• Redme

    Wiki development

    October 4, 2016 by Redme

    Hi, Mates!

    Today I have got admin rights for our wiki. As I announced earlier, I'm ready to help you with any task an admin can do. I'm also ready to give admin rights to any active member of the community, who wishes to get them.

    I have been contributing to our wiki for more than a month now. I have reworked the Construction page and added/updated specific building pages. I have also added and updated quite a number of pages on item classes and specific items. There were good people out there, who worked to make our wiki become better. Thanks to Persocom01 for good work on the Characters page. CF2 and Tiver have done great job updating events pages. Crit-fil-a made really good contributions all around the wiki. Also let's not forget a numbe…

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  • Redme

    Adoption request

    September 15, 2016 by Redme

    Hi, guys!

    I've been contributing to Thea wiki for a couple of weeks. I know, that there are people out there, who do the same regularly (cheers CF2, Tiver, Crit-fil-a and others :)). In the course of these weeks I have created a couple of pages, which are obsolete now, and I want to get rid of them. Recently I have tried to contact our only bureaucrat/admin and also the founder WabbitBooster and he seems out of touch. Actually, his last edit happened almost a year ago. And it looks like, there is no way I can delete a page without active wiki admin.

    So, I decided, that we need to get one.

    I can file an adoption request and hopefully get bureaucrat/admin rights for this wiki. I will extend them to any contributing community member who wants to…

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