        • Everyone in village gains +1 Magi, +1 Intelligence +2 Will
        • 2 villagers gain 20 turn Bless of Intelligence
        • 5XP, +1 RP
  •  ???

A New House Edit

You decided to build a new house in the village to improve your lifestyle.

The construction is going well or so it seems until the whole thing collapses on your workers. (NOTE: I think you only get one of the 3 inital options and it is completely random)

  • Get everyone who's left together and dig out those stuck under the rubble. [1 skull physical]
    • You have enough good crafters and wise people to figure out how to get the builders out quickly and safely.
      • whole village +10 bless of intelligence
      • 2 villagers +2 craft
      • +2XP 1RP
  • Get everyone who's left together and dig out those stuck under the rubble. [1 skull physical]
    • Success!
      • Those who were buried alive get +6 wounds each.
      • One villager gets +1 Str +1 Dex
      • +2XP 1RP
  • Get everyone who's left together and dig out those stuck under the rubble.
    • You dig the men out fast enough they don't suffer any grave wound!
    • +1XP

Rats Edit

There are strange noises in your village at night.

  • Stay vigilant.
    • Try to kill as many rats as you can to chase them off [1-skull Fight]
      • Success: Meat and fur
        • can get heavily sick and lose food
          • Well, gather up the dead rats and get rid of their bodies.
            • +5 XP +1 Research
          •  ???
      • Failure:
        •  ???
    • You can try to kill all of the rats at once, but it will be more difficult. [3-skull Fight]
      • Success: Meat and fur
        • (chance to get Rat companion)
          • +5XP +1 RP
      • Failure:
        • 2 villagers get heavily sick, the rest get sick
        • Most of your food is lost
        • +1XP
    • You have some good hunters in your village, so you can try to set up traps and exterminate all of the vermin! [4-skull Hunting] (Requirement: high stealth maybe? maybe 2 hunters? I had a hunter with 16 stealth and 12 traps - still didn't have this option. Perception or traps?)
      • Success: Meat, fur, bones
        • +8XP +1 RP
      • Failure:
        • Sickness debuff
    • Some of you know magic and know how to deal with rats in a special way. [3-skull Hex] (Requirement: Magic)
      • Perform the enchantment. [3-skull Hex]
        • Success:
          • 20 turn Bless of Magic for two villagers
          • +2 Magic +1 Will to one villager
          • Chance to get Fat Rat companion
          • +4XP 1RP
        • Failure:
          •  ???
      • Actually, just kill the rats. [1-skull Fight]
  •  ???

Wailing Wraiths! Edit

Your village is swarmed by the Wailing Wraiths! They are a force of pure Darkness, a menacing wave of tormented souls who seek nothing but the destruction of all life!

  • Try to perform a protective spell. [Hex]
    • +1 Will for 1 villager
    • Begin the spellcasting [3-skull Hex]
      • +2 Folklore, +2 Magic for 1 villager
      • +1 Will for 5 villagers
      • +5 XP +1 RP
    • Actually, we'd rather try the folk ritual. [2-skull Physical] - see below
  • There is a folk ritual that could work. [Physical]
    • +1 intelligence for 1 villager
    • Alright, begin the ritual! [2-skull Physical]
      • Win:
        • All Villagers receive Blessing of Strength (+5 Strength for 15 turns)
        • 1 Villager receives +1 Shielding
        • +5 XP, 1 RP
  • Try to seek shelter in your homes and stick together! (Only option I got - with 4 folklore on person (14 total) and 5 magic on one person (5 total))
    • Deforming Curse on all (3?) vilagers
    • -1 Child
    • +2XP
  • [1 option unavailable]

Intruder in the Granary! Edit

The doors to the storage are ajar and a small, furry creature, covered in your flour, stares at you! He has yellow eyes, sharp teeth and smells of rotten eggs! (Two possible options can appear, somewhat random)

  • {Var 1} Wait... you've read about his one! [Blue text]
    • Give it some food. [Lose 20 food, blue text]
      • Receive a small amount of different raw foods
      • All villagers receive +1 Gathering
      • Lose 20 assorted raw food items.
    • Nope, your food is more important, chase it off.
    • Nope, your food is more important, kill it.
    •  ???
  • {Var2 - Trickster} Wait... you've read about his one! [Blue text] 
    • The facts seems contradictory, leave it be (blue option)
      • +15 Darkwood
      • 2 villagers gain +1 Gathering
      • +2XP
    • Well if its a trickster, kill it!
    • Whatever it is, let's just throw it out!
  • Blasted rodent, kill it!
    • minor random loot. 3 villagers become Sick (8 turns). +1XP

Sick Child Edit

A child falls gravely ill!

  • Something magical is afoot, but you have your healers work day and night to help the youngster! [2-skull Sickness] (Requires a Medic and/or herbs?)
    • Success:
      • Lose 5 herbs
      • 2-3 villagers gain 15 turn Bless of Intelligence
      • 1 villager in town +3 Health
      • +3 XP +1 RP
  • Your wise ones know this illness to be a curse and they can try to control the outcome. The child will likely be lost either way, but it could be transformed into something else and live on. [2-skull Hex] (Requires Magic)
    • Success:
      • -1 Child
      • Gain a Child Wraith
      • 15 turn Bless of Will for everyone in town
      • +3 XP +1 RP
  • This child was marked by the woodland spirits. Your elders know of an old folk ritual whereby the child's spirit will be guided into the body of its animal guide. Try it. (Requires high Folklore, 6+ maybe?)
    • -1 Child
    • +1 random beast (Wolf, Giant Crow, etc)
    • +2 XP +1 RP
  • Let us leave it in the hands of the Gods.
    • Success (random):
      • 15 turn blessing of health to all town members.
      • +2 XP +1 RP
    • Failure:
      • -1 child
  • [4 options unavailable]

Spider Webs Edit

Your village gatherers report an increase in spider webs. It may mean some spiders want to set up a nest here.

  • Send scouts to investigate. (Requirement: don't know. It's not a hunter.  Possibly high level of stealth, or maybe Animal Kinship 2+)
    • You have some skilled hunters, set a trap for the beasts. [2-skull Hunting] - (Requirement: need a hunter)
      • ~18 Silk, ~10-18 Bird meat, ~6-10 leather
      • +3XP +1 RP
    • Attack the spiders! [2-skull Fight]
      • ~18 Silk, ~18 Bird meat, ~6 leather, some trinkets
      • +3 XP +1 RP
    • No, just leave them be.
  • Just charge in and kill any spider you find! [3-skull]
    • Success
      • Loot - weapon and/or jewelry, silk, bird meat, leather
      • +3XP 1RP
  • Spiders are dangerous, so leave them be.
    • 3 villagers get Heavily Sick (5 turns?)
    • +1XP
  • Your wise ones can set up a folk ritual to ward off the spiders. [2-skull Intellect] (Folklore requirement, prob Folklore 6 or 8 on one villager?)
    • Win:
      • Silk, bird meat, and leather
      • +3 XP +1 RP

Changeling Edit

Your village is woken by the streams (screams?) of your children and you soon discover some of your young ones have gone missing! In their place you discover a changeling - a child most likely left here by Demons.

-2 Child

  • Set up an old folk ritual to try and determine the child's nature.
    • Child grows into an adolecent...
      • Great Welcome them
        • Got a human warrior leveled up (17 str and other higher than base attributes) 2XP 1 RP
      • This could be foul magic banish them
        •  ???
      •  ???
      •  ???
      •  ???
  • One of the Elves who joined your village steps up: 'This child is bound by magic and more is hidden within than the eye sees. I will try to break this spell.'  (requires an Elf.  The Elf can be away from the village)
    • Wonderful, welcome them into our midst
      • +1 Forest Elf (possible Forest Elf Druid) with great stats
      • +2 XP +1 RP
    •  ???
  • Kill the child, it may be dangerous.
    •  ???
  • Let's not meddle with nature and just keep the child as it is.
    • +1 child
    •  ??? Future event?
  • One of the demons you call friend speaks up. This isn't just any changling, it is one held by Mamuna for many springs. I will break the spell and release it's true form.
    • Got a demon ally (Rusalka) (2XP + 1RP)
  • Your Orkish friend steps up: 'I smell the foul work of a Mamuna, on this little one's pink flesh. I will rip this foulness out it!' [Requires an Orc in the village]
    • The child turns into a fully grown Orc and the 2 rejoice together.  Gain 1 Orc Fighter. 2XP 1 RP
    •  ???
    •  ???
  • Your Goblin friend perks up: 'Ah, friends, sprits speak through this child, yes. I will talk back and we will get true man or woman from its spirit trap!'
    • You get 1 Pineconnetes. +2XP +1 RP
  •  ???
  •  ???

Hurricane with VilyEdit

Packs of the winged wind demonesses, the Vily, have been spotted soaring in the skies this can mean only one thing a hurricane is coming...

  • Find somewhere safe to hide
    • Other things might happen but in my case one villager got +2 strength and everyone in the village +1 wound (2XP)
    • Hold on tight! [2-skull Physical]
      • +1 wound for everyone in village
        • Ok, great, look around.
          • +22 Clay, +2 Sandstone, +2 wounds for everyone in village,
            • +5 XP
        • ???
  • ??? (Suspect this will have something to do with Perun)

Attackers Edit

You realise a group of attackers is approaching your village, fast!

  • To arms!
    • Attack them! [2-skull Fight]
      •  ???
    • Divide your people into two groups so that some may protect the goods and children while others may fight. [two people will be removed from your party for any challenges].
      • Attack! [2-skull Fight]
        • Loot - 1 or 2 weapons, some food and basic resources
        • +2 Tactics for 2 villagers
        • +4 XP, +1 RP
    • Your best warriors step up, arms drawn: 'We'll give you one chance to run, now!' Intimidate.
      • 'Leave now, scum! Or else!' Intimiate! [2-skull Social]
        • Low-medium loot
        • +2 Speech for 2 villagers
        • +4 XP +1 Research
      • Use this opportunity to attack them! [2-skull Fight]
        • Low loot
        • 5 Metal 30 Food loss
        • +4 XP +1 Research
  •  ???

Old Goblin Edit

An old Goblin stumbles into your village at night and asks for a place to rest.

  • We cannot deny someone in need, let him stay.
    • Random chance a Goblin Shaman joins you. Gain random equipment and some minor loot. 3 Villagers gain +3 Folklore +1 Magic.  +1XP 1RP
    • OR
    • +2 Folklore, +3 Herblism, +1 magic for 2 villagers.
    • +1 XP +1 RP
  • Ha, foolish gobbo, gives us your things and leave!' Rob him and kick him out.
    • + Loot, +Food (~20)
    • +1 XP +1 RP
  • 'We don't need gobbos here, go away!'
    • +1XP 1RP
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Wandering Elf Edit

(W) A wandering Elf walks into your village and asks for a place to rest before moving on.

  • In the name of Lada's kindness, let the traveller sit and share our food with him.
    • There is a random chance the Elf stays, so 2 variations of what can happen:
      • {Var 1} 2 villagers get +3 Folklore +2 Herbalism +1 Intelligence
      • lose 10 food
      • +1XP 1RP
      • OR
      • {Var 2} A Forest Elf Druid (approx Level 5) with good stats joins your village
      • Gain some random equipment and resources
      • 2 villagers get +3 Folklore +1 Intelligence
      • lose 10 food
      • +1XP 1RP
  • Kill the elf and get his stuff!
  • We will not share our food, we will take all his stuff and chase him away!
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Forest Guardians Edit

You cut some lumber recently and it seems you angered a group of forest guardians that are now raiding your village at night!

  • Forest Demons are bound by many rules, prepare a magic ritual to ward against them. [2-skull Hex] (Requires Magic)
    • 1 Villager +1 Will
    • 4 villagers +15 turn Blessing of Will
    • +3XP, +1 RP
  • An Elf from your village speaks: 'Creates of the woodlands, hear me as I once was your brethren. Give us peace and will do the same.' [2-skull Social] (Requires an Elf)
    • 1 Villager +1 Will, then 4 villagers Bless of Will 15
    • +3XP, +1RP
  • You have a Demon in your midst, let it go and bargain with the creatures. (Requires a Demon in the village)
    • 1 Demon +2 Speech
    • Agree to the terms.
      • 4 villagers get 15 turn Bless of Will
      • +3XP 1RP
    • Screw those Demons, attack! [3-skull Fight]
      • Success:
        • Loot: 10 Ancient wood, food and/or weapons
        • +15 turn Bless of Will for 4 villagers
        • +3 XP +1 RP
  • Defend ourselves! [3-skull Fight]
    •  ???
  •  ???

Small Pond Edit

You discover a small pond near your village and you send out a party to check it out. When you get there it looks normal, but, it seems very quiet, almost too quiet.

  • The pond remains still and uneventful. Get some water and fish for the village.
    • Seaweed and/or fish
    • Sometimes a piece of jewelry
    • +1 XP
  • You spot some dead fish and you sense dark magic in the air. Your wise ones can try to break the curse! [2-skull Hex] - Requires Magic (quite high, 13 or more... is it even a Magic requirement???)
    • Success:
      • Seaweed, fish
      • Sometimes an accessory
      • +2 XP
  • It's too weird, just leave it.
    •  ??? (probably ends event)
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Large Rat Edit

As you inspect your snares set up in the fields you discover a large rat trying to wiggle free. Its eyes are greenish and it has spores on its fur.

  • Leave the creature, it doesn't look like an ordinary rat. +1XP (Ends encounter)
  • Kill the creature, rats are often servants of dark forces.
    • All village members +10 sickness
  • Examine it further (blue, not sure on requirement, folklore or magic maybe? Not based on diety)
    • After a closer inspection ... (snip)
      • release it
        • +6 sick on 3 villagers
      • better just leave it be. +1XP
      • when bound in its physical form ... (snip) [3-skull-hex] (Requires Magic of a certain level)
        • Success
          • Spor (demon) joins your village
          • +4XP 1RP

Old Oil LampEdit

As you gather some water from your the well you find what looks like a very old oil lamp with strange foreign symbols on it. 

When you try to clean it you see smoke slowly releasing from within.

Gain ~ 11-20 Seawood.

  • Keep cleaning it the smoke may bring something good. (variable result)
    • {Var1}  Dark menacing clouds rise from the lamp...
      • Quickly throw the lamp away even though you feel someone may already be touched by it
        • ???
      • To Arms (3 skull fight)
        • ???
      • Try to dispel (3 skull hex)
        • Success: Get an artifact, 3 villagers + 2 Will, All villagers Blessing of magic +20 (4XP + 1RP)
        • Fail: ???
      • Your wise ones know that such evil powers will accept a blood sacrfice. Give them one child and you may even be rewarded
        • ???
      • ???   
    • {Var2} All villagers gain 10 turns of Sickness.  +2XP 1RP
    • {Var3} All villagers gain 25 turn Bless of Intelligence.  +2XP 1RP
  • Nah better throw it away
  • ???
  • ???

NOTE: This event can be an extreamly random event about what happens - Something good might come out of the lamp not sure if fighting it is recommended since it's a brown link not blue and something tells me to throw the lamp away after rubbing it is a terrible idea. 

Band of Robbers Edit

You hear rumours of a band of robbers setting up camp in the area. Some of your food stocks and supplies have gone missing over the weeks, and there are talks of the bandits getting more and more violent.

Lose random food and metals - a total of 40 food and 10 precious metals (highest quality available normally).

  • Try to track down these bandits [1-skull or 2 skull Hunting]
    • Success - you discover tracks leading to an old mineshaft
      • "Bandits" location marked on map.
      • +3 XP +1 RP
    • Fail
      • "Bandits" location marked on map
      • 3 villagers gain 2-3 wounds each
      • +1XP
  • Well, just leave them be, perhaps they will not return.
  •  ???

Part 2 - Bandit Hideout Edit

You track down the bandit hideout, situated in an old mineshaft. There is a dark tunnel leading into the decrepit mines. (NOTE: what is in the Hideout is random)

  • {Var1} Go into the tunnel.
    • Approach them quietly and strike from the shadows CHL 2-skullSneaking Sneaking
    • Just attack them! CHL 2-skullFight Fight
      • Loot
      • +3XP +1RP
    • Go in with weapons drawn, but try to reason with the bandits. [blue option]
      • 'Let's not do anything hasty!'... CHL 2-skullSocial Social
        • Success
          • Deal. Just make sure you leave... [blue option]
            • Loot: low-mid tier weapons and rfesources. Next option is random:
              • 1 Bandit stays behind and joins your party.
                • +3XP +1RP
              • OR
              • Check the Cage
                • A Fat Rat (3 times so far. Is it always a Fat Rat?) joins you. Need Animal Kinship (3 or 4?) for this option.
                  • +3XP 1RP
          • No deal. Attack them instead CHL 2-skullFight Fight
          •  ???
        • Fail
      • Actually, just attack them! CHL 2-skullFight Fight
  • '{Var2} ' Go into the tunnel.
    • You go down the tunnel and come to an underground chamber, where clearly the bandits held their hideout. You see the bodies of the robbers spread out on the floor, their skin bloated and greenish. [...]
      • Well, they're bound to have some loot in here. [...] [blue option] (2-skull Sickness)
        • Loot: Mid tier resources, ranged weapon:
        • one villager gains +2 health
          • Take a closer look and consider if these might be some type of Demons (blue option, unsure of requirement)
            • Better not meddle with Demons. Leave them to rot.
            • 'Hey there' [...] (blue option)
              • +20 Bless of Intelligence on 3 villagers, +3 XP, +1 RP
          • Well, things are rarely what they seem. [...] Let them out
            • Just stay back and let them out...
              • ...[snip]... you will receive our thanks one day (future event maybe?)
              • 2 villagers gain 15 turn Bless of Will
              • +3XP 1RP
            •  ???
          • Vermin is vermin, who cares what they smell like. Leave them to rot.
      • The bandits are clearly dead. Leave.
      •  ???
  • No, come back later.

Orc Smithy Edit

A small group of Orcs travel near your village and they ask to use your smithy

  • Fine, let them use the smithy and rest in our village. (Result is random)
    • {Var1} 2 villagers get +3 Craft 2 traps 1 strength
    • +1XP 1RP
    • OR
    • {Var2} they rob you!
    • Lose a bunch of random equipment, trinkets and food
    • +1XP 1RP
  • Filthy greenskins, you cannot use our smithy, you can die!
  • Chase them away
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Shooting Star Edit

You see a falling star shooting across the night sky. For some, it may be a blessing of Zorya, for others, a warning. Only the Gods know what comes next.  (One option only each time? Random option?)

  • Accept what the Gods send.
    • (Random?) 20 Turn Blessing of Health for 3 villagers, Weakening Curse for 1 villager. +1XP
  • Rejoice in the blessing of Zorya!
    • +1 Child. 15 turn Blessing of Magic for 3 villagers. Deforming Curse for 1 villager. +1XP
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Wedding Celebrations Edit

Two of your fellow villagers decided to get married ... [snip] - (probably requires 2 "unmarried" villagers??)

Lose 20 of your best food. 

The 2 villager (married couple presumably?) will gain a Blessing depending upon your deity:

Horos: 20 turn Blessing of Dexterity

Morena:  20 turn Bless of Intelligence

Lada:  20 turn Bless of Attractiveness

Perun:  15 turn Bless of Strength

Zorya:  20 turn Bless of Health

Then the following challenge occurs:

  • The celebrations take a toll on everyone ... [snip]  2 skull Sickness challenge
    • Success.  8 villagers (can be in the village or an expedition) get 20 turn Blessing of Attractiveness
      • Good. Time to wind down the party. Random chance of +1 child or a demon (Hohlick) joins your village. +2XP 1RP
      •  ???
      •  ???

Mares Edit

The Age of Darkness left a hefty mark on Thea, as the nights are forever haunted by the Mares -- the souls of the living escaped at night, to torment their fellow man! These shadowy night creatures bring with them nightmares and despair, weakening anyone unfortunate enough to be touched by their cold breath!

  • Try to ward off the Mares. (Requires Folklore?)
    • Women bring it, right, KILL ALL women in your population!
    • Smear garlic on your chests and wash your hands with urine.
      • +66 food
      • +3 XP +1 RP
    • Capture any animal visiting your bedside at night and nail it to the wall -- or tent!
      • +20 Blessing of Speech to entire town
      • +3 XP +1 RP
    •  ???
    •  ???
  • Use magic to fight off the Mares. [2-skull Hex] (Requires Magic)
    • Success:
      • +20 Blessing of Speech to 4 villagers
      • +20 Blessing of Magic to 1 villager.
      • +4 XP +1 RP
    • Failure: ???
  • Keep your doors and windows shut and hope for the best.
  •  ???

Hochlick Edit

A familiar looking Hochlick flies into your village, lamenting:

"You, you big people, you must help me!"

  • Pointless creature, die! [2 Skull Fight]
  • And who are you again?
  • Ah, yes, the Hochlick Thedore sent us to.
    • "You're the ones that took my gold and now I'm in deep shit because of it"
      • 2 Skull Fight
      • In the name of Morena's wisdom and Lada's good nature, tell us the whole truth! [3 skull Social] - (requires either Morena or Lada as deity)
        • You have won the challenge.
          • 2 villagers get 15 turn Bless of Attractiveness and 15 turn Bless of Speech
          • 1 villager +2 Attractiveness
          • ..[snip].. Will you help?
            • Yes. +4XP 2RP. A marker appears on the map (see part 2 below)
            • No
            •  ???
      • Just tell us the truth [3 skull Social]
        • Success.  Will you help?
          • Yes. +4XP 2RP. A marker appears on the map (see part 2 below)
          • No
          •  ???
        • Failure - same options are Success

Hochlick part 2 Edit

A moving marker appears on the map.  (NOTE: If you don't deal with it quickly, it often comes to your village and encounters you.)

You chase down a motley crew of shaggy looking Demons and you see they are carrying a lot of goods as well as potential prisoners!

  • Attack! [2 skull Fight]
    • Victory!
      • Loot: Low level equipment, food
        • Great, take it!
          • mid tier resources (Monster Bone, Gold)
          • +5XP 2RP
        • ???
  • We were told you are pestering our friend, leave her be! [2 skull social]
    • Success
      • 2 villagers get +3 speech +1 Intelligence
      • 1 villager gets +4 Attractiveness +2 Speech (appears to go to the most attractive character)
      • +4XP 2RP
    • Failure
      • Run away!
      • Fight [2 skull fight] - as per original Attack option above.
  • From the sounds and looks of it, you're quite the character, share your goods, or else! [3 skull social]
    • Victory!
      • Random mid tier bone and metals. +5XP 2RP

A Good Day Edit

Today looks like a good day. Your people see a magnificent stork fly past your village and perch on top of a chimney. [snip] - (result is random. Only one of the options below should be available.)

  • A stork brings good fortune
    • Gain a decent amount of grain and fruit (43/20). +1XP
  • Hurrah, a stork is bound to bring good fortune!
    • +1 child
    • +1 XP
  •  ???


During the night many people have witnessed the Homen - a procession of skeletal wraiths, some riding carriages, some on skeletal horsebacks, some following blindly behind - all dead and empty!

Where the Homen goes a plague follows!

  • Try to fight off thie disease
    • [2 skull sickness]
      • Success... some people still fall ill
        • 2 villagers get Sick for 5 turn, also +3 Health
        • 3 villagers gain 20 turn Bless of Health
        • +4XP 1RP
  • ???

Harvest Moon Edit

Today is the night of the Harvest Moon, known for its mystical powers! It is said that Horos wanted to impress mother Mokosh when he courted Zorya, and so as a gift, he brought down the moon itself so that its magic would make the earth fertile the following day!

But the Harvest Moon can be a dangerous omen, as creatures once devoted to Horos are often possessed with the darkness and seek only to harm others!

  • Prepare to celebrate the Harvest Moon.
    • Honour Morena! (requires Morena as deity)
      • 1 villager gets +3 Int +3 Folklore
      • 4 villagers get 20 turn Bless of Intelligence
      • +2XP
    •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???
  •  ???

Terrible Storm (Wind Demons)Edit

A terrible storm hits your village and you soon realise it is the wind Demons, Hala that are driving it!

  • Perun is the master of storms. Commence a ritual to banish the Hala! [2 skull Hex] (Requires Perun as deity)
    • Success
      • Loot: Monster Bones
      • Entire village gains 15 turn Bless of Will
      • 2 Villagers gain Magic +2
      • +3XP 1RP
      • OR (alternate victory options?)
      • ???
      • ???
  • Let the wise ones perform a banishment ritual [3 skull Hex] - (Requires magic)
    • Success!
      • Loot: Monster bone, jewelry
      • 3 villagers +2 Magic
      • +4XP 1RP
  • To arms! [4 skull fight]
  • Hide and hope for the best!
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Red DragonEdit

This event is described at Expedition_Events#Red_Dragon

Holy HogEdit

At a random point after completing the Cosmos Tree Quest, you may receive a Holy Hog:

As the morning sun welcomes another day, you feel the gods are pleased with your recent efforts.

You find a peculiar gift standing in the village square: bathed in the sun's rays is a large hog.

  • Examine it
    • 25 turn Bless of Health for all villagers, regardless of current location
    • Also remove all curses on all villagers, regardless of current location
    • +5XP 2RP

Random events will occur in relation to the Holy Hog:

Favour of the Pantheon:Edit

As more power returns to your deities, their influence on the world grows.

  • All the deities of the Cosmic Pantheon look upon you with their favour for restoring the balance in their ranks.
    • 2 Malicious Spiders join your village (is it always spiders?)
    • 8 villagers (in town or on expedition) get +3 Health +2 Armour +1 Strength +2 Speech
    • 1 villager gets +5 Folklore +2 Intelligence
    • +2XP 1RP
  • The lights of the two stars now shine as one, supreme and unwavering!  Zorya's call to arms rings loud and clear in your hearts and souls, and her grace falls upon you. [Requires Zorya as deity]
    • A wild boar joins you
    • 9 villagers (in town or on expedition) gain +3 Dexterity
    • +2XP 1RP
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Holy Hog BlessingEdit

The holy hog brings many blessings.  What will they be on this day?

  • The Holy Hog brings wisdom to your people, so they may prosper faster!
    • +4XP +8RP
  • A child touched the holy hog and instantly grew into an adult!
    • Lose 1 child and gain an adult of a random class
    • +1XP 1RP
  • The holy hog's presence brings luck to your gatherers
    • Gain some random food.
    • +2XP 1RP
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Holy Hog Stolen!Edit

During the night, thieves broke into your homes, and to your great dismay, they carried off the holy hog!

  • Track them down, before the gods get angry at your loss! [3 skull Hunting] (all villagers involved, regardless of where they are)
    • Success
      • 5 villagers (can be on expedition) gain 25 turn Bless of Will
      • 1 villager +3 Perception
      • +6XP 2RP
      • Gain a Holy Hog Hunt map marker
    • Failure

Holy Hog hunt part 2Edit

You come to a place where the bandits have camped, and you even find the hoof prints of the holy hog. Alas, the trail grows cold from here.

  • Look for help in Dusktown
    • +2XP 1RP
    • A new Holy Hog Hunt marker appears on the map.
  • Seek aid in Silveroak
    • 'Oh sure, we will do all the dirty work'
    • 'We will do our best to retrieve your relic, although the hog remains our priority'
      • +2XP 1RP
      • A new Holy Hog Hunt marker appears on the map.
  • ???
  • ???

Holy Hog Stolen random eventEdit

During your search for hog, you find the dead bodies of a mixed group including 2 Orcs, a Dwarf, several Goblins and a few Humans...[snip] You find a letter

  • Read it
    • blah blah, something about Cultists
      • To arms! [3 skull fight]
        • +6XP 2RP
      • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Holy Hog Hunt part 3Edit

You come to the bandit hideout, where you find clear signs of struggle. A group of bearded dwarves stands over some bandit bodies..[snip]

  • Attack the dwarves [4 skull fight]
  • So you beat us to it?  Did you kill them all?
  • Who are you, and have you seen a pig?
    • Let us speak
      • They stole from us
        • Our holy hog!
          • Alright then, we will go to this hideout
            • Thanks for your help
              • Named Dwarf (Wilbert?) joins you.  Great stats, level 8 Gain equipment and some food
              • +6XP 2RP
              • Next map marker placed
            • ???
          • ???
        • No, why should we?
      • The capital?
      • ???
    • Fight [4 skull fight]

Holy Hog Hunt Part 4Edit

You approach the camp, and you see many figures clad in long brown robes with faces painted in macabre symbols of skulls, Demons and wraiths.

They seem to be getting ready to leave. You spot a tent that seems like the command centre. Any information you seek may be in there. There are no signs of the Hog.

  • Attack [3 skull fight]
    • Success!
      • Loot: Miscellaneous weapons, possibly a trinket or two
      • Place of Interest marker added to map.
  • Sneak [3 skull sneak]
    • Success! Place of Interest marker added to map.

Holy Hog Hunt Part 5Edit

You emerge from the tunnel deep in the core of the earth and within you find a chamber filled with fading blue light.

In the centre you see a black stone, perfectly smooth and round, or at least that's what you believe it was like before. Now its sleek edges are roughed up and torn. Cracks run throughout the stone, and dark red blood flows from its heart as if it were alive!

Go in and look for the hog!

  • The holy hog is nearly drained. Attack! [1 Orange skull fight] (NOTE: There's about 30 enemies in this fight)
    • Success:
      • Loot: Lots of weapons and armour, a few trinkets, possibly some Monster Bone
      • Some of the Ghosts decide to stay with you.  Gain a ghost and a Bound Spirit
      • +8XP 3RP
  • You stood with the Dusktowners who favour the shadows [5 skull sneak] (Requires the choice of Dusktown)
    • Success!
      • Some of the Ghostly servants stay the serve you.  Gain 2-3 Ghosts
      • Gain 1 basic weapon
        • Take the holy hog and leave
        • Search the body before leaving this place (result is random)
          • {Var1}
          • Gain 1 half decent weapon
          • +8XP 3RP
          • OR
          • {Var2}
          • Gain 1 half decent weapon
          • Everyone in the expedition (except the Ghosts that just joined you) become Heavily Sick for 8 turns.
          • +8XP 3RP
  • You restored the Cosmic Tree and your deity favors peace. Talk to the cultists. [5 skull speech]
    • Success!
      • Blessing of Speech and Attractiveness on party for 20 turns
      • Cult Leader with basic gear joins you (L12 Mental Stats)
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

After you have successfully saved your hog, you will have an encounter with the Dwarven Runemaster:

'We came too late; the birthstone is ailing. Still, perhaps ya bought us some time.Who knows? At least the filth is dealt with.

  • Yes, we got our hog back, but your stone seemed in bad shape
    • Farewell
      • Gain a trinket
      • +2XP 1RP
    • ???
    • ???
  • ???
  • ???

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