Hi, guys!

I've been contributing to Thea wiki for a couple of weeks. I know, that there are people out there, who do the same regularly (cheers CF2, Tiver, Crit-fil-a and others :)). In the course of these weeks I have created a couple of pages, which are obsolete now, and I want to get rid of them. Recently I have tried to contact our only bureaucrat/admin and also the founder WabbitBooster and he seems out of touch. Actually, his last edit happened almost a year ago. And it looks like, there is no way I can delete a page without active wiki admin.

So, I decided, that we need to get one.

I can file an adoption request and hopefully get bureaucrat/admin rights for this wiki. I will extend them to any contributing community member who wants to have these right. Or I will just help you to keep our wiki clean and updated if you don't want to bother.

So, please tell me, what do you think about that.


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